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Custom Wood Blind Valances & Cornices for Modern Houses




Valances are a popular decorative choice in concealing blinds hardware.  A window valance covers the uppermost part of the window and is usually paired with window blinds or curtains.

A valance hangs across the top of the window, frequently covering the upper one-third to one-fourth of the glass.

A valance can be the finishing decor piece for your window. Window valances soften the look of bare windows and those covered with shades or blinds. While they are used primarily for decoration, they also conceal curtain rods, blind or shade hardware, and other fixtures at the top of a window.



The word cornice refers to the upper molding of a window, which is a horizontal structural element that lies above the window. Cornices are a great way to add an ornate style to your windows without obstructing your view.

When you choose to decorate a window, it doesn’t have to end at the window blind, shade or drape. Using wooden cornices adds another layer to the design element that can complement or contrast with other elements in the room.

Some tips for purchasing great valances and cornices include measuring accurately, considering the existing qualities of the window and the interiors, and selecting the right style.

Beautiful Custom Wood Valances to Beautify Your Windows

A valance is a perfect answer for a window that needs an attractive touch. Natural wood valances offer a polished look that is sure to complement any window covering. These custom wood valances are made of premium quality wood that results in excellent durability and long-lasting beauty. These are perfect for banquet halls, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and other social spaces. Choose from either painted or stained wood to coordinate with your decor.

Classy Custom Wood Cornices to Embellish Your Interior


Wood Cornices are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Wood cornices can be an instant focal point in a room. Real wood cornices are the perfect way to add rich, layered design to your window blinds.

Custom made cornices are made of wood. They give your windows an extra flair characteristic of designer homes or mansions.

Try Wood Valances for your Sliding Glass Door Window


If you have a sliding glass door at home and you can’t decide how to decorate them, try wood valances. They add architectural interest, give a polished finish to a window treatment, and coordinate easily with a room’s wood furniture and flooring.

Choose your own color and design to bring a contemporary mood and style to your sliding glass doors.

Faux Wood Valances

Faux wood valances are a less expensive choice than natural wood. These valances have become more popular as the products have matured, becoming cheaper and more versatile while still offering the look of natural wood.

Custom Drapery Valances and Fabric Cornice Boards


For a complete look, you can coordinate a valance or cornice board with matching roman shades or custom drapery. Let the soft and subtle hues of these custom drapery valances highlight your personality. Custom drapery valances add a beautiful, cushy topping to your custom draperies. These drapery valances are available in a number of styles and designs that provides you with limitless ways of doing up your home


Keeping these valances clean is a hassle-free affair – just use a gentle vacuum cleaner.
The price of these valances is very reasonable and opting for these decorative elements for your home will prove to be a budget-friendly decision.