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Custom Window Treatments Online vs Retail

Custom Window Treatments Online vs Retail

Buying online sometimes feels like exploring the far reaches of the galaxy. I mean what do you know about the site you’re buying from, is it going to be what you imagine, what treacherous wormholes await to destroy you. On the other hand, the everyday retail store seems like the safer idea. People have done it for decades, you have a face to the person you’re purchasing from, you can see and touch the product and no uncertainty.  This is the old view.  Today custom window treatments online stores are very reliable and offer great support for customers, allowing online purchases to be made with an easy mind. In this article, I will be comparing retail window treatments stores, with online stores like Zebrablinds. The area of comparisons will be the availability of products, price, and price comparison.

Availability of Products: Retail stores with their own window treatment brand associated with them will offer a lot more varieties in their brand. Big box stores like your everyday hardware store will also have the generic window treatment brands and then also offer expensive and higher quality brands. The problem with the big box stores in comparison to the brand stores is the amount of variety. Brand stores will have a lot more variety, even if it is their brand. You will be able to pick between a vast list of materials and types of window treatments. Whereas, big box stores may require you to special order your choice or not offer it at all. The brand stores will also help you customize the window treatments to fit your windows perfectly, which is not something big box stores spend the time to do for you.

Now online, none of the above-mentioned problems appear, simply because it is easy for you to be checking multiple sites at once, and most sites offer you everything. Zebrablinds offer a lot of variety of products and materials. But, Zebrablinds are the best options when you want a variety of products from a variety of brands as well. Online, none of the walking, and all the options. Also, all the online stores allow customers to customize the window treatment in many ways such as motorization, materials, size, the mounting, and even the accessories to go with them.

Price and Price Comparison: The big box stores offer a variety of prices with their variety of brands. You will be able to look at different brands and price compare for similar window treatments. Brand name custom window treatment stores do offer some variety in prices. But, you may end up searching hard to find a great price for even the cheapest no-name brand window treatment. For proper price comparison, you will have to look at different stores and that means lots of walking and driving. Even then finding a good price is hard.

Price comparing online is a lot easier. You can compare between multiple stores right from your couch. Within just your first few searches, you will notice that the price difference between retail and online is drastic. The markup on window treatments at retail stores is about 70%, which means you will be paying 70% profit for the retail store beyond what it takes to make that window treatment. Zebrablinds offer one of the lowest prices for window treatments, with Zebrablinds, also offering a larger brand variety.  The cheaper prices may bring some concerns on the quality of the window treatment. In actuality, online stores like Zebrablinds sell you the product directly from the manufacturer. So when you order Graber Window treatments the order is shipped out from the Graber manufacturing facility. The major reason many online prices are lower is that these stores do not need to pay for the physical store maintenance and the personnel to run the store. Most people buy window treatments maybe once in every five years, which mean retail stores need to make a 70% markup on per local customer to keep that local branch sustainable. Online stores serve customers internationally, which means they are not reliant on just a small pool of people buying their products once every five years to be sustainable. The larger customer pool means the online stores not only need to offer great quality and variety but can offer much lower prices.  And now with more innovative and secure web purchasing practices such as PayPal, Google Wallet, and, your information can also be secure when you make purchases.

The old days of worrying over the online store being scam are over for the majority. Accredited business have proper credentials and certifications, which all consumers can easily access. (It’s usually in the footer area). So now you not only have the choice to not waste gas on finding the perfect window treatment, you can choose to get the best price for the best quality with no hassle. None of the concerns of price comparison, with all its benefits, and a larger variety of choices and customizations. Go online, get your shopping done faster and better.

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