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The Power Is In Your Hands: How To Customize Your Perfect Window Treatment

Custom Window Treatments

Custom Window Treatments Ideas


The world is changing. We are privy to new products and services that are specially designed to not just make our everyday tasks easier, but to also change the role of the consumer. Till now, the consumer was at the one side of the spectrum, an end to reach for companies when they had prepared a product. However, the consumer is now an intrinsic part of any product, as they must be taken into account at every stage of production.


Custom Window Treatments


Naturally, consumer-friendly products are designed so that customers are as familiar with them as possible, and can customize them according to their liking. The arena of window treatments recognizes this need and has come up with certain consumer-friendly services and features. Ordering a product which suits their preferences, are a perfect size for their windows, and having a color that matches well with the wall, for instance, are some of the things you can do to make your shopping experience more immersive and rewarding. However, not all brands offer these advantages, and you might not get these benefits in all kind of window treatments. Even if they offer a service like that, it might not be up to standards. In this section, we look at a few of the best and most effective custom window treatments online that can be customized as per your liking.


Custom Blinds for Arched Windows


Arched windows add an inimitable style to any house. You must be careful before styling these windows with blinds because the right blind can really take the look of your interiors to the next level.

Here are a few custom blinds for arched windows that you can set up in your bedrooms, living rooms or even cafes to give the place a sumptuous look and feel.

1) Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the go-to window treatments for heat and light control. When they are custom built for arched windows, it makes the arrangement look natural and effortlessly in place. Whether the windows are low or high, wide or narrow, shutters can be easily installed and taken care of in the long run. You just need to contact the manufacturer and have them custom built to the exact length, width, and shape of your window.

When closed, plantation shutters can offer the perfect resistance to glare and ultraviolet radiation and let you enjoy the room temperature, thus leading to lower electricity costs and a cozy atmosphere. These days, many custom built plantation shutters also come with remote controlled options that let you operate them from any corner of the house.

2) Curtains and Sheers

Even though curtains might be traditional window treatments that are found in homes not yet exposed to modern home decor, they are still not out of style. Many modern curtains and sheers come with customized options that can be cut to size based on your window dimensions. They come in three different opacity levels: sheer, regular, room darkening and blackout, which you can choose based on how much light you want inside your rooms. They also come in a variety of materials such as lace, cotton, polyester, raw silk, silk and velvet that you can choose. Known to bring an old-world charm and a sublime touch to your living space, curtains are still the preferred window styling options that have universal appeal.

3) Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are mounted and rolled into, generally, an aluminum rod that holds them at the top of the window. From there, they are pulled down partially or all the way at the bottom of the window, ensuring maximum protection against the harmful effects of the merciless sun during high summers. They might not be custom built, given that they come “packaged” inside rollers, but they are still a great choice for arched windows. They can be mounted outside the windows for maximum effect. They are built from UV-resistant material to withstand the effects of glare and radiation, which makes them ideal to use in almost every kind of home experiencing extreme temperatures. This is beneficial as they save electricity costs. Depending on materials chosen, they can retain your outside view, which you can enjoy on a sunny day.

4) Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

The highlight of aluminum blinds is their cost effectiveness. They are available in a number of affordable options to choose from, and they can be customized according to your choice of colors and their width. Being one of the best window treatments to avoid direct sunlight and heat in the room, they hardly have any extra holes or spaces through which light can leak through. Their slats can be routinely tilted to let in a decent amount of light and can be closed when you need absolute privacy.


The Best Ways to Customize Your Blinds


1) Go for Motorized Options

Most modern blinds come with motorized features these days. The focus has shifted entirely to customer’s convenience and easier ways to operate the blinds. Motorized options may or may not come with a remote control, but now they have features wherein the blinds may even be operated by a smartphone after installing a certain app. This is the era of smart Z-wave blinds which also makes them safe to use in houses with kids and/or pets.

2) Choose Your Favourite Colours

Some people choose to go for colors that match with the colors of the walls in their rooms, or with the sofas or beds that they specifically purchase to color coordinate. Others go for solid, bold colors to provide a stark contrast with the other items in the room to make a style statement. Many blinds, be it roller blinds, Roman shades, honeycomb shades or shutters, come with a variety of color shades to choose from. So choose your favorite color isn’t an arduous task anymore.

3) Choose Opacity Levels

Opacity levels can be decided based on the quality and type of fabrics. Lace and sheer are generally used for curtains that are used for the purpose of letting in a lot of light. Heavier and thicker fabrics such as silk, velvet, and polyester blends are used to create a blackout effect in interiors. Third shift workers or those who prefer working from home go for thicker fabrics to keep outside noises, heat, and light at bay when they are home.

4) Choose Patterns

Our sense of beauty and attractiveness differs from every other individual. Some of us like plain, solid shades while others like them printed in loud and garish designs. Choose ones that satisfy the inner you and install them in your personal space.

To sum up, customizing window shades and blinds are in all a much better idea than going for random options. Whatever kind you go for, whether curtains, roller blinds or cellular shades, you need to first ensure that they meet your primary requirements, i.e. heat and light control, the right dimensions, and having good-quality fabrics.

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