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Why Bamboo Shades Are Ideal Window Treatments for Any Home?

Custom Window Shades Online

Ideal Window Treatments for Any Home

Suppose you move into your new house, the dream house that you’d always wanted to build for yourself for your retirement years. Finally, you’ve been handed over the palace of your dreams. It has got everything: a two storey setup, a swanky dining room, marble flooring, palatial rooms, and expensive sofas and beds to let you thrive in luxury and peace. The only thing missing: the right window treatments to protect your home against harsh weather conditions.

There are multiple designs in window treatments that you can purchase, for each of them comes with their own set of important features that will be great for any home. The trouble, however, comes with choosing the perfect shades. In our previous blogs, we have helped you in choosing between Honeycomb Shades, Roller Shades, Roman Shades and Faux Wood Blinds, to name a few. However, what any modern and contemporary home desires is a natural look that acts as an icing on the cake: something that can amplify its beauty and have visitors gush over the splendor of your interiors. To achieve precisely that, we recommend bamboo shades: window treatments made out of natural material which make it all the more nature-friendly and sumptuous in design and appearance.

Natural Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Window Shades Online

For many years now, manufacturers and designers have been discovering the textural and practical benefits of bamboo as a window dressing material. Although bamboo has long been an important material in purposes related to art, its practicality as a window treatment makes it most effective when installed on window spaces.

Bamboo shades are one of the most effective custom window shades online. Here we take a look at the various advantages that they offer.

#1. Variety and Versatility

Bamboo shades are available in a number of structural designs, sizes and colors that makes them ideal to use in practically every room of the house. Wherever they are set up, they will tend to overshadow the hues of the room and become the focal point. Thus you will get plenty of choices to complement them with the existing wall colors, floorings and furniture of the room.

 Woven Wood Shades

#2. Natural and Eco-friendly

Made completely from earthy and 100% organic and natural materials, bamboo natural shades give you a true-blue feel of nature inside your home. They are thereby known as another name for green living. With fewer synthetic materials involved, they are instrumental in doing their bit in preserving the environment.


#3. Easily Customizable

Since bamboo shades are available in a customizable length and width, you can ensure that you will get windows coverings that perfectly fit. Brands as big as Graber and ZebraBlinds pride themselves in having a multitude of options available for their customers, so have your choice of blinds ready with respect to color, size and texture.

 Natural Woven Roman Shades

#4. Light Filtering Choices

The typical bamboo shades have small openings that create spaces between them through which light passes into the room. This is a great option for people who want their rooms to be filled with the natural glow of sunlight, especially for nature lovers. However, hot climates can create such an uncomfortable environment inside the homes that you are left with no choice but to protect your windows properly. Instead of choosing any other window shade, you can layer your bamboo shades with another material that comes handy when you need more privacy or heat protection. These liners can be selected with your shade when customizing their options.


#5. Different Styles Available in Different Window Treatments

These shades are available in many style options, and it is better to contact your manufacturer who can present bamboo options with Roman shades, top-down and bottom-up shades, cordless, and more. Many modern bamboo shades also come in motorized options which do not require the need of cords to pull them up and down, thus ensuring the safety of kids or pets in your home.


#6. Pairing with Other Window Treatments

Bamboo shades provide a versatile look, and they are thus constructed so that they can be easily paired with any other window treatments too. Consider pairing them with faux wood shutters or honeycomb blinds. With regular drapery, they offer a perfect complementing look of modernity with tradition. Other window options that can be perfectly amalgamated with them are window valances, which will provide a unique mix of luxury and earthiness to your room.

 Natural Blinds with Drapery

#7. Optimistic Vibes

Bamboo shades, being made of natural material, keep your room alive and filled with positivity and comfort. Bamboo is something which is thought to bring love, prosperity and health to your home.


#8. Other Window Treatments

Bamboo has undoubtedly come up as an important window dressing idea for people who love their home to be in the lap of nature. Apart from bamboo as a go-to option for window dressings, you can choose natural wood shutters too. These North American hardwood-made shutters are specially constructed by brands such as Graber and sold at ZebraBlinds, the top window treatment online store for ordering custom-made treatments. These treatments bring your home a haven of utmost style, luxury and class. If taken care of properly, these window treatments can let in enough sunlight while their sturdy wood material keeps the harsh weather at bay when they’re shut.

 Natural Wood Shutters

They let you sleep or work in peace without being bothered by intruders who want to get a good look inside the home. They are also considered as great energy efficient options that reduce the need of air conditioner during summers or a heater during winters. Their good looks in design also make them one of the top priorities in window blinds and shades which, along with bamboo shades, carry forward the tradition of having natural earthy materials for your living space and home decor.

As more and more bamboo products are being made available to connoisseurs of home decor and design, they are slowly replacing standard and traditional window covering options in many homes. While they are still one among multiple options, their fabulous construction, texture and natural look and feel makes them a top favorite in many homes.

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