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Vertical Blinds Your Ultimate Custom Window Treatments Online Solutions

Custom Window Dressings

Custom Window Dressings – Ultimate Online Solutions


Many of us prefer to use vertical blinds to cover our large windows and doors. They are easy to maintain and do not accumulate much dust and girth. Now if you are looking for some custom window dressings online solutions for your dream home, then we have ample choices to choose from at Zebrablinds.

Blinds are window treatments generally with 1″ or 1 1/2″ slats, held together by a corded string ladder. Since they are not made of one opaque piece of fabric, you can tilt them to control the light coming through the window. These slats can be rotated 180 degrees and you can create the ideal light effect from making them completely opaque to completely open.

The mechanical system of the blinds is located in the headrail, and you can customize them to have manual functions, or install motorized ones. The bottom is attached to a hem bar to hold it in place. With vertical blinds, louvers hang from a track that moves side to side, allowing you the functionality of a regular blind, but with larger slats and in a format that is ideal for large windows or sliding doors.


Custom Window Dressings for Your Perfect Home – Types of Vertical Blinds


We will also help you with tips to hang vertical blinds in a bay window. First, let’s look at some of the varieties of discount window blinds from our huge collection. Select the one which you need for your home, and then check out our instructions to hang them.


  • 3½” Elite Graber® Wood Vertical Blinds


3½" Elite Graber® Wood Vertical Blinds


If you are planning to give a real look to our rooms, then you can think about going for custom window blinds made of wood. The wood which is used here is 100% American Hardwoods, which are light in weight and rich in texture.

Choose from a variety of wood or nature-like colors such as Cherry Wood 1014, Cognac 1465, Dark Cherry 1316, Roasted Chestnut 1849, or from a plethora of other painted and stained styles. These custom window coverings will adorn your windows and give that majestic feeling which you have always dreamt of.

They have consistent color all across and you will not find it bleeding or fading from the corners or the sides.


  • 3½ Inches Vertical Blinds SS


3½ Inches Vertical Blinds SS


Find these custom window treatments online for solutions that are extremely economical and classy. These office blinds allow a limited amount of light to enter your office space or living space.

These blinds look very elegant and suit with almost all kinds of upholstery and furniture. The SS product line will not offer you too many options in color and shades, but they are extremely affordable and low on maintenance.

Choose from classic shades such as Crown White 3056 or Chams White 9090. If you want to be a little bolder, then go for Dune Cocoa 3473, Rustic Coffee 6910 or Suede Cocoa 6443. If you want a soothing effect on your windows then Maui Tan 3173 or Rustic Cream 6915 will be a perfect choice.

You may choose to use valances at the top to cover the upper part which will add some wooden charm to these custom window treatments online.

These discount window blinds are ideal for office and commercial uses too. They do not cost an arm and leg and the installation components are color coordinated to the blinds. They will never fade and will keep your interiors safe and beautiful. These custom window dressings will never sag and will last for years. The durability of this product will definitely make you proud of your choice in the years to come.


Tips and Tricks- How to Hang Vertical Blinds in a Bay Window?

Now since you have checked out some of our popular custom window blinds, then we would suggest you master the art of hanging vertical blinds in a bay window. Since bay windows are normally larger than the normal sized windows and often are curved, you will need to be careful when hanging them.

Make sure you read your installation manual before hanging your discount window blinds or even try looking online to see if there are videos to help guide you. Invest in a good toolkit. You will need a pencil, measuring tape, bradawl, drill machine, and a screwdriver. Use a sturdy pair of ladders to climb up and also ensure that there are no cables or pipes behind the walls where you are going to drill.

Place the brackets properly on the wall and mark them. Secure the screws on the brackets and fit in the vertical blinds. Test the rollers and you are good to go. If you need help, reach out to the manufacturer or contact us for support. If you need help in measuring the blinds, then our team will be more than happy to help.

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