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Custom Window Coverings – The Comprehensive Checklist

Custom Window Coverings

Custom Window Coverings to Fulfill All Your Requirements

We all have somewhere considered custom shades to be a luxury. What this means is that we don’t consider window coverings to be a necessity until they turn into one. Home appliances are considered a necessity, but we wouldn’t want to invest in window treatments until we realize the heat and sunlight problems or cannot bear to live with our nosy neighbors. But according to many renowned designers, here’s why we should be considering them firsthand. Windows have a very integral role to play, functionally as well as aesthetically. And designing a home gets a lot easier if you can first decide on what window coverings you want to use on them! It helps to design all the other features of the room accordingly.

Customizing to Fit Your Choice

Customization has become an important trend in anything and everything. The window treatment industry is no different. People usually fail to realize, until already investing in window decors, that not all windows are designed according to standard sizes. And here enter custom window coverings! Custom window coverings now offer you a wide range of options to choose from according to your requirements.

Why Do You Need Them?

The benefits of custom window treatments are many, but you need to choose properly to take advantage of them. Windows allow in the fresh air and natural light and discount window treatments allow us to control the flow of those things into our room. Moreover, custom window coverings help us control the insulation, privacy as well as the energy efficiency of the room. Making a room aesthetically appealing is an extra benefit that comes with them.

Now that you know why you need them, let’s get into what all do you need to consider before buying your right fit.

Types of Window Treatments

The most basic question that you should be asking is – what are the types of window coverings that I can choose from? Well, there are blinds, curtains, shutters, and shades. To come to an answer about which ones are the best for you, you need to consider two things – One, for what purpose is the room used; it can be a bedroom, a nursery for children, a hall for small gatherings, and so on. And two, why do you need the window treatments; for an overall appeal or privacy or light control. Let’s look at all of this one by one.

Blinds: When you are majorly worried about the window treatments cost, blinds are the right choice. They are cheapest of all but do not offer a lot of styles.


Window Blinds


Blinds are purely functional. They provide you with privacy and help control the light and air flow. Fortunately, today, there are custom-made blinds available, which offer architectural aesthetics as well.

Curtains: They are pretty expensive, but on the other hand provide warmth and are very pleasing to the eye. Choosing the right curtain may take a lot of decisions on your part, as there are various colors and patterns available.




This also means a wider range of options. Curtains are easier to measure, and it’s usually good to keep them an inch above the floor. A quick tip, bright colors can fade over time due to light, so may not be the best choice.

Shutters: Shutters are the priciest, but they are long-lasting. Some manufacturers provide you with a lifetime limited warranty on shutters.


Plantation Shutters


They are also the best for visual appeal as they give a look of custom woodwork.

Shades: Shades are a little more expensive than blinds as they are made of fabric.


Window Shades


Although they do not come with adjustments for light-filtering, you can choose shades with different opacity levels. Style-wise, you have three main options – roller, Roman, or cellular (honeycomb). You can now customize these according to your needs.

Traditionally, shades and blinds came in whites and neutral colors, but today you can choose from many different colors and patterns. It is a good idea to try out various colors and fabrics on your windows for a clearer idea. A very ‘in’ trend in custom window blinds, nowadays, is motorization. Other than this, you can also opt for partial window coverings.

Where to Buy?

This is another major question. You can either buy custom window coverings online or from retail showrooms near you. Although the latter lets you look at the options yourself, the advantages of buying online are many. It’s easy; all you need to do is search for custom blinds near me and compare options from different stores. The main thing to take care of before buying window coverings is the measurement of the windows.

Measuring the Windows

This is a very important step before buying window coverings. For blinds, shades, and shutters you need to measure the width of your window, either from inside the frame or outside, according to how you want to cover them. While opting for curtains, measuring the length of how long you want the curtain hung is as important as its width. A piece of advice, calling in a professional to measure and install window treatments is the best option. This will ensure precision and reduce the number of errors. After all, this will be a long-term investment and you don’t want to make any mistakes!

Custom window coverings are a costly investment, but they are also a long-term one. A myriad of options is now available to you and at the tip of your fingers if you opt to buy online. At the end of the day, you need to weigh your options carefully, consider all the necessary parameters, and then choose wisely.

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