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What Role Do Cornices and Valances Play in Enhancing the Appeal of Your Windows?

Custom Valances and Cornices

An outfit can be completely transformed by using the right accessories. In a similar way, window treatments have the capacity to dramatically alter the look and feel of any window so that ordinary-looking elements suddenly turn into stylish focal points. Custom valances and cornices are considered to be one of the best accessories to decorate the top part of a window. They can be utilized for framing the top of the windows and prove to be useful in developing a sense of height. Additionally, they help in giving windows a more designed as well as the tailored look and keep the headrails concealed. They are made of soft fabric and built an additional layer of elegance and sophistication while adding a purely decorative touch. They bring a soft and subtle look for your décor and pairing them with other window solutions will embellish the beauty of a space. Their endless availability in colors and texture options will help you to build a casual or formal look according to your taste. Customize and install these amazing dressings to achieve a designer look along with a chic makeover!

How do Custom Valances and Cornices Enhance the Appeal of Windows


Valances are like frosting on the cake, that special topping which provides an added layer of decoration for your windows. They are a simple way of upgrading and jazzing up window treatments. They are uniquely designed to cover the top section of the window.

They are not long and do not reach down to the floor like drapery does. These are used purely for decorative purposes and do not cover more than the upper third part of your windows, and many times, it is even less. The good thing about valances is that they can be pleated, smooth, ruffled, or gathered. Moreover, they can be accompanied by curtains or can function alone. Their main purpose is to keep a person’s focus upwards as well as to soften the look and feel of hard edges present in a window frame.

Valances provide an easy way of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your windows. Moreover, they are affordable as well as a quick way of repeating or adding a room color, adding neutral texture or introducing a pattern. The most notable thing about valances is that they top-off the windows and help in softening the appearance of wood blinds, assist in developing a decorated elegance for plain windows, or instilling drama into panels. All that you will require will be a simple swath of fabric.

Custom Window Valances


Cornices are the other popular window accessories the same as valances. The positive thing about cornices is that they are affordable, easy to install and need very little maintenance. These cornices are basically box-like structures that are attached to the upper part of the window for covering the headrail or the curtain rod.
The upper portion of the cornice remains closed for providing structural stability and the bottom part remains open so that it does not interfere with the functioning of the window.

The other benefit of using cornices is that they help in concealing window borders that are wearing out, they may help hide unsightly spots present around your windows, hide drapery hardware, or any design flaws that may exist. Additionally, cornices can be used for adding architectural interest in rooms that lack it.
Window Cornices

Create a Warm Ambiance for Your Existing Décor

If your aim is to create a snug and warm ambiance within a room, then a faux wood cornice would be the right option to choose. These can be easily stained or painted with wood polish and they can also have a rustic appearance to develop that cottage room effect. These wooden cornices are also the ideal choice when a room requires pronounced margins or when you want to create a sense of symmetry with the walls. The fabric covering of cornices can be easily customized to match the existing decor of your rooms. Install them properly to bring a phenomenal and versatile look for the windows while revamping the overall beauty of the interior.

Design Ideas – Different Ways of Using Custom Valances and Cornices

Valances and cornices are the finest way to décor your windows but only the right customization can do it efficiently. There is a wide range of design options available for valances and cornices and depending on the interior type, you can select the design style.

Valance Styles

• Pole Mounted Valances
If you are looking for a traditional or soft look, then pole-mounted valances can be an excellent way of achieving your desired look and feel.

These pole-mounted valances simply hang from elegant drapery poles and are similar to very short drapes. The benefit of using them is that they provide a flowing and light fabric look to your room.

Another point worth mentioning here is that there is no dearth of colors, finishes, and styles when it comes to the selection of drapery poles and as such you can customize the look and feel just the way you want it.

Instead of a traditional look, if the room has a contemporary look and feel, then a board mounted valance will provide the architectural ambiance that such room requires.
Pole Mounted Valances
• Balloon Valances
Balloon valances are a great way of adding color and softness to window treatments. Moreover, they are the right choice if you have small windows. They look like a big poufy skirt, bring elegant vibes inside your home, and come with different variations which include cloud valance and an Austrian valance. You can fit these valances outside of window recess to provide a unique look and formal feel to a room.
Balloon Valances
• Pleated Valances
Compared to simple valances, the pleated valances provide a more formal as well as traditional look. They look like a pleated skirt with tailored and crisp edges. The commonly used style is traditional skirt pleat and other pleats include triple pleat and the butterfly pleat.

For instance, box pleated valances drop down right over the window and remain attached with the window using an L-shaped rod. The good thing about a pleated valance is that it very much resembles a cornice but provides softer edges.
Pleated Valances for Windows

Cornice Styles

• Wood Cornices
These can be painted or stained so that they complement other colors present in a room. The wooden cornices can also have intricate and decorative carvings. Additionally, you may use them as shelf for displaying items. By adding these solutions to the windows, you will be able to create a traditional and formal feel within a room.
Wood Cornices
• Upholstered Cornices
These dressings refer to wooden cornices that are covered and padded with fabric. Make sure that the fabric you use should match window treatment you are using or it is also possible to include complimentary patterns or colors.
By installing these cornices, you will be able to add softness to a room. Furthermore, you can re-wrap them anytime you want your rooms to have a different style.
Upholstered Cornices
• Lambrequins
These are a type of cornice that extends down on both sides of your window, either part way or down to the floor. Apart from looking stylish, they also improve the energy efficiency of your rooms by blocking airflow occurring through the tops of your windows.

Functional Benefits of Valances and Cornices

• Valances and cornices not only draw the eyes upward but also make your room look larger. For small spaces, they play a magnificent role by staying elegant.
• Hide the ugly hardware and other components you don’t want to showcase.
• Add character and architectural interest to the windows with their vibrant colors and texture options.
• Blending these solutions with other window shades will make a fashion statement for your room.
• Provide comfort and a pleasing ambiance by blocking the sunlight and other harmful beams from the top part of the windows.
• Affordable and easy to clean. Wipe these with a wet cloth or dust them. They can be washed in the washing machine.


Valances and cornices are an excellent way of improving the visual appeal of your windows. Pick up your preferred style and texture to complement your windows.

If you are looking for ideas on how to use them in the right manner for your rooms then you can consult with the professional designers for more suggestions that will be perfect for your rooms and their decoration.

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