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Roller Shades – Custom Solar Shades for Enhanced Sun Protection

Custom Solar Shades

Custom Solar Shades for Enhanced Sun Protection


If you live in the sunny state of Texas or Florida and are worried about the bright sun disturbing your privacy, then choose from our enhanced selection of Roller Shades – Solar Shades. Our variety of solar blinds and shades will certainly suit your budget and taste and will give a completely new look to your home.

Do not compromise on your privacy on a sunny day, and enjoy the enhanced sun protection for your whole house. At Zebrablinds, we take utmost care in catering to all your needs, be it light filtering or blackout. These custom solar shades will save your upholstery and furniture from the damaging Ultra-Violet rays.

Sunscreen roller shades for windows are made from fabrics which are thick and help in room-darkening. Solar fabrics ensure that you get the right amount of privacy and comfort and allow light to seep through. There are a plethora of materials to choose from and the visibility-factor is different in all of them. We would guide you to choose the right fabric for the optimum insulation factor.


Choose the Perfect Sunscreen Roller Window Shades


Solar Roller Shades


If you are worried about choosing a color or style pattern that matches your home decor, then check out our vast collection. We can assure that you will find the suitable solar roller shades which will compliment your interiors perfectly.

We have numerous choices for you, and we are sure that you will be thrilled with the available options-


1. Sheer

This type of material will allow most light inside and is suitable for spaces like your study or some open patios. They do not offer a lot of privacy and hence are not always suitable for bedrooms. If you are looking for a great unobstructed outside view you can also opt for the solar roller shades with sheer fabrics.

  • Horizons Light Filtering Spring Roller Shades- These sunscreen roller shades for windows come in various colors like Linnea Beige or Brilliance SoftWhite to allow maximum sunlight in your living area or patio. It uses the time-tested cordless mechanism for roller shades which are not only convenient to use but are very easy to clean too.

You can hold the shades by the bottom hem and pull it down to operate the shades.


2. Light Filtering

These types of custom solar shades will allow diffused lighting into your room and they are perfect to set the mood for a romantic evening. Imagine the sun playing hide and seek and you are sitting with your partner with a steaming cup of coffee.

The amount of light these shades will allow will depend on the color of the fabric you choose.

  • Crown Roller Shades Light Filtering- This one comes with fine woven polyester fabric with a crisp, modern look. These shades are perfect for your home as well as commercial place.

If you prefer a darker look, then go for colors like RedVelvet 0831 or Chocolate 0826. You will never regret choosing the classy Ivory 617 or Coffee 619 to give that extra oomph to your interiors.

These custom solar shades use continuous loop control, and you can raise and lower them without disturbing your privacy. You would love to see that play of shadows and silhouettes through these custom solar shades.


3. Room Darkening

These types of shades will block a lot of light and you can enjoy an undisturbed sleep even during the day-time. If you are a doctor, professional working in 911 services or fire services and work in night shifts and sleep during the day, then we recommend these types of roller solar shades for you.

  • LightWeaves Graber Roller Shades- The perfect blend of light-filtering solar roller shades along with style and panache comes with this variety of shades. When I was working in Texas, I myself have used it and they did wonders in blocking the scorching sun.


Light Filtering Roller Solar Shades


So if you are looking for amazing grace and finish, user-friendly customization options and great functionality, then look no further. You can keep your home cooler on hot days and save your family from the harmful UV rays. You can choose from options like Continuous-Loop Lift, Cordless Lift, and Smart Pull Lift with Cassette etc.

Empire Destination 13505, Banquet Helix 14302, Empire Anchor 13502 and Herald Tsunami 13804 are some of the hot-selling patterns in this segment.


4. Blackout

This is the most opaque form of custom solar shades, and they block out the light completely. Some of the fabrics come with PVC foam and these types of custom solar shades will block the light and provide a cozy feeling through the thermal insulation.

So if you are jet-lagged after a long trip, and need that much-awaited sleep, then put the blackout sunscreen roller shades on your windows, and enjoy a deep sleep.

Motorized Cordless Blackout Shades

  • Crown Blackout Roller Shades- If you opt for these motorized cordless blackout shades, then you can enjoy comfort, privacy and even energy savings at the same time. If you are wondering if they are safe for your toddlers and pets, then you can rest assured. Please check-out our incredible collections at Zebrablinds, and you would love to choose from twenty-one color options. My personal favorites are Coffee 626 which suits with the earth colored sofa sets and couches, and Hunter Green 20 which suits very well with white colored interiors.

My dad prefers blackout solar roller shades because he cannot tolerate the sunlight falling on his face all the time. Since he is retired and spends a lot of time indoors, my mom prefers to drape the windows with these kinds of blackout roller shades. They are very easy to maintain and are flame-retardant, non-toxic, and fragrance-free window treatments.

We hope that now you have pretty much made up your mind to buy the right kind of sunscreen roller shades for your windows. If you have more questions, we are available here to help you to choose the right one.

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