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Custom Shades: Redefine Your Lifestyle!

Custom Shades

What are Custom Shades?

Shades are made of fabric and are sometimes called “soft” window treatments. For their long-lasting quality and splendid finish, shades are the industry standard. Unlike blinds, they don’t allow light-filtering adjustments from tilting; however, they do come in varying levels of opacity. But the prime question to ask here is why does one ever need custom shades? Custom shades are formed to your exact window dimensions. The customization of shades allows you to transform your windows into more than just a necessity to block the sun. With the advantage of custom shades, you craft shades that fit perfectly with all your designs, ideas, which will help you enhance the natural lighting from the windows. In the end, the matter is to establish a window treatment that guarantees to keep you satisfied for years to come.

In the present modern age, humans have come a long way from hiding windows behind plain blinds. Everyone likes to adorn their interiors in some different ways that fit their imagination and their budget. However, for the most part, window treatments have regularly been an afterthought. They are usually forgotten altogether or are pushed as the last segment of the design. On the contrary, these are the design elements that actually pulls a room together and are often the one part that separates professionally designed rooms from the rest. There are many elements that comprise window treatment such as Blinds, Drapes, Shutters, but today we will understand about the custom shades and how they are redefining the living lifestyles.

Types of Shades

Shades can be differentiated into three types: Roller, Roman, and Cellular:

Roller- pull drawn like wrapping paper; these are mount to the top of the window frames and are unrolled manually. These fit nicely on the narrow windows in about any room.


Roller Shades


These are the most versatile and affordable window treatments one can buy. Reading from the name, roller shades are made with fabric that is continuous and rolls up into a hollow tube. When raised, it just becomes invisible. As these treatments come in various fabrics and styles, they function with almost any type of décor. Sheers, patterns, opaque, colors, and textures are some of the choices that rollers provide. Hundreds of fabrics and diverse materials let you customize your shades to fit practically any application.

Roman- The cascade in elegant folds; these panels of natural material or tailored fabric mount to the top or the inside window frames and pack up accordion-style when the cord is pulled.


Roman Shades


With the scalability of large to small windows, these shades provide a functional design option that compliments any décor. These are clean, elegant, and work with any design style. As these are made from one section of material, they promote a modern look via their simplicity and are appropriate for showing big and bold colors and patterns.

Cellular shades: These room darkening shades made of pleated chambers that trap air and add insulation. These are also called honeycomb shades and provides privacy with the addition of insulating your windows.


Cellular Shades


This insulation acts as an energy-efficient barrier that assists in decreasing the heating and cooling costs. They are built with air pockets and prevent solar heat from entering your rooms during the summer and does the opposite by keeping the hot air from escaping through windows during winter.

More Than Just a Custom Window Covering

These customized shades offer more than just treatment for the windows. They are also useful in:

Safety for your Family and Pets: Children and pets are very inquisitive about their surroundings. The simplest household item like window shades can be a possible hazard for them. Hence, providing the finest window treatments which are secure for toddlers, children and pets should be a top priority for you. From wand controls, retractable lift cords, custom windows shades, and blinds can offer various creative lifting systems designed for convenience, safety, and attractiveness in mind.

Less Maintenance: For people who are not into dusting their natural custom shades on a weekly basis, they can shop for custom shades that just need a quick pass with a vacuum cleaner or a swift dusting to keep them fresh and new.

Keeping it in Budget: You need to be careful while purchasing your shades as you don’t want to end up spending on the windows treatments depending on the custom size. Choose fabrics, features, and pattern to add to the total price. In addition, you can further customize and can buy custom window coverings. Just make sure that your custom shades won’t end up costing you a high price.

Personal Preference: This one is a prerequisite and ultimately you must determine, what type of window shades are you looking into adding to your space? You can conclude on your preference, whether you choose to block out light during the day or just want a brightly lit morning. You must play on the spectrum of both light and privacy. These factors will influence your choice of fabrics and styles that you end up using on your windows.

Why Custom?

With the benefits of hundreds of colors and many diverse features, these custom shades won’t let you compromise on the look of your room. These provide convenient lift options like motorization and cordless lifts, ensuring that your shades are functional alongside being beautiful. As per the customization is involved, you can choose from a wide array of paints and stains to match your trim perfectly. The general tip for purchasing the custom shades is either to choose a neutral color or the one that pairs with the room’s dominant color. In case of a window highlight, like an eye-catching view, prefer a contrasting shade.

Custom shades express your personal décor in ways that the ready-to-hang shades cannot. If chosen properly, they can fit into your design schemes beautifully and produce a winning look. Like the sizing options of readymade shades, the color and design choices are marketed for broad audiences. Often, the readymade shades appear in color and styles that may not satisfy you. Luckily, custom shades solve this problem. By choosing custom, you don’t have to settle for colors, styles, or the textures that don’t live up to your standards and expectations. Various online and offline stores are available with a wide range of customization options so that you can choose the perfect custom shade for all the rooms in your home. Adding to this, you can also customize the light control levels with the right choice of fabrics or by adding additional layers of fabrics.

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