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Custom Roller Shades- Rolling Out Happiness

Roller Shades

Bringing Luxury to Your Home Decor Using Custom Roller Shades

Among the many types of shades, roller shades are a modest and modern type of custom shade that is very versatile and affordable. Custom roller shades roll up and down via a spring mechanism or a chain pulley system. Roller shades help to block the light and provide privacy, without compromising on the decorative look of your home. They hide and disappear in a way that curtains, blinds, cheap roman shades, or wooden window shades cannot do. They are further useful in large rooms that still look attractive without the distractions of cheap shades or drapes. Being oldest of all, these shades have come a long way in their journey and now have successfully made a comeback in the present time.

There are diverse kinds of reasons why these shades are bringing out happiness in your home decor.

Rocking the Bedrooms

Custom Roller Shades for Bedroom

The modern bedroom features bright colors and that demands for brighter roller shades. Occasionally, custom roller shades were built to be dark and reduce the sunlight as much as possible. For people struggling with sleep, these shades or a good blackout roller shades can be the key to the sleeping problems. These roller shades can be suspended directly against a window frame, be it a ceiling or a wall. It can also be hoisted up and down and can be operated via a cord or a spring mechanism.

For home theatre enthusiasts, blackout roller shades are the perfect solution and the user can combine it with side channels that keep the weave in place. An advanced blackout roller shade comprises side channels alongside canted brushes to eradicate stray light. This can be really helpful in the case of projectors as the screen is always more clear when the room is dark.

Blending with the Environment

Dual Roller Shades

These shades have a neutral appearance that goes with every possible decor style, whether it is traditional or modern, they just have a simple way of playing well with others. Users can install them as per the desired requirement, in between, in front, or on the back of the window frames. As per the installation is chosen, if installed between the frames, your window stands out and in front, it masks the frame. Moreover, it is so easy to find something that already goes with your décor because there are a ton of providers, who offer many different fabric choices. Furthermore, they provide safety for your room’s furniture, floors, and loved ones by blocking out the harmful UV rays of the sunlight. With several layers of opacity available, they further aid in light and privacy control. Additionally, double or dual roller shades are a new option, offering even more control and versatility. What this means is that one roller is transparent and bright or sun protected and the other is a blocking, dark for the blackout.

Easy Maintenance

For long-term usage and keeping the integrity of the room, roller shades must be cleaned from time to time. Like most things, they attract dust and dirt and must be taken care of. These custom shades are recommended to be cleaned once a year. When contrasted with the other types, they are pretty easy to clean. They can be maintained by removing them from their brackets and then rolling them up straight on the floor and cleaning them with a damp cloth or cleaning solution (double check with your manufacturer). It’s as simple as that!


Custom shades are available in diverse size and prices. They can be expensive or cheap, depending on your choices and options. Another thing you need to think about is the installation. Order them online and install them manually, or hire a trained official that will come to your house and install all the custom roller window shades at additional costs. It is up to you to decide.

The Beacon of Fashion

Evolving from traditional old plain design, today, custom roller window shades are available in a variety of luxurious fabrics. You can set them up as the dark grey roller shades in your dark laundry room or can feature them in as double roller shades, sliding door shades, or in sheer window shades. They can really go well with decorative herms, trims, and pulls.


Roller shades are featured with most advanced safety features and that is why most people prefer them to the others. With their cordless option, they are easy to work within the environment of kids, pets, and elders. Hence, they are easy to use in play areas, nurseries, and children’s room.

The Operating System

Most of the roller window shades have the option of the added functionality of a motorized lift. Use a remote control to access your windows with a push of a single button. For elders, this functionality can be crucial as it allows you to control the shades without any effort or to adjust shades that are hard to reach. Removing the cord and cables, these custom shades provide one click to open or close the shade with perfect alignment and position.

For users that are seeking an inexpensive way to have a functional and safe custom window treatment, custom roller shades are the way to go. They are unique and provide simplicity, and have many elegant designs found in many luxurious fabrics and styles. Ultimately it is up to you, on how you want to customize your own roller shades.

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