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Are You Overthinking Your Decor? Avoiding Design Overload

Custom Printed Window Shades

Custom Printed Window Shades – Avoiding Design Overload


Simplicity… many people believe that it is a beautiful way to lead our lives. Many great people are praised for their simplicity. Our attire and our home decor show how much we value simplicity and efficient design.

When it comes to your interior home decor, doors and windows are the two highly noticeable attributes of a home. So the window dressings play a major role in defining the look of a home. To get the perfect desired ambiance to your room, you must make sure that you choose the right type of window treatment.


Simple Yet Beautiful Decor with Custom Printed Window Shades

If you are someone who loves simplicity, then we are here to help you to make your home look beautiful with wonderful custom printed window shades that look simple yet give a beautiful look to your home. If you want simple yet beautiful decor, ZebraBlinds offers you a wide range of window treatments that you can get delivered straight to your home.

Custom printed window shades bring a quiet ambiance to your home which makes it looks classy and simple.


Drapery Window Treatments

Drapery Window Treatments

Drapes are an effective way to transform the look of any home. Drapery window treatments add a decent amount of softness to your room. Besides adding beauty, drapery window treatments also serve your home in many ways:

  • They add desired privacy to your room
  • They also provide light control
  • They block the glare that is falling on your television or computer screen
  • They also act as an extra layer of insulation and protect your home from the harmful sun rays
  • They make your home energy efficient and help to reduce the energy costs

The look of the room is largely decided by the pattern, color, and design of the fabric curtains you choose for your room. When you choose a light colored fabric, you can add brightness to your room and to your house. By choosing dark colored drapery window treatments, you can make the room darker. Make sure you select the right color that matches your existing furniture and other interior decorative items.

  • The pattern you choose is very important in achieving the desired design for your room
  • To add the desired ambiance to your room, make sure you select the perfect design and patterned curtains so that they make your room look simple but attractive


Custom Drapery Hardware

Custom Drapery Hardware

Drapes are to be complemented by the custom drapery hardware. The custom drapery hardware includes drapery panels, curtain rods etc. In order to create a simple yet beautiful look to your home, you must be choosy in picking up the right custom drapery hardware to install your drapery window treatments in a right way. They give a finished and polished look to your drapery window curtains.


Cornices and Valances

Cornice Valance Window Treatments

For a greater sophisticated and complete look, you can add cornices and valances, which act as toppers for your drapes. Make sure you choose the perfect cornice board or valance that suits your curtains so that the overall look of your home isn’t changed.

Like a cherry on the cake, Cornice Valance Window Treatments add a decorative touch to the overall look of your windows. As there exists a broad collection of valances and cornices in many different colors, patterns, designs, and styles, it is easy for you to choose the perfect one that matches your drapery window treatments.


Blinds for Kitchen Windows That Gives a Simple Look

Blinds for Kitchen Window

When it comes to the kitchen, many people aren’t sure how to choose the perfect window covering. Due to this confusion, they end up selecting the window treatment that may satisfy their requirements but does not make the kitchen look simple and beautiful.

  • A busy look definitely ruins the mood of the overall home
  • Make sure you select the window treatments that match your interior design and makes your home look complete when you are choosing blinds for your kitchen windows
  • Roller shades are one ideal choice for kitchen windows
  • These shades ensure better sun protection
  • One thing that makes them ideal for kitchen windows is that they are easy to clean
  • With roller shades, you can choose the perfect ambiance you desire for your kitchen

With light filtering fabric, you can create a bright ambiance as they allow diffused light inside your home. The blackout or the room darkening fabrics can make your kitchen darker.

These shades have elegant colors and many modern designs which allow you to choose the perfect one for your kitchen.


Natural Woven Flat Fold Shades

Natural Woven Flat Fold Shades

With the natural window treatments, you can give your home the most simplistic and beautiful look. These shades make you feel so fresh and exciting with the touch of the natural wood. Make sure you do not miss out the beauty they offer to your home. The Natural Woven Flat Fold Shades adds elegance and style to your home. With these shades, you can have the privilege of contributing something to the environment as these window treatments are completely made of renewable elements. They are made up of different types of grasses, reeds, wood etc.


Experience An Amazing Shopping Experience with ZebraBlinds

Take advantage of the ongoing offers at ZebraBlinds and get these window treatments at the best price. Don’t miss out these exciting offers!

If you have any queries that need to be addressed make sure you contact our design expert team as they help you in selecting the perfect window treatments for your home. At ZebraBlinds, you can also get free samples and free shipping.

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