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Bring Out Your Personality with Custom Printed Blinds

Custom Printed Blinds

The way you decorate your home speaks volumes of your own style and personality. Your home is a space where you can decorate and create as you please. If you’re the kind of person who loves that elegant Victorian look or space that has its own rustic charm, you’re free to make your home space an amalgamation of decor from those themes. For something contemporary, you might have your space decked up with modern decor and hues. Your space is always going to be attuned to your design style and what you’ve envisioned. Window treatments play a very important role in your decor. You handpick a particular kind of blind or style of blind not only based on your need but also what can give you that cohesive and customized look. Blinds are not only customized in terms of construction, and measurement but also in design. Wouldn’t you love to have blinds that are exclusive to your space? That is where printed blinds come in! They give you the freedom to customize the design or pattern that goes on the blinds so you can enjoy that one-of-a-kind charm!
Printed Window Treatments

Are Custom Printed Blinds Possible?

Ever felt so stumped with what more you could do with your window space? Faced difficulty in bringing forward your personality through your door? Trying to find an exclusive look for your window? That’s where printed blinds come into the larger picture. These are blinds that feature a printed design. The great part about this is that you have the freedom to choose what design you would like to feature at your window space.

Printed blinds are a great way of self-expression as well as adding a bit of your personality to your space. Printed blinds take the aspect of customization to a different level because you can customize according to your liking. Unlike picking the right size or thinking of measurements, the design does not restrict you as much, so long as it can be featured on the blinds.

Therefore, you can print various designs to give each window space at your home a different look. You can even choose a funky print so that your window space stands out in the crowd. Through printed window treatments you can not only make your window aesthetic but also super stylish too!

While choosing and having printed blinds sounds easy, there are certain pointers that need to be kept in mind. These are tips or pointers that will not only give you seamless experience when it comes to customizing your printed blinds but also help you pick the right blinds for your space. Here are a few considerations:

• When it comes to printed blinds, it is important to know some blinds are better suited for customizable prints like vertical or roller blinds as oppose to others. Not every type of blind can be printed on. Depending on the kind of blind you’re investing in you can always ask your local manufacturer if they are printable or not.

• When it comes to printed blinds, they work best on blinds made of a certain material, for example, PVC coated materials like polyester. It is important to keep this mind as you’ll have the asses the material with which the blinds will be made.

• Another thing to keep in mind is the color of the blinds. When it comes to printing blinds the ideal color of the background should be white or black. This way whatever it is you want to print is elevated or complement by the background as well.

What Are Different Styles to Choose From?

When it comes to customizing or printing blinds often, it can get confusing. Sometimes you get stumped with ideas and sometimes you have no clue what you would like to print. Here is some inspiration as to what you can print on blinds you would like to purchase.

1) Aztec Prints:

Introduce some truly Mexican inspired style with the Aztec prints. They’ll not only look great wherever they’re placed but also bring forward a majestic aura with them too. You can enjoy these prints in various styles, shades and more!
Aztec Print blinds

2) Comic Print:

Do you have a cartoon or comic character you love so much? Looking for unique or creative ways to make them part of your decor? That’s where comic prints come into play. You can have your favorite character printed on your blinds, curtains and more to make your style statement. They add a unique touch to any space they’re a part of.
Comic Printed Window Shades

3) Floral Prints:

Do you love those warm hues and lovely flowers? That’s where floral prints come into play. These are simple prints that seamlessly blend with various other decors. They not only bring forward a cohesive look but also highlight your space with a comforting vibe.
Floral Printed Window Blinds

4) Tropical Prints:

Bring that beachy, bright and Bahama vibe to your window space through tropical prints. These are vibrant prints that are all set to bring forward a fun-loving touch to your space. Tropical prints will stand out amongst various decor themes.

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