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Tips To Custom Patio Sun Shades

Custom Patio Sun Shades

Custom Patio Sun Shades – Tips For Customizing Your Patio Sun Shades


Sun shades for the patio turn your outdoor spaces into sanctuaries. With their ability to block sunlight before it enters your private space, outdoor sun shades control temperatures and give you the privacy you seek. If you have a Patio and would like to make use of it in any weather, our Custom Patio Sun Shades are the perfect solution. Since our Custom Patio Sun Shades open and retract easily, we make it easy for you to enjoy the comfort of shade any time you feel like it.

Custom Patio Sun Shades

At ZebraBlinds, we believe that no two homes are alike. Hence we offer you different materials that can be customized to suit your taste. We Customize Patio Sun Shades using the specific dimensions of your outdoor for a truly tailor-made experience. You choose the material and we customize it to your individual needs. Here are 5 amazing tips for customizing patio sun shades:

Custom Patio Sun Shades For Better Privacy

  • Take advantage of our large collection of varied textures, colors & materials


Outdoor Sun Shades


In creating one of a kind outdoor sun shades, the materials play a vital role. For enhanced privacy, choose materials that are opaque that provide you better privacy. Fabric openness helps in light filtering but can also provide you with adequate privacy. Vinyl windows offer you complete protection from rain and cold weather. A solar mesh controls temperatures for a cooling and refreshing ambiance.

The right choice in material helps control your space’s light, temperature and sets the mood going. It blocks the sun and helps in minimizing wind and mist from entering your home. Custom Patio sun shades are manufactured with exterior-rated components and fabrics that can withstand any weather, humidity and sunlight exposure.

With our large selection of varied textures and colors, you will be in for a complete surprise. Choose from light to dark colors and amazingly beautiful textured material. With our modern blinds and shades, you sure won’t be at a shortage of choices.


  • Retractable shades

The fully retractable Custom patio sun shades can be customized for the perfect day. Enjoy the sun when you want to and create shade when you need it. Our two lift mechanisms make your life even easier. Choose from automatic lift option or a manual type for a truly enriching experience in any weather.

Retractable shades have a longer life than any other type. They can be a slightly steep investment but over a period of time they end up paying for themselves since they can withstand any weather. As a great incentive, they protect both your outdoor and indoor furniture from the sun’s bleaching effect.

You can customize your Custom patio sun shades in every possible manner that you wish to. Our modern blinds and shades are always customized to suit your needs and requirements.


  • Significant heat reduction shades

Our range of solar patio shades helps keep your patios cool throughout the year. Smart management of this treatment can help reduce heat in summer and reduce heat loss in winters. The solar shades are typically a polyester weave made with added PVC coating for durability. Hence, ensuring they play the right role in all seasons.

Our patio door window treatment ideas not only block the sunlight in the summer months but also reduce energy costs by keeping excessive heat out. Thereby, lowering your energy usage and giving you substantial savings on your electricity bill. They drastically reduce the glare and provide for excellent UV protection.


  • Home automation integration solutions

With today’s latest technology offerings, automating your home and controlling the electronics via your smartphone is easier than ever. Through voice command, you not only set the mood lighting or check on your kids but also set your shades as per your convenience.

Modern Blinds And Shades

With our range of modern blinds and shades, our products are easily integrated with your home automation system. Our home automation integration solutions are far advanced to fit your lifestyle and to impress your guests. We give you the power to get your home ready at the touch of a button.


  • Excellent customer service

At ZebraBlinds, we strive to provide you with assistance anytime you need. With a limited lifetime warranty on most of our products, we are constantly making our interactions better. Our personalized assistance for every customized Custom patio sun shade is excellently backed by the testimony of our large client base. Rest assured, our agents are just a call away and will be glad to look into any trouble however big or small.

Our Customized Patio Sun Shades are the perfect solutions for any area to protect the areas from harsh sun, heat, and glare. Enhance your beautiful outdoor view by keeping your privacy. With our expertise in patio door window treatment ideas, we will be glad to assist you in choosing the ideal treatment. Call us for a free quote and you will be surprised with our amazing offers and discounts running.

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