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What Makes an Outdoor Blind Special?

Custom Outdoor Shades

Custom Outdoor Shades – Makes Outdoor Special

So if you’ve been setting up your home with window coverings, then you’ve probably already considered a variety of blinds. Indoor blinds are pretty straightforward despite their many varying types and styles. They’re meant to block out the light when you want them to, and let light in precisely when you need it. But those aren’t the only reason one may need to buy blinds. Indoor blinds are made to be placed inside the house, making them especially functional with less emphasis on sturdiness. Outdoor blinds, on the other hand, do not work the same way. These motorized outdoor shades are not always meant to look pretty (but they could!) and instead can brave the elements directly.

They Add to Your Living Space:

Outdoor Window Blinds and Shades

Outdoor blinds are capable of covering entire areas. A large blackout outdoor blind can easily cover up a patio or veranda. This means that the veranda or the patio is now usable all the time. The blinds keep out the excess light and the elements, turning an external space into a comfortable and controllable zone. However, the versatility of outdoor blinds does not end there. They can be installed anywhere as long as there’s enough support. A group of outdoor blinds can be used together to create a partially closed garden dining room or even a place to enjoy a spot of tea, but custom outdoor shades can offer similar protection if installed properly. Small communal areas can also work well when used with outdoor blinds. In today’s world where available plots of land are getting smaller and smaller, using the available space to its maximum potential is absolutely vital.

They’re Sturdy Enough to Brave the Elements:

Outdoor blinds are always facing the weather. Whether it’s the hot sun, the wet rain, the icy cold, or even a raging storm, outdoor blinds are meant to take it all and stay sturdy for the next day. When your outdoor blinds are down, they don’t just keep the elements out, can also protect your home from insects like mosquitoes which could wreck anyone’s evening. Many types of outdoor blinds are designed to need minimal cleaning and maintenance (with a few special exceptions).

Privacy Supreme:

Custom Outdoor shades are a boon for glass-based homes. In homes where the owner loves the openness of nature, the walls are usually see through or most of the home will be open for the purpose of giving someone a great view. Even in homes that aren’t made of glass, an open balcony or veranda is a very valid security risk. But if you were to close the balcony doors you would miss out on some much-needed ventilation. In such cases, an outdoor blind would be a great way to maintain your view while increasing the privacy of the space.

Furniture Protection Ensured:

A lot of us love sitting out on the veranda or in the patio or even out in the garden. In such cases, that means we usually have furniture out in the open which will probably have to take on the sun, wind, and the rain. Exposing furniture like that can drastically lower its lifespan. Particularly if said furniture in question is made of wood. Even the most “protected” of wooden furniture can’t handle too much rain. With outdoor blinds, the rain, sun, or even leaves that may blow onto your furniture is partially blocked and reduced. With outdoor blinds, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture has an additional level of protection.

So Many Types and Styles to Choose From:

Outdoor Wooden Blinds

Outdoor blinds aren’t just one particular blind, they’re an entirely separate class of blinds designed for exterior use. They come in many different colors, sizes, styles, and materials.

  • Outdoor blinds mainly come in PVC, wood, faux wood, and heavy cloth fabrics.
  • While wooden blinds tend to look great, they aren’t very practical as outdoor blinds unless you live in an area that has little to no rain. Moisture tends to warp wood.
  • Outdoor wooden blinds can’t be made too big given that the weight of the material could exceed the installation limit.
  • Faux wood outdoor blinds work very well against the rain and other elements.
  • PVC is ideal for almost anywhere, as they are durable and moisture resistant.
  • Outdoor blinds made from textiles usually last a long time and are sufficiently durable.
  • Outdoor blinds also serve as a gorgeous canvas, especially if the blind is white textile fabric.

In Conclusion:

Outdoor blinds are great for any home, especially if that home has a few verandas, a garden, or just a back yard. If you have a place in your home where you think an outdoor blind would work, think about it, and then you’ll know if you really need one (or two).