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Ideal Outdoor Blinds for Screened Porches to Rejuvenate Your Afternoons

Simplify Your Summer Afternoon with Screen Blinds for Patio

The onset of summer means more time for outdoor fun and entertainment with your dear ones. The weather is beautiful and ideal for bonding with friends over beer or spending some quality time with family. Outdoor spaces like a porch give an opportunity to enjoy natural beauty, fresh air and pleasant weather.

As much as outdoor spaces are extremely lucrative, your outdoor experience can get marred by the changing weather conditions. Too much heat, glares of the sun, exposure to harmful UV rays, rain and not to forget the prying eyes of the neighbors can all play a spoilsport and ruin your fun time outside.

Well, this is the time when you should upgrade outdoor living space into a relaxing haven. A backyard makeover doesn’t have to be costly to be luxurious. Few changes in furniture and putting some reasonable decorative elements will help you to achieve the perfect backyard look. But what about the afternoons when the scorching sun will enter your space, making the outdoor warm and unbearable? Everyone wants their outdoor or lawn to look best while maintaining a comfortable ambiance where they can sit back, relax, and enjoy throughout the day without spending a fortune. You can add waterproof blinds to your porch to make your outdoor experience a memorable one and ensure protection from the elements of nature and of course from your neighbors. There are a number of motorized outdoor shades that you can use for your porch.

There is no doubt that these blinds are meant to improve your outdoor living experience by offering various benefits and healthy ambiance to spend the maximum time of the day. But most of the people believe that covering the outdoor space will disconnect them from enjoying the beautiful nature view. But screen blinds are uniquely designed to preserve views while offering the required protection. Made of superior quality fabric materials, outdoor blinds are incredibly strong and sturdy to withstand outdoor weather conditions. There are available in an array of colors, texture, and pattern options available to give your outdoor a fashionable and voguish look. Based on your space requirements and budget, customize the dressings and enjoy a happy outdoor along with massive functional benefits.

So, are you ready to dress up your backyard for your upcoming summer fun time? Consider the below screen blinds for your patio and revitalize your summer days being relaxed and tension-free!

Top Screen Blinds for Patio Area

As soon as the summer kicks in we all want to chill and enjoy most of our afternoons on the rocking chairs and hammocks out on the porches. But the reality is after an hour or so of sweating and squinting and getting sunburnt, we end up going inside. But there is a solution for this. You can prevent the clumsy atmosphere by installing the right window treatment. Below are our top suggested shades and blinds that will help you to get rid of summer consequences –

• Custom Outdoor Rollup Shades for Decks

Roll up window shades are one of the most straightforward and elegant choices for your screened porches. Their sleek and modern look along with flexible control mechanisms make them a great and popular option to install. If your porch is directly exposed to sun for most of the day, then these shades are the most reliable and practical choice to go for. From diffusing the harsh daylight to offering insulation and privacy, these shades make a remarkable choice for your porch. These shades are available in a wide range of colors and style options that add value to your porch. Integrate motorization to raise and lower the shades using a remote button or Smartphone that too without leaving your comfort zone.


Outdoor blackout roll up shades for screened porches

• Outdoor Blackout Shades for Porches

Porches can be transformed into a great media room during the summer seasons where you can enjoy your favorite show or work on your laptop while enjoying natural freshness. In such a scenario, outdoor blackout shades play a significant role. By blocking the sunlight completely, the shades offer complete darkness along with the ultimate level of privacy. These blackout shades can be personalized as per your preferred color and texture choice to add a finishing touch to the space.


outdoor solar shades for decks

• Outdoor Solar Shades for Porches

Outdoor solar shades are one of the most sophisticated and versatile choice to complement your outdoor porch area. Their efficiency in blocking the sunlight and other harmful rays is unbelievable. They act as the best insulators, keep indoor cool and pleasing during the extreme sunny weather and lower the home’s cooling costs.

These custom solar shades come in different openness factors (1%-5% and 6%-14%) which allow you to choose the amount of light you want to let through while preserving the outside view. The larger the openness percentage, higher the amount of light that it will let through. The window treatments with a higher openness percentage also mean that you can see through the shades better. If you choose a window treatment with a smaller number, less light will be allowed to pass through the shade and you will not be able to see through the shade as clearly. As per the requirements you can choose the shade of a color and texture of your choice.


custom patio sun shades

• Outdoor Bamboo Shades for Screened Porches

Porches are the best place to connect with the outside world. If you are a true nature-lover and want your patio to carry a natural look, then outdoor bamboo shades are perfect. These simple eco-friendly window solutions are made up of natural raw materials like bamboo, wood, jute etc which are responsible to provide your outdoors an elegant and natural ambiance. The shades allow diffused daylight to pass through while maintaining a level of privacy, and can create a cool ambiance for your relaxation. Additional liners are available to maximize the efficiency of the shades. Customize the shades from wide range of colors and designs and choose the one that is most suited for your porch aesthetics.


Outdoor Bamboo shades for screened porch

Motorization is Essential for Screened Porches

Integrating the screened outdoor blinds with motorization and modern technology will help you enjoy a luxurious living style. The motorization mechanism allows you to operate your blinds with a touch of a button or through your Smartphone. Additionally, these blinds provide convenience, safety and protection from the outsiders by acting smartly and efficiently. These blinds are easy to operate and keep your children and pets safe from the hazards of dangling window cords. So, it’s better to customize your outdoor window coverings with motorization to ensure a worry-free life.

Implement these smart hacks to keep your outdoor spaces cool and pleasant. Recreate the look of your space by customizing the dressings with the right fabric and design without investing much. Consider these recommended blinds and shades to build the backyard of your dreams!

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