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Ideal Outdoor Blinds for Screened Porches to Rejuvenate Your Afternoons

Create Beautiful Afternoons with Custom Outdoor Blinds for Screened Porches

Outdoor blinds for screened porches
Screened porches are a wonderful way to enjoy an indoor environment outdoors. They allow hanging space for garments or space to store shoes, or even just an extra layer security and privacy from the outdoors. Let’s explore a few ways to dress these unique window areas.

First of all we should consider two primary requirements of a porch window covering

• An exterior shades must be good reducer of heat & glare.

As your porch allows a lot of light and harmful UV rays to enter your home, light control is a primary concern. Window treatments keep your environment cool and provide ambience to your outdoor spaces. The right choice of window treatments to your porch
blocks out UV rays and protects your outdoor furniture from its damaging effects. The ideal window treatment will reduce the heat and glare of the sun, while keeping the space and the view of the outside open.

• Outdoor shade must ensure privacy and safety.

Get the right level of privacy so that you feel secure when hanging out in your porch area.

• Preserves your connection with the outdoors

Exterior shades improve the outdoor living experience. By providing safety, protection, and a healthy ambience to spend time on the porch, these window treatments preserve views and keeps us connected to the outdoors, keeping us happier and healthier.

These are the attributes that need to be considered to choose the perfect window treatments for your porch. Based on your space and budget, outdoor shades can be fashionable and economical. Besides offering safety, these shades make your outdoors look stylish and beautiful.

Outdoor shades are made up of top quality fabrics. They can withstand outdoor weather and keep the room cool. One of the main reasons people purchase these shades is for their insulation and heat blocking effect.

Among several other products, two of the most popular choices for the outdoor porches include

• Custom Made Exterior Solar / Roller Shades

• Custom Made Outdoor Roll-up Bamboo Shades

1. Custom Outdoor Roll up Shades for Decks


Roll up shades also known as roller shades are one of the most straightforward choices for you screened porches. Roll up shades are sleek, chic & modern window treatments with flexible control options. They also come with motorization and smartphone controls which makes them ultimate options for decks & patios.

Depending on the location of your decks you can decide what kind of custom made solar or roller shades you should go for. If your porch is directly exposed to sun for most part of the day then choosing a Blackout fabric is the best option.

If your outdoor decks have moderate sunlight flow and you don’t want to sacrifice your outdoor view then solar shades with different openness levels are the perfect choice for you.

Outdoor Blackout shades for porches


Outdoor balckout roll up shades for screened porches
For complete privacy during both day and night, blackout shades are the perfect choice. These shades block out all light, making them much more effective for light control than normal shades. Make your room as black as night any time you want.

Outdoor Solar Shades for porches


outdoor solar shades for decks
Outdoor solar shades are one of the best insulators of the UV rays and also help in keeping your porch cool while reducing energy costs. Even though they block the sunlight, outdoor shades don’t block your daytime view. These shades diffuse the sunlight that would be shining in your eyes when it is too sunny.

custom patio sun shades
Custom solar shades come in different percentage openness factors which allow you to choose the amount of light you should let through. Our Crown exterior solar shades come in 10%,14% and 5 % openness level fabric while Graber solar shades are available in 1-5 % & 7-10 % fabrics. You can also choose the motorized version of this product which uses Somfy motors for operation and Virtual Cord remotes for control.

(The larger the openness percentage, the higher the amount of light that it will let through. The window treatments with a higher openness percentage also mean that you can see through the shade better. If you choose a window treatment with a smaller number, less light will be allowed to pass through the shade and you will not be able to see through the shade as clearly.)

2. Outdoor Bamboo Shades for Screened Porches


Outdoor Bamboo shades for screened porch
As soon as the summer kicks in we all want to chillax most of our afternoons on the rocking chairs and hammocks out on the porches. But the reality is after an hour or so of sweating and squinting and getting sunburnt, we end up going inside.

Natural shades used in porch
But isn’t a problem without solution. With the new outdoor roll-up bamboo shades you can not only block the light but even make you porches feel cooler and create a soothing environment.

Outdoor roll up bamboo shades
These simple roll-up shades from Graber & Crown are eco-friendly and are made up of natural raw materials like bamboo, wood, jute etc. For a nature lover, these shades give your outdoors an elegant and natural ambiance. These shades allow the sunlight to pass through during daylight, while maintaining a level of privacy, and can have a liner to block out more light. You can order the free bamboo shade samples and choose the one that is more suited for you porch aesthectics.


You can also opt for the motorized shades for your outdoors. The motorization mechanism allows you to operate your blinds with a touch of a button. These blinds provide convenience, safety and protection for your home. These blinds are easy to operate. They keep your children and pets safe.

Moreover, these shades aren’t just limited for use in your porches. You can also use them over your windows from the outside especially when you don’t have much of trees near home. Keep your interiors cool just by blocking the sun when you don’t want it and make the best out of your summers.

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  1. That is really nice that you can get outdoor solar shades for your patio. I’m glad that they can keep out harmful UV rays as well as keeping the porch and patio cool. I would love to be able to go out and use my patio when it is in the evening. Thank you for the suggestions and ideas for some outdoor blinds.

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize that there were so many options for different kinds of outdoor blinds and curtains. However, I can definitely see why they’re so popular, especially if they give you an amazing view of the outside without letting the bugs in. I also imagine that they can be quite helpful for staying cool on the patio since you don’t have to worry about the sun beating down on you.

  3. Thanks for helping me learn more outdoor blinds. It’s good to know that this can help keep the place cool while also providing ambiance to the space. It’s really cool to see all the different designs and choices people can pick out. It seems like there can be an option for anyone to use, no matter what the design of the space is like.

  4. It’s really good you can go to Crown solar shades for your patio. I am happy that they can observe poets and papacy couples alongside UV rays abroad. When I’ll be out in the evening and be able to use my utensil, then optical disks for some alpha recommend and thank you for the idea.

  5. Thanks for explaining the different outdoor blinds and their benefits, such as blackout shades to block out all light whenever you want. Choosing the right one would be important to make sure you can keep the light at the brightness you’re comfortable with. When choosing, it could help to consult a local contractor who specializes in outdoor blinds so you can determine which one will work the way you want and ensure it’s installed correctly.

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