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Mounting Exterior Blinds Versus Interior Blinds for Your Bedroom

Custom Outdoor Blinds

Custom Outdoor Blinds – Exterior Vs Interior

Whenever we plan to buy something for ourselves, we take their pros and cons into account before spending our hard-earned money. A product’s worth is judged by the value it brings to the consumer, and if that value falls short of its price, then it’s not worth going for. Consider looking for a TV set for your bedroom. If it costs a ton and it doesn’t even have all the features you need, why would anyone bother buying it, especially at a cost higher than anything reasonable?

That is why we must have our expectations crystal clear from the very beginning, be it a television set, a mobile phone, kitchenware or home decor items. Speaking of the latter, people often face the dilemma of buying the right blinds for their home. And even if they choose the one most suitable to their requirements, the next thing that bothers them is deciding whether to mount them inside or outside the window.

Even as the decision of mounting our blinds is extremely important, rarely do we have any instructions or How-to guides that can help customers in this regard. This article is dedicated to helping in resolving this issue to the best possible extent for our readers, so they may customize their available options in a better way.

Custom Outdoor Blinds

Window coverings are essential in any kind of home for a number of things. They not only provide privacy and the benefits of a classy appearance and decorating value to your living space but also helps in protection against heat and light by darkening the room. They also let an insufficient amount of light when desired while controlling it at the same time. As discussed above, choosing their mount position is extremely important because an ineffective installation will ensure that they act only as a barrier to savoring the benefits of fine home decor.

Custom outdoor blinds are also generally easier to measure for as your exterior areas usually have more room to mount to cover your windows. When you do an exterior mount, you will leave your interior window and frame exposed, allowing for it to stand on its own.

Features of Exterior Window Blinds

Exterior Window Blinds

Let us summarize the features of exterior window blinds, which might help you in deciding whether to go for them or not.

1) Good Choice for Energy Efficiency

Exterior blinds are a fine choice if you wish to improve the energy efficiency of your home or your building in general. This is because they block the heat and the ultraviolet and infrared sun rays before they hit the window. They can easily reduce inside temperatures by up to 50% depending on their texture. They are ideal options for people who stay in hot climates

2) Costlier Than Interior Blinds

This is one important feature that you must consider, which can be a deterrent when you wish to buy a window treatment option that falls within your budget.

3) Must Endure Outside Weather Conditions

The best of materials and textures can fade and warp when exposed to extreme weather conditions for a long while. When these blinds are installed outside, they may suffer from burns or cracks when the weather becomes too hot, cold or stormy. This may affect their shelf life. Make sure you get blinds and shades that are specifically manufactured and treated for outdoor use.

Custom Interior Blinds

Here is the most common form of blinds, which users prefer in 80 percent of the cases. There is a good reason behind it. They offer you the cleanest and most uncluttered look as they fit inside the frame on the interiors of your home, and can be mounted as shallow or deep as you’d like them to be.

With brackets inside the frame, they can be installed anywhere: on the top or a corner of the inside, depending on the type of bracket being used. Although you can record the window dimensions in the cases of both interior and exterior mount blinds, the room for error in the case of the former is very small.

Interior blinds can be operated in different styles, either manually, through the use of cords or by a remote. They are available in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, and are often installed to reduce the amount of sunlight entering a house. Although most blinds are used indoors, it doesn’t guarantee an all-impressive look. A lot depends on the blinds and on what the rest of the room looks like.

Features of Interior Blinds

Interior Window Blinds

A few features of interior blinds are as follows, entailing a few advantages as well as disadvantages.

1) Showcasing Window Frames

Blinds mounted inside the casing do not interfere with any other window treatment, and they allow you to amplify the look of a particularly attractive frame. If you have a deep window frame, you can mount the blinds much inside it, which will make visitors take notice of the window in case you want to highlight it.

2) Experimenting with Mixing and Matching

You have the option of mixing and matching different window treatments and allow you to beautify the look of the windows. You can have roller shades with sheer curtains or draperies with Romans, and so on.

3) Lower Costs

One of the reasons why demand for inner blinds is high is they that they are available in varied costs, so you can easily customize them according to your budget.

To sum up, both types of window blinds have their merits and demerits to ponder upon. If you want more customizable options to make your shopping experience more inclusive, you can go for interior window blinds. However, exterior blinds can also enhance the curb appeal of your home, while deflecting heat before it hits your window. Shop for your choice, but only after carefully assessing the pros and cons of both.

This is not the same thing. Outdoor does not mean outside mount. Outside vs inside mount, exterior(outdoor) vs interior, are separate things.

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