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Want Cozy Bedroom Window Treatments? Get Custom Order Blinds For The Perfect Fit!

Custom Order Blinds

Custom Order Blinds – Cozy Bedroom Window Treatments


Our bedroom is an intimate part of our home that we want to be cozy and private. We are ready to spend a good amount of money to make our bedrooms look lavish and feel comfortable. However, we often end up ignoring our windows and doors and forget to dress them properly.

There are numerous varieties of custom order blinds to give that look and feel to that special place of your home. You may choose from different varieties of discount pleated blinds, one-inch wood blinds, and custom aluminum blinds to give that million dollars look to your bedrooms.


One Inch Wood Blinds for That Cozy and Warm Feeling


One Inch Wood Blinds


Like me, if you too love wood decorations, then your eyes will surely stop at our collection of one-inch wood blinds. If you are planning for your custom order blinds to last for years to come, then there is no comparison of authentic real wood blinds. They are extremely durable and come with the guarantee from the reputed brands like Graber, Elite and Norman.

These one-inch wood blinds and two-inch wood blinds are beautifully handcrafted from North American Hardwoods. The natural essence of these real wood blinds will make you feel proud of your own choice every day.


  • 1″ Traditions® Graber® Wood Blinds

These one-inch wood blinds are the perfect window treatment for your dream bedroom. Since the best quality of the wood is used to manufacture these wooden blinds, you will be happy to see the variation in colors and grain. Along with the indoor protection, these blinds will surely make your home the talk of the town.

Choose your favorite shade from a huge variety of colors. Golden Oak 0030, Allspice 0821 and Walnut 0012 are some of the most popular colors in this variety of one-inch wood blinds.

Custom Aluminum Blinds – Easy to Maintain, Great to Look at


Custom Aluminum Blinds


Aluminum Venetian blinds are very affordable and are known for their durability. Graber and Crown are well-renowned in this field and are very popular among modern households.

The trendy colors available in these custom aluminum blinds are liked by the younger generation a lot. Since they prefer to go for a budget-friendly home decor, this is one of the most sought-after varieties of blinds.

Since they are very easy to clean and maintain, 1 inch or 2-inch aluminum blinds are the perfect choices for your kids’ bedrooms.


  • 1 Inch Aluminum Privacy Blinds Crown

These custom aluminum blinds are extremely popular among many Americans. They come in four color variants and you may choose Silver Sage 0172 to give a green tinge to the bedroom.

The optimum level of illumination is ensured by this variety of window treatment. This variety of window coverings will not have any route holes on the aluminum slats. They don’t have any open space for light to escape out of your window.

Their fire retardant capability again makes them an ideal selection for rooms that need that extra durability and safety feature, such as your kitchen.


  • 2 Inches Aluminum Grandeur Graber® Blinds

This variety of 2-inch aluminum blinds will surely steal your heart away. If you have large windows in your bedrooms, and you are looking for a truly low-maintenance variety of window blinds, then look no further.

These light-weight custom order blinds have 8 gauge 2 inches aluminum slats. My friend Sophia bought Hunter Green 154 last summer to drape her bedroom windows and she is extremely happy with her purchase. She lives in Washington DC. The unpredictable weather of DC has withstood these window treatments perfectly. They are dust resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, mold resistant, and fire retardant.


Cheap 1 Inch Faux Wood Blinds- Economical Alternative to Real Wood Blinds


Cheap Faux Wood Blinds


Cheap 1 inch faux wood blinds combine aesthetics with budget-friendliness. Since they are resistant to dust and moisture, they last for a very long time. These custom order blinds do not warp, rot, or crack and are a perfect choice for your personal spaces.

They are made of vinyl PVC foam and a combination of vinyl polymers and are very low on maintenance. You need not worry about termites and other insects eating into them. Overexposure to the sun does not impact the material used in these cheap 1-inch faux wood blinds.


  • 2-Inch Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Crown

Coming from the house of Crown, the quality of the product can rest assured. These false wood blinds are extremely economical and are available in the serene color White 0218. If you have elderly people at home who prefer simple interiors, then this variety of custom order blinds is the perfect choice for your decor scheme.

Since cordless window treatments are the safest ones to be installed, if you have toddlers and small children at home, consider this product for all the windows in your home.

They do not have any dangling cords and you can leave your pets at home with confidence that they can’t pull on any hazardous cords to hurt themselves or damage your blinds. The temperature control and light control features are well defined, and you will love these aspects of these custom order blinds.


Composite Blinds – Eco-Friendly Alternative to Wooden Blinds


Composite Blinds


Composite blinds are custom order blinds which are made of recycled materials or byproducts. They are eco-friendly and provide huge savings to your household too. Sawdust, wood chips, recycled woods, and many such materials are used while manufacturing them.

They are extremely easy to use and clean, and if you want to give that special look to your bedrooms, then you may choose the following –


  • 2 Inch Graber Traditions Composite Blinds

Wood wastes are put to judicious use and nature-friendly blinds are made. These custom order blinds are available in colors like Antique White 2026, Base White 2051, Creamy White 2729, Seattle Grey 2174 and Silk White 2922. Since these slats are much lighter than the real wood slats, they are extremely easy to handle.

You would surely love the strength, firmness, and robustness of these composite blinds. The polymer slats will ensure that these custom order blinds will not warp even in humid conditions. Their moisture resistant features make them one of the most sought-after varieties of blinds in humid and rainy states like Hawaii, Georgia, Florida etc.


Discount Pleated Blinds – Draping Your Dream Bedroom In Colors of Rainbow

We can custom make discount pleated blinds for your dream bedroom and add colors as per your requirements. We have custom order blinds from Graber which will suit your style and budget the most. You may choose two-inch pleated blinds or one-inch discount pleated blinds.

If you have larger and wider windows in your bedrooms, then we would recommend you to go for the two-inch variety. You may even choose to add the blackout feature by adding a liner which will block all the sunlight and will give you that privacy and darkness which you need for your perfect sleep.

So now that you have seen various varieties of custom order blinds, which will be ideal for your bedrooms, make your selection with utmost care. We are always available to give you the right kind of guidance and assistance.

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