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Create The Right Outdoor Setting: Things To Look Out For When Buying Outdoor Window Treatments

Custom Made Outdoor Shades

Indoor or outdoor window treatments? If you are facing this dilemma then details we will be sharing here will help you understand the different benefits of using outdoor window treatments (like the custom outdoor roll-up shades and custom outdoor sun shades) for your home. So, let us delve into the details in the following sections.


Benefits of Using Custom Made Outdoor Shades


Block Out Heat And Glare: The good thing about outdoor window treatments is that they block much of heat from getting into your house, help you maintain right temperature inside your house, and soften natural light so that it does not become a glare. While interior window treatments block the heat coming into your house from your windows, exterior window treatments can help block the heat before it even meets your window in the first place.

Thus, by using motorized outdoor shades you are able to reduce your energy bills and at the same time create a comfortable interior.

Enhance Décor And Style: Apart from improving energy efficiency and reducing the amount of heat that comes in, they also enhance décor and design of your home.

Since the window treatment is installed on the outside, the interior window style, design, and framing come into full view. This also means that window customization, artwork, and woodwork that surrounds windows will get greater visibility.

Get An Unobstructed View: In addition, you will have a totally unobstructed outside view when the outdoor shades are raised.

Thus, you will be able to maximize your outside view and at the same time save space that is lost due to blinds, shades, or draperies that are installed inside the room.

Let us now look at different outdoor window treatments you can select from and different uses of these exterior window coverings.


Purchase Of Custom Made Outdoor Shades And Blinds – Things To Look Out For


Different Outdoor Window Treatments And Their Features

Awnings | Plantation Shutters | Skylight Shades | Exterior Roller Shades



There is no dearth of options for you to choose from, you can install stationary or retractable canopies, aluminum awnings, or vertical shades in your outdoor space.

Moreover, they are available in different functional styles for you to choose from and help you create that comfortable and beautiful outdoor space that everyone in the family will enjoy.


Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

These exterior window coverings are ideal for homes which are situated where high winds are experienced quite frequently all throughout the year.

The benefit of installing rolling shutters is that they are usually able to resist high winds (such as those which cross 150 mph). A few of the other advantages of installing rolling shutter are:

  • Excellent sound insulation

  • Solar protection

  • Reduced energy bills

  • Thermal comfort


Skylight Window Shades

Skylight Window Shades

Nothing can beat natural light when it comes to illuminating a room. Skylights, as well as sunrooms with clear roofs, conservatories, and pergolas, provide you the option to usher in the outdoor world into your home.

However, sometimes you will feel like blocking the sunlight when it is coming directly into a room through the tempered glass ceiling or the skylight.

By installing automatic outdoor sun shades you will be able to open or close them whenever you want.


Exterior Roller Shades

Exterior Roller Shades

By installing exterior roller shades (of fiberglass or polyester fabric) you will be able to prevent heat gain and at the same time maintain a filtered view.

The benefit of installing these exterior roller shades (such as custom outdoor roller shades) is that they effectively block heat gain and provide better ventilation.


Different Uses Of Outdoor Window Treatments

Use for – Pergola | Porch Or Patio | Partitioning A Space


Use For Your Pergola

If your yard has a pergola then it can be transformed into an exterior living room. The positive thing for you will be that the floor space has already been defined, as well as the overhead coverage.

Now, what you can do is set up a shade and you will be able to create a separate space just by lowering the shades.

When the shades are lowered, you will be able to enhance privacy inside the pergola, keep the bugs away, and augment shade exposure. You will be able to open the shades whenever you want and fully enjoy the open view and that beautiful breeze.


Use For Your Porch Or Patio

If your property area is somewhat small then you can make use of your porch or patio to create additional living space.

By using exterior shades you will be able to transform this into a private space. Moreover, these shades also effectively block out the harmful UV rays and protect your patio furniture from fading and other types of sun damage.

By using outdoor shades you will be able to block out the sun while maintaining a clear outside view. On the other hand, printed and roller shades will be helpful when you are looking for the greater amount of privacy.


Use For Partitioning A Space

If there is an outdoor space and you want to use part of it as your living room which is screened off and another part which remains open then vertical screens prove to be the right option for such purpose.

All you will have to do is hang a vertical screen at the location where space is to be divided into open and closed sections.

This type of strategy will be suitable for locations which are heavily trafficked, like the grill area or the outdoor kitchen. By partitioning the space you will have a private place to use.

Moreover, instead of the vertical screens, you can also use heavy cloth sailor shutter for creating a firm partition.

On the contrary, if you want to create an outdoor space which is a lot airier and opens then think about using outdoor drapes or panel track shades which you can move at your will.



To conclude we will say there are many benefits of using outdoor window treatments for your home.

If you need any assistance with selecting the right type of outdoor shades for your home then give us a call on our customer support number (1-866-881-8682)and we will do our best you find the right window treatment for your home.

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