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Why Norman Is Considered One of The Best Manufacturers of Custom Faux Wood Blinds?

Custom Faux Wood Window Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Window Blinds – Natural Wooden Look

Do you love the natural wood look in your interiors? Do you think that your cupboards, desks, book-shelves, and other wooden furniture give that much-needed warmth to your home? Do you want to drape your home with real wood blinds, but are intimidated by the costs?

Well, have you given a thought about custom faux wood window blinds? They are environment-friendly as they are not made of real wood, and they last for many years because they are made from vinyl PVC foam and a combination of vinyl polymers.

These blinds are extremely durable and their dust- resistant and moisture-resistant qualities which have made them very popular in almost all the states of the US. So if you live in a humid city like New Orleans, Louisiana, Houston, Texas or Jacksonville, Florida, you can buy them without a second thought. If you live in a very sunny city, again you need not to worry as they do not yellow due to overexposure to the sun.

I have friends who live in cities like Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix, Arizona and Redding, California which receive sunlight all throughout the year. And their homes proudly have hung these blinds and they do not warp, rot and crack. So take that leap of faith and buy your favorite 2 1 2 faux wood blinds during this festive season. The extreme climate swing will not affect these custom faux wood window blinds.

Many Variants of Custom Faux Wood Window Blinds

There are many variants of cheap faux wood blinds which are manufactured by Norman, however, as of now, two of them are available in Zebra Blinds. Apart from Norman, Graber and Crown also are two popular brands which manufacture environment-friendly cheap faux wood blinds.

  • 2 Inches Faux Wood Smart Privacy Blinds – Easy to Clean And Long Lasting

2 Inch Faux Wood Smart Privacy Blinds

At this price point starting at less than $60 per piece (approx. 24-inch width and 24-inch height) you could not have asked for more. You can comfortably hang these custom faux wood window blinds even if your window needs outside mounting. You can choose colors like Birch P032, Alabaster P025 or pay a little extra and go for something like Cherry P211, Dark Mahagony P233 or Old Teak P230. The best part is that they will look like real wood blinds, but will last for many seasons without fading or sagging.

These blinds are affordable compared to real wood blinds. The raw materials used in these cheap faux wood blinds have made them ideal to be hung in the kitchens, kids’ rooms washrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc. as they are moisture resistant.

If you live in a humid city, or rains are very frequent in your area, then you can comfortably hang these cheap faux wood blinds on your outside mount windows as they are water resistant. Soil removal and spot cleaning are also very easy.

If you have kids and pets at home, and stains are a way of life, then again, these are the most convenient cheap faux wood blinds for you. The faux wood material is stain resistant and durable enough to withstand any messes or rough handling.

  • 2 1/2 Inches Faux Wood Smart Privacy Blinds

2.5 Inch Faux Wood Smart Privacy Blinds

If you are looking for little thicker slats, then 2.5-inch faux wood blinds are the ideal choice for you. These are cheap window coverings which are available in attractive colors like Bronze Brown, Natural Oak P936 and Chestnut P226. These earthy colors are so vivid and rich-looking.

These are very popular in the range of 2 1 2 faux wood blinds. Along with being humidity resistant, these custom wood blinds look extremely stylish. If you choose to drape your living room windows with these blinds, then we can assure that your neighbors will definitely appreciate your taste.  As faux wood blinds are both stain and scratch resistant, they are a great choice for use in your garage or in a home with pets. Any dust or dirt is easily wiped off the slat, and because they are fire retardant, they can handle environments with a lot of heat as well.

These features make this 2.5-inch faux wood blinds extremely popular for residential and commercial uses. They will give you the desired level of privacy and you can adjust the desired level of light for your indoors as per your requirements. You can adjust the slats and keep them open, slanted or closed.

Both the varieties of faux wood blinds come with five years of manufacturer warranty. If you want to know more about the clauses of the warranty, then visit our website, or call our support center. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.

So now since you have gone through all the benefits and qualities of these custom faux wood blinds, just order your free sample right away. Our friendly blinds specialists are waiting to help you dress your windows this festive season.