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Faux Wood Blinds and How They Compare To Other Popular Window Treatments

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds: The Show-Stealing Horizontal Window Coverings

Your home is not a place, it is a feeling – a feeling of happiness and a feeling of making memories with your loved ones. It is a feeling of security and protection, and most of all it is a feeling of contentment. To give your home the importance it deserves, we have always been there to sort out things for you. Windows are an important part of your home and more important than having them is dressing them up the right way. There are many modern day window treatments available in the market these days and among those, one of the most beloved are the Horizontal Blinds. With a series of slats, nicely arranged in a pull cord system, horizontal blinds give your windows a nice and tidy dressing. When it is about customizing the horizontal blinds or purchasing the right variant, there are a number of factors that you should consider.


Among those are the faux wood blinds, which have always bagged a considerable amount of attention and popularity when horizontal blinds are in discussion. Made from a blend of materials like PVC, composite wood material, Vinyl, Vinyl compounds etc., they are very durable, fade resistant, and easy to maintain.


Though the pure wood blinds pose a major threat to the faux wood blinds, there are a number of pros and cons of using either of them. Before making a choice, you may consider your budget, the kind of aesthetic value you want to add to your room, amount of humidity control you are looking for, durability and weight of the blinds, ease of maintenance,  and more.

Faux Wood Blinds vs. Wooden Blinds


Custom Faux wood blinds are much more durable than the wooden blinds. They are fade resistant and cost much less than traditional wood blinds. If you are looking for a window treatment for a window above the sink or your bathroom windows, faux wood blinds are ideal for such moist places while the pure wood blinds tend to fade and swell.

In addition to the utilities, faux wood blinds offer a classic look and wooden feel at lower prices.


Due to their material, they are much heavier than the wooden blinds and demand a little bit of homework before you buy them. There are numerous options available in the custom faux wood blinds, hence you need to consider the slat size, type, window size, composition etc.

Choosing the Slat Size

Faux Wood blinds offer a lot of flexibility when the slat size is in question. If you have larger and taller windows, you may choose the blinds with wider slats to savor the look of wooden shutters. On the contrary, if you have small windows, choosing the smaller slats will work well for you.

Usually, the faux wood blinds are available in 2 inch and 2-½ inch slats and both of them are designed to solve different purposes.

1. Custom 2 inch Faux Wood Blinds

Custom 2-inch Faux Wood Blinds

2-inch custom faux wood blinds are much more popular than their counterparts. They offer an ideal amount of privacy and light control. Larger slats are ideal for big sized windows and if you want a good amount of outside exposure, you can get another half an inch added to the size of your faux wood blinds.

In addition to their classic look, the 2-inch blinds offer an ideal size for almost all kinds of windows.

2. Custom 2-1/2 inch Faux Wood Blinds

If you want to go for the wider slats, consider your window size. Though they offer a neat and spruce look, they might not work well for you due to their heavyweight. The good thing about them is their clutter-free appearance.

3. Custom 1 inch Faux Wood Blinds (Mini Faux Wood Blinds)

If you have small or shallow windows, the 1-inch slat size is ideal for you. The small slat size makes them look busier but also lets them take up less depth, making them ideal for doors or clearing handles.


4. Faux Wood Blinds vs. Cellular Shades

Faux Wood vs Cellular Shades

  1. Cost: Though both the Faux Wood blinds and cellular shades are available at budget-friendly prices, the former is available at lower rates than later.
  2. Privacy: When closed, blinds can offer you a lot more privacy than the shades. Opposite to the faux wood blinds, Cellular shades are fabric based which makes them translucent and less effective when it comes to privacy.
  3. Insulation: The honeycomb structure in cellular shades traps the inside air and offers a good amount of insulation in the room, while there is no such mechanism in the Faux wood blinds.
  4. Maintainability and Durability: It goes without saying that the material of faux wood blinds gives them the edge over the cellular shades when it comes to maintenance. You can wipe them clean without much effort and time. On the other hand, cellular shades are neither moisture resistant nor that durable. In addition to this, their delicate fabric has to be cleaned with a lot of precaution.


5. Roman Shades vs. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood vs Roman Shades

  1. Aesthetics: Being a soft window treatment, Roman shades offer a very smooth and breezy look. With their royal and plush appearance, they have an edge over Faux Wood Blinds which have more of a wooden feel.
  2. Cost: Well, Faux Wood Blinds have always stolen the show when it comes to friendliness with your budget. They cost much less than roman shades and offer value for money.
  3. Privacy: Unlike the fabric based roman shades, Faux Wood Blinds are opaque and offer a lot of privacy. On the other hand, if you prefer morning light over privacy, then Roman shades are your thing.
  4. Maintenance: Usually, blinds offer a lot of conveniences when it comes to their maintenance and cleanliness. All they require is a light hand dusting and wiping once or twice a week. On the other hand, cleaning fabric requires more care and attention.

Both blinds and shades offer various advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it is all about your requirements.


How Do Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Work?

Much more sophisticated and graceful, custom Faux Wood Blinds come with a cordless feature too. In addition to their convenience, getting rid of those dangling cords will make your home much safer for your children and pets. Extremely simple to operate, cordless Faux Wood Blinds can be lifted with a gentle push from the bottom. And if you want to close them, a tender pull would do the job.

How to Install Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Installing Faux Wood Blinds is extremely easy and you can do it yourself. Fetch a drill machine, a screwdriver, and the installation manual. Follow the steps and have your Faux Wood Blinds all set within a couple of minutes.

If you are still unsure, browse through and let us help you find what you need. Call our support team or send us an email as we are always happy to help. Check out and order your free samples. We are just a click away.