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The Many Designs And Patterns of Roman Shades For Your Living Room

Custom Fabric Roman Window Shades

The Many Designs And Patterns of Custom Fabric Roman Window Shades

With multiple window treatment solutions in the market, choosing the right one can be an uphill task. Modern window decorative ideas not only protect the house or building from cold and hot temperatures but also provide necessary shade and protection against sounds, all while adding a touch of luxury. In the absence of window blinds, the house may seem vulnerable and exposed.

Custom Fabric Roman Window Shades

Custom Fabric Roman Window Shades

It is always a good idea to do your research before shopping for the right window shade. A few of the most important and popular window shades in the market range from roller blinds, solar blinds, and honeycomb shades to traditional curtains, valances, and draperies. Beyond the names already mentioned, Roman shades are also an extremely popular choice for layering your windows against harsh weather conditions and upgrading the appearance of your home.

So what are Roman shades? Their main purpose is to block out the sun. But what makes them different from other window coverings is the way they even stack up when they are open, appearing smooth and even.  They are typically operated by cords.

Custom fabric roman shades can be set up in any part of the house, even kitchens or bathrooms. With the variety and designs, they have to offer, Roman shades are often the go-to options for people who like their home to be the embodiment of style.

Here are some types of Roman shades you might consider installing on the onset of the summer season.

1) Unconstructed Flat Romans or Plain Fold Roman Shades

These Roman shades are made with a single layer of fabric with no additional folds or layers. They hang flat and seamless in front of the window. These are the right choices to go for if you want your shades to be embellished with prints and patterns. In the absence of folds that might appear in other Roman shades, this will help you boast about the texture and patterns on them.

Their simple and flat fabric allows for a simple design and a neat look. The tidiness and the structured look they provide is often coveted by people who are looking for window solutions for summers. The materials they provide are of a wide variety, and they add the exquisite look to any kind of room, be it small or large.

Also known as classic Roman shades, they are the most well-known and common form of Roman shades where the mechanism is just like the traditional Roman shades fitting. A rod is concealed at every pleat, giving the shade a uniform and neat look even when the shades are pulled all the way up.

2) Hobbled Roman Shades

Hobbled Roman shades provide some neat folds when they are partially or fully opened, giving a thick, textured and ribbed look. This lends an aura of class and majesty to the home. The overlapping folds when the shades are fully extended give them an unconstructed look which is enough to rev up the appearance of a room. They can be set up in your living room as well as your bedroom. This style draws the attention of visitors away from the rest of the room, so you can choose to go for lighter colors if the rest of the room has a minimal look. Bold and dark colors may be employed if you want to present a sharp contrast when the size of the windows is small.

Soft hobbled Roman shades lend your place a sophisticated look and feel, and their proven records of effective sun protection make them ideal choices for areas where you can relax. They are good day night shades for homes too.

3) Knife Pleat Roman Shades

These type of Roman shades have pockets with support rods on the back of them, which help form decorative seams on the front. Although they work best with solid or textured fabrics, they are not recommended for people who like their shades printed or designed. This is because the pattern of knife pleat shades will interrupt their appearance when they are partially or fully open.

4) London Roman Shades

London Roman shades are unique window coverings in that they have pleats that create a tail on either side of the shade when they are pulled up. They provide fullness and form a curved “smile”, lending the decor a casual and uncomplicated touch. They are best used in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. They are also known as tulip or butterfly shades because of their design.

Designs Used in Roman Shades

The type of designs, prints, and patterns that you prefer in your Roman window coverings depend a lot on the type and texture of Roman shades.

Solids can go well with hobbled or knife pleat window shades, as the texture, they form when pulled up will hide any prints they might otherwise have.

Printed designs are best for London shades and flat Romans. Some of the most popular prints that adorn window shades are floral, striped, houndstooth, graphics, geometric, Aztec and tribal. Prints lend character to your home, making it come alive and radiant. Choose a print that will complement the overall structure of the room instead of settling for one that makes it look gaudy and loud. You must choose flamboyant prints only when the colors of the walls, floorings, and the items placed inside are subtle. Loud prints on window coverings may distract anyone from the rest of the room, while subtle prints are more effective in creating a fine balance.

Features of Custom Fabric Roman Window Shades

Like other shades such as solar shades, roller blinds, and honeycomb shades, Roman shades come in different textures and materials to make them ideal for different purposes.

Room Darkening - Custom Fabric Roman Window Shades

Room Darkening and Blackout: Custom fabric Roman shades that come with an additional layer of material or a liner makes them the best window coverings to keep heat out and maintain absolute privacy inside the room. They are also great energy efficient options by retaining and blocking heat depending upon the season.

Light Filtering: The sheer Roman shades that let in a decent amount of sunlight may also save on electricity costs during the day when you are at a liberty to switch off an extra bulb. You can either sit out on the porch or enjoy reading your newspaper in the comfort of your home with the filtered natural light that comes your way.

Cordless Features: Not all Roman shades come with remote controlling features, but those that come with cordless options definitely make your life easier. Cordless features keep them safe from children and pets inside the house who love entangling themselves in the cords. They are also popular choices because of their neat and trim appearance. Cordless or motorized shades require you to just press the button of your remote or simply pushing the top down or the bottom up with your fingers.

Custom Fabric Roman Window Shades are versatile window treatment solutions which are great in their appearance and utility. They can also be used together with other window treatments to add a mix of elegance and comfort to your home. Choose your window treatment wisely when you’re out shopping.

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