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3 Ways To Make Roman Shades Fit Your Style

Custom Fabric Roman Shades

Ways To Make Custom Fabric Roman Shades Fit Your Style



If you are someone who loves the convenience and luxury Custom Fabric Roman Shades offer to any home, here are some New Ideas for Window Treatments. Custom Fabric Roman Shades offer a classic touch to your home and are suitable for any room. With their exclusive looks, they offer a falling fabric style for your windows and give your home a pleasing ambiance.


Advantages of Custom Fabric Roman Shades


These windows offer ultimate privacy to your home. These shades are excellent for the rooms that require privacy like your bedrooms and bathrooms. The amount of light control and the privacy totally depends on the thickness and the color of the fabric you choose. If you are looking for Blinds for Bathroom Windows, consider Roman shades.

 Custom Fabric Roman Shades


  • Custom Fabric Roman Shades are adorned with a numerous number of styles, designs, colors, and patterns.
  • These shades are highly customizable to any pattern and style of window.
  • Automated Window Blinds are ideal if you have pets or children at your home.
  • Custom Fabric Roman Shades are flexible and their vanes do not tilt when they are open or closed.
  • With Custom Fabric Roman Shades you can create a classic or contemporary style for your windows which can match your existing window and home decor.
  • Roman shades offer good insulation required for your home. In this way, they make your home more energy efficient, resulting in the reduction of energy expenses.
  • Custom Fabric Roman Shades give you the perfect light control required for your home.
  • These window treatments also help you in reducing the noise from the outdoors.
  • Custom Fabric Roman Shades are perfect for bedrooms as they help you in achieving a proper good night sleep.


Light Filtering Custom Fabric Roman Shades

 Light Filtering Custom Fabric Roman Shades

  • Light filtering Custom Fabric Roman Shades let the light inside your home and make your home pleasant.
  • These shades do not block out the light totally. The light filtering fabric lets the desired amount of diffused light in and makes your rooms bright. These shades are great for protecting your family, furniture, and other valuables from harmful UV rays.
  • These shades let you illuminate your home in a pleasant way with the natural light.
  • They provide privacy by preventing the outsiders to view inside.
  • Choose from a looped style or a classic flat style.
  • The looped style offers your windows an elegant and textured appearance while the flat style is sleek and contemporary.
  • These shades also have a top down bottom up cord lift that makes them ideal for maintaining privacy from the peeping outsiders while letting you enjoy the sunlight. These shades are also safe as they do not contain any cords on the front side.


Blackout Custom Fabric Roman Shades

 Blackout Custom Fabric Roman Shades

Blackout Roman Shades are the perfect choices and bathrooms, blackout roman shades are the ultimate option. They offer privacy and softness with a fabric touch.

Even for the rooms like media rooms and television rooms, these shades as the right choice as they totally block out the external light and make the room totally dark. Hence they create a perfect environment to enjoy watching your favorite TV show. Make your rooms totally dark and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Combining Roman Shades with Curtains

 Custom Drapery Ideas

By combining Custom Fabric Roman Shades and drapery window curtains together, you can enjoy both blackout and light filtering ambiances in one room. You can try installing the light filtering Custom Fabric Roman Shades to your windows and add a layer of dense and thick drapery window treatments on top. Whenever you want to make the room totally dark you can close the draperies and enjoy the darkness. If you want the room to be bright and pleasant, you can just open the draperies and let the light enter in. For more elegance look for Custom Drapery Ideas.


Fabric Custom Valances and Cornices

 Custom Valances and Cornices

By topping up these roman shades with suitable custom valances and cornices, you can add more elegance to your home. Fabric custom valances and cornices add beautiful aesthetics to your windows and to your home. Fabric custom valances and cornices are available in different types of styles, patterns, and colors. You can choose the perfect one that suits your shades and window treatments and give your home the best look. You can also customize these toppings the way you wanted and add beauty to your home. You can also create both classic and contemporary styles to your home with these custom valances and cornices. These custom valances and cornices also help to cover and hide your shades and window treatment hardware that might make your windows look unfinished. Bring a complete and polished look to your shades and window treatments.


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