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New Roman Shade Fabrics for Rooms That Just Need Some Color

Fabric Roman Shades

The Charm of Custom Fabric Roman Shades: New Roman Shade Fabrics for Rooms

Window Blinds and Shades are commonly overlooked as people design their homes, but they are crucial to achieving the proper ambiance of a space. One of our preferred variety of window blinds and shades we like to use is Custom Fabric Roman Shades. They are an outstanding choice when drapery Window Blinds and Shades just won’t work.


If you are someone who loves the convenience that blinds offer, but wants a more modern style choice, Roman Shades are an excellent solution. Custom Fabric Roman shades give the same smooth mechanics as blinds and provide a more cultured fabric design for a stylish look. By installing Roman shades, you can embellish these stunning window coverings to every room.


How to Make Custom Fabric Roman Shades Perfect for Your Home?

 Custom Fabric Roman Shades

Custom Fabric Roman Shades stand apart from any other Window Blinds and Shades. With their astounding looks, their smooth and continuous fabric style enables more privacy than regular blinds, making them perfect for every room including the bedroom or bathroom.

Specially designed for your interior needs, Roman Shades are available in different types of light filtering to room darkening fabric options. The light filtering fabrics provide the maximum amount of light to give a sophisticated soft radiance during the daytime and offer reasonable privacy. The rooms darkening roman shades prevent most but not all of the sunlight, making a bold pattern statement while letting you sleep in luxury. These shades offer total privacy and are excellent for most rooms.


  • Custom Fabric Roman Shades offer the flexibility of the drapery with the practicality of a shade, with a variety of fabric patterns, colors, and liners
  • Select either the traditional flat or the looped style—whichever best accommodate your decorating style
  • Finished edges ensure fabric will not unravel
  • Clear sill rail shields the bottom of the shade from dirt and wear
  • Components are color-coordinated to fabric
  • Opt for a cordless mechanism for improving safety if you have kids or pets at home

Adorned with a diversity of styles and customizable to any window design, with Roman shades, the sky is not the limit – your creativity is.

Things to Focus on While Choosing Custom Fabric Roman Shades

# Pattern Size: Make sure you select a pattern that looks good when folded. The shades won’t always be down. You need a design that won’t get lost or be hard to see when the shade is all the way up.

Inside and Outside Mount

# Inside vs Outside Mount: A number of times people just default to an inside mount for a Roman Shade. We do appreciate inside mounts. They can showcase the beauty of your home.

But there are advantages to going for an outside mount in some circumstances. For example, if the window is small, going with an external mount may be the way to go. You can raise the roman shade higher than the actual window, so it creates the illusion of the window being larger than it is. Installing it high above makes the room feel more significant and the ceilings taller.

# Lining: When selecting Roman fabrics for your space, make sure you think about the functionality. If you require any light control, you want a liner. Use a thick blackout liner for a nursery or a bedroom that encounters too much morning light, or go for a thinner liner if you don’t want your room completely dark.


Consider lining your roman shade is when you want the textile design to stand out. A plain lining will make sure you can clearly see the gorgeous fabric through the bright daylight.


# Window Treatments for French Doors

Window Treatments for French Doors  

Why choose a Custom Fabric Roman Shade over any other window treatment, and most importantly- how do you choose the perfect one for your home? Window Blinds and Shades can make or break a home.

# Roman Shades for French Doors

Roman Shades for French Doors 

If you are looking for the window treatments for french doors consider the following

-> If you have unusual windows with irregular measurements or that are difficult to reach, Fabric Roman Shades are convenient as they can hide your window’s odd shape. With motorization options, they are also great for convenient operation.

-> If you favor a window covering that is sleek and elegant, then Custom Fabric Roman Shades would be a fabulous fit.

Worried About Space?

Roman shades don’t occupy as much space as conventional drapery since they are installed inside the window casing or above it, making them great for tight spaces or small rooms.

If you have pets or kids that might tend to play with the drapery panels, try considering Custom Fabric Roman Shades as the pets can’t make them dirty, and the little children can’t pull them.


All these attributes make the Custom Fabric Roman Shades perfect for your french windows.

We are Here to Give Your Home a Touch of Elegance

Get these stylish Custom Fabric Roman Shades at at the best prices, as we have astounding discount offers to go on. Make your home even more beautiful with these incredible Roman Shades.

If you have any issues regarding the installation, selection, or anything else, you can always contact our support team. We are always glad to serve you and help answer your questions and are eager to help you bring out the best look to your windows and your home.

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