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Roman Shades For The Modern Home

Custom Fabric Roman Shades

Modern homes require as much time and care as they require investment. They need constant renovation over time to keep them up to date when it comes to the changing tastes of consumers. One of the important ways to lend an aesthetic appeal to your home is by choosing the right window treatments.

Choosing blinds is one of the factors that decide the look and feel of your interior, and there are several available in the market that you can opt for. Depending on your requirements, suitability, affordability and comfort level, you can choose the right one. For instance, if you are the one to prefer natural light over privacy, you can go for light textures in single cell shades. If you want privacy, you can rather shop for the blackout shades, and so on.

Custom Fabric Roman Shades And Blinds

Among the most popular options for window treatments, Custom Fabric Roman Shades And Blinds can lend class and elegance to the most simply designed homes. Being versatile enough to complement any home, they are one of the most widely shopped window blinds.

As the name suggests, they have been around for centuries, from the time there was a need for effective window coverings to protect against outside heat and dust. A perfect amalgamation of modern style and a traditional look, Roman blinds give an impression of being flat when they are open all the way down. However, when they are pulled up, they are evenly stacked up and form neat folds and pleats.

Types of Custom Fabric Roman Shades And Blinds

Following are the different types of roman blinds and shades:

Custom Fabric Roman Shades

Flat Roman Shades:

Available in a variety of fabrics, they lend elegance and color to your living space. Depending on the texture or material used, they can give a modern or traditional look. Easy to maintain and clean, these flat custom fabric Roman shades are a homemaker’s delight. While being pulled up and down over time, they develop folds accordingly. They are also a good choice for people who have a penchant for large patterns and shapes on their fabrics, and their appearance is enchanting whether these Roman blinds are recessed or not.

Relaxed Roman Shades:

Giving out a vibe for simplicity and calmness, Relaxed Roman shades are meant for people who prefer solid designs with not many patterns or prints. When these shades are pulled up, they are folded in the middle, while the rest of the fabric appears flat. Being light and easy on the eyes, they are meant for areas like a bedroom and a kitchen where you do not really want to show off your taste. Their finish is usually soft, and they can be used for large and medium-sized windows.

Thermal Roman Shades:

They absorb heat instead of reflecting it and are in high demand in areas where insulation is needed. They are also energy saving devices that can reduce your electricity costs by retaining heat or cold and preventing its escape through the windows.

Matchstick Roman Shades:

As the name suggests, they form very thin pleats when they are pulled up. They are made from natural fabrics like bamboo to give them an evenly textured look. They are available in many sizes and are easy to install.

London Roman Shades:

Now that’s a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it? Forming a curve when pulled up and forming what appears to be tails on the sides, these custom fabric Roman shades provide a casual look which is best suited for more personal spaces. They are not really meant to provide much protection against the sun and should be used in places where they don’t need constant opening and closing.

Banded And Greek Key Shades:

They offer a unique touch with an accent or a contrast trim running down the edges of the fabric. Giving a nice contrast and enhancing the overall look of the shade, these custom fabric Roman shades can give a nice complementary vibe and go along well with the colors of the room. They are generally used on solid fabrics to give these accents the maximum focus.

Balloon Shades:

As the name suggests, the patterns formed when they are raised or lowered or folded on one side are thick. They are best used when the fabrics are soft and they need to be constantly maintained to give them a uniform, consistent look.

Hobbled Roman Shades:

The pleats that they form are to die for, and they can rev up your space with a fantastic design. When they are lowered, their texture makes them the center of attention. Beyond protecting the home from outside light and heat, their fabric forms neat folds at the bottom when they are pulled up. These custom fabric Roman shades are available in a variety of designs and patterns and are one of the sought-after options to go for when it comes to decorating your living rooms or dining halls.

Modern Blinds And Shades

Modern Blinds And Shades

Shopping for modern blinds and shades is dependent on many factors. We discuss a few of them here

# Appearance:

The types of blinds you can go for depends to a large extent on their appearance. Should the Roman blinds be recessed or not? How do they look when pulled up? Do they look better when pulled down? What kind of prints and patterns will look best in my bedroom? Should I go for light or dark colors? These are the questions that people seek to answer when shopping for different types of Roman blinds.

# Fabric:

Fabric weight, feel, design, and types are the factors that should be considered while going for the right custom fabric Roman shades. The designs may be geometric, printed, bold and vibrant. Organic cotton, linen, and bamboo are some of the most eco-friendly fabrics that are available in various colors and weights. They are also easily washable but their colors may fade over a period of time.

# Window Size:

Roman shades do not typically take as much space as drapes used in large halls. However, the size of the window is an important factor while deciding on the type of Roman shade. Whether the window is in a small or a large room is also important as the shade is then accordingly mounted inside or outside of it.

# Additional Features:

Best Blackout Shades For Bedroom

People for whom utility and features matter more than the appearance would want to know the pros and cons of the blinds more than anything else. If they need privacy, they’d rather prefer the best blackout shades for bedroom and dining room spaces. If they want to save on energy costs, they’ll go for shades with thermal properties. They may also look for additional features like remote controls, cordless facility, and so on.

# Ease of Use:

Fabrics with lighter weights and textures are easier to maintain than bulky ones. The mechanisms they come with the need to be user-friendly. How easy they are to install also affects your willingness to go for them.

In conclusion, the types of shades you choose depend completely on you and your requirements. Whatever option you go for defines the inner you and is the extension of your personality which reflects in your living space. Window treatments are investments that are worth the money, as they give you another reason to love your home the way it is. Their maintenance is your responsibility, and they deserve all your care and attention.

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