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How To Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home With Window Blinds

Custom Exterior Solar Shades

Custom Exterior Solar Shades – Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home



We all crave for attention – it’s in our nature. We want to flaunt our achievements to the world, and wish to see us being admired every now and then. Not only does that boost our ego, but it gives us the confidence to move ahead in life and try for bigger and better things. When we have enough money at our disposal, we like to splurge it on buying a bigger and better house and decorate it with plush and classy home decor items to create an impression on our guests.


So even as we try our best in making the interiors of our home attractive and cozy, something is always missing when the curb appeal of our house isn’t very good. After all, who wouldn’t want their abode to be the center of attention for onlookers and passersby?


Custom Exterior Solar Shades


Custom Exterior Solar Shades


Imagine getting the best of both the worlds in window treatments? Imagine having window blinds that block heat, are energy efficient, are made long lasting materials, are beautiful to look at, maintain the outside view, let a decent amount of sunlight in, and can be set up outdoors and create a lasting impression on your neighbors and guests. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, not at all, if you go for custom exterior solar shades, they will come with multiple features and benefits that make your investment in them worth it and more!


Different Types of Window Treatments to Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home


In this section, we look at some of the ideal window treatments that you can use to make your home look even more attractive. Some of them include tried and tested methods while others are slightly different than your usual stuff.

1) Exterior Plantation Shutters

Exterior Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are known for their fabulous design and a textured appearance that is pleasant to look at. While many people prefer to have them installed inside the windows for lending the home a furnished and contemporary look, you can also go for outdoor plantation shutters that do the job of heat resistance and light filtering just as well.

Outdoor plantation shutters can also be beneficial when indoor mounting is not possible owing to dimensions of windows not matching with those of the window coverings. Plantation shutters with their alternating slats give the outdoors a unique and pleasant look, and no matter what kind of home you have, it is bound to look all the more beautiful with plantation shutters.


2) Awnings

Awnings are reliable outdoor treatments that come in a number of different types. You can have stationery and retractable awnings in a number of colors, fabrics, and features. Generally, they are set up just outside the porch of a building or outside a door or window in a sheet of canvas that is stretched out a frame and used to keep out the sun or the rain.

Awnings provide the necessary shade in extreme temperatures and lessen the impact of the sun by up to 50%. Awnings in different designs can up the ante when it comes to the beauty of the house, giving it a contemporary and classy look.

3) Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Roller shades, when installed outside, make your home a haven of understated class. Roller shades are made of a unique UV-resistant material that stops the harmful sun rays from entering your homes and affecting your health. They help you sit and enjoy your comfort in peace and let you watch television without being bothered by the intense glare of the sun. They make for great outdoor blackout blinds that enhance the curb appeal of your home. What you can do to enhance the appearance of your house is install roller shades on all windows of the house, to give your house a distinct external style.


4) Bahama Shades

They have a long piano hinge at the top and tilt upward when opened. They are held at a 30-45 degree angle. The horizontal louvers provide a nice pleasant view of the outside when opened slightly. You’re better off setting them up in windows on the attic or where the stairs lead. Their primary purpose is protecting the glass against storms and debris, where you can easily shut them by pulling them inward.

Very easy to install, Bahama shutters offer an unconventionally appealing look on the outside and are preferred window treatments for many. However, if you like to have lots of light inside and want to open the windows all the way up, then Bahama shutters aren’t the best of window treatments to serve this purpose.


A Few Unconventional Methods of Making Your Home Look Pretty

Apart from having the regular shades installed outside the window or house, there are some other methods you can try to make it look pretty. Along with adding curb appeal, these unique ideas may also be effective treatments for protecting your home.


1) Add Some Lighting on Your Patio

Why not create an appealing sitting space outside your home and line up a few rocking chairs to chill and have a drink? After dark, you can light up the area by having a couple of bulbs installed and enjoy the breeze! You can have dinner, enjoy enlightening conversations with friends and family, and impress outsiders with your refined taste in decor!


2) Grow Vines on Walls 

Even though this method adds an instant enchanting look to your house, the vines need to be trimmed and maintained regularly. In case of unchecked growth, the vines may wind through cracks and holes in your home and create problems. However, if enough attention is paid, it will make your home appear to be wrapped in nature.


3) Light Up Your Porch Seating

Think about getting some colorful and flamboyant chairs and place them on the porch. Play a game of cards and have a house party on the lawn. Involve your family members in a game. Let your kids play hide and seek and enjoy to their heart’s content! The idea is to make your outdoors a hub of activity and enjoyment. A happy household is a pretty household, and this will have positive effects and create a great impression on anyone passing by.


4) Paint Your Exteriors

No one can look after your house better than you do! Instead of hiring a professional, go for a DIY method and find enough time to paint it bright when you feel the colors are peeling off or getting bland over time. This is a time-tested and superior method of enhancing the curb appeal of your home.


To sum up, following even some of these methods will go a long way in making your home look all the more beautiful and amazing. A few of these methods also come with practical benefits, thus ensuring your home’s maintenance while looking alive and vibrant.

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