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4 Ways of Customizing Drapes And Curtains

Custom Drapes And Curtains

4 Ways of Customizing Windows with Custom Drapes And Curtains


Most often curtains and drapes are used in a similar manner or interchanged and used for the other. The difference is major when deciding on curtains or drapes. Curtains are usually unlined and made from lighter fabric. Most styles are available off the shelf and normally bought on a tight budget. They are more casual and homey. This makes them family friendly and perfect for homes with less formality.

On the other hand, Custom Drapes And Curtains are generally made of fabrics of heavier weight and are lined with fabric as per the room’s requirements and usage. While they are usually associated with a higher level of formality and traditional decor schemes, today’s contemporary looks often incorporate them comfortably. More casual styles and the wider range of less formal drapes are becoming as popular as the new window treatments.

Drapery Window Treatments - Living Room Window Coverings

Are regular curtains dampening your expensive decor? Here are 4 simple ways of customizing your curtains to look formal and stylish in any room. Whether it’s for living room window coverings or as beach house window treatments, we will cover it all. Here are some simple and budget-friendly ways of dressing up your rooms.


Custom Drapes And Curtains – Stylish Forever


Living room window coverings demand some time to be spent on. Off the shelf curtains, while budget friendly, can look a bit off with elegant furnishings. Pinch pleat drapes serve well with any decor as they have a perennial classic look to them. They are always in fashion hence ensuring you can never go wrong. The pleats are pinched 4” from the top to give you even standing panels. 4” buckram attached on the reverse ensures they stand tall and have a lasting look. They are easy to draw back and incredibly functional.

The thickness of the fabric decides the amount of light that filters in. In case you are looking to add to the functionality of the Custom Drapes And Curtains, you might want to consider light filtering window shades. High insulation makes it a popular choice for mounting closer to the windows. Light filtering window shades give you complete control of light and privacy. Pinch Pleats as a second treatment complete the decor while adding an ageless charm to your room. Sogo contemporary this season and stay stylish throughout the year.


Purely Chic


Custom Drapes And Curtains


Light filtering window shades come in various fabric options. As beach house window treatments, they offer you utility value that is incomparable. Keeping the temperatures at bay for a pleasant holiday, this option is guaranteed to make you craving for more. With 100% light control options by choosing the fabric and its thickness, these shades help cut on your electricity bills.

Layer them with Inverted Pleat Customized Drapes And Curtains to complete the relaxed look of your beach house window treatment. Adding a humble elegance, these drapes are bound to create a magical ambiance. Meticulously crafted pleats are bound to mesmerize any visitor to your home. So exploit the usual and build up the Chic quotient.


New-World Elegance

Treating your home to some elegance does not necessarily have to cost a bomb. With simple additions or add-ons you can just create the right space you are longing for. Here are some simple tips to create sophistication oozing with modernity;

  • Using the right accessories comes at no extra cost. Simply decide on how you want to hang your curtains and use the right hardware whether it is a simple rod that holds the weight right or valances that add an extra pop to your room, they need to be proper

  • Customizing your readymade curtains. It is as easy as helping your kids do their schoolwork. Add a trim, fringe, braid or band of fabric to the edge of any curtain panel. Watch how these accessories instantly elevate your readymade curtains to a customized level. Just attach the add-ons as per your room’s personality and get ready to go!


Sleek and Versatile

Flat curtains are easy to operate and perfect for the budget conscious designers. Simple yet elegant in its look, these curtains are a sleek option for anyone looking to do up their bedrooms or children’s rooms with a sense of drama. They glide effortlessly along tracks that are practically invisible.

The rod pocket drapes are playfully charming and perfect for a soft and casual look. 3 ½” sewn pockets on the reverse accommodate the hardware thereby concealing it completely. The fabric is gathered at regular intervals on the rods giving it a symmetrical look. Ideal for living room window coverings as they off balance any existing formal decor and bring in a classic charm of its own. So go back in time, you will love it.

From casual and understated to luxe and grand, different types of curtains and drapes can enhance the decor of your home. The right style that best suits your lifestyle and the specific need of a room or window can really amp up your decor. They also make a room more comfortable by controlling light and insulating it from extreme temperatures. So talk to our experts who will be happy to give you more tips on designs that you might have in your mind. Order your free swatches today. We will be glad to have you onboard our list of happy and satisfied customers.

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