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Get Custom Drapes and Curtains Tailor Made For Your Personal Style

Custom Drapes and Curtains

There are certain things in our lives that the more fortunate of us often take for granted. Consider the air we breathe or the water we drink. While these are just the basic essentials for survival, there are a lot of other things that we just cannot do without. The well-constructed homes that keep us protected and sheltered at all times are just one of them. But dig a little deeper, and you will find many things that constitute your home. Of these, window treatments are perhaps one of the top essentials that provide you all the necessities. A home without curtains and blinds will keep you exposed to the outer world, where people can simply peek into your home and find out what you are up to. Whatever you purchase for yourself and your home will have prying eyes on it, and this will create an opportunity for the burglars to find out about your entry and exit points, as well as when the house will be unoccupied so that they could enter when they please. In this section, we identify the importance of curtains, and how they can be customized to your taste. We also study the different types that you can purchase which can suit your personal style as well as impress your guests into emulating your taste.

Importance of Customization in Drapes and Curtains

It is common for boredom to creep in when you stay indoors for too long. Anyone would like a change when monotony sets in your routine. This goes for window shades as well. When you have the means to replace your curtains by going for a different design, you should go ahead by all means.

There may also be times when you walk in a store and look for options in drapes and curtains that will look good in your interior space. In such a scenario, you are not merely looking for curtains that look ravishing on their own. How they fit in your interior space, how they will serve the background, and which room will they be more suited to are essential considerations. Sometimes, the curtains may appear dull, but they will come alive when they belong to a certain theme that one of your rooms is styled in. This is why custom drapes and curtains are necessary.
Blinds and Drapes

Customization According To Attachment Styles

There may be multiple curtain types according to how the shades attach to the rod. This may be dependent upon how exposed the hardware is as well as your own personal style. So here are the various custom drapes according to attachment styles.

1. Rod Pocket Curtains: These curtains boast of pockets that are sewn at the top. The curtain rod is then inserted through these pockets from one end to the other. They look good in all kinds of fabrics, though those with silk and cotton are the most common.

2. Grommet and Eyelet Curtains: These curtains have circular holes at the top, which are then reinforced by grommets, through which the curtain rods are inserted. They give the curtains a contemporary look and are more popular in modern homes. They can also be topped off with a valance for a nice, aesthetic touch.

3. Tab Top Curtains: These curtains have separate loops of fabric that are built to hold the curtain rod running through. The rod thus hangs the curtains, which can be embellished with studs and buttons for a ravishing appeal. They denote a casual style of curtains and can be an ideal addition to your bedroom.
Grommet Curtains for Sliding Glass Door
Brands such as Crown have both grommet and rod pocket styles in their curtains, available in a wide variety of colors and sizes that can go well with your windows.

The Different Opacity Levels

While determining your choice of curtains according to their opacity levels, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How much light do you want inside? Is privacy an important factor for you? If yes, what is the level of privacy that you need in your home? You also need to take care of other important things such as the thinness or thickness of the fabrics used, for they are directly related to the opacity level. Generally, there are four different opacity levels in curtains.

The sheer curtains let in the maximum level of sunlight. They are made of very light fabrics that let in most of the sunlight. On their own, sheer fabrics are not really preferable, as they might compromise on your privacy and safety. While they can still be okay to use in mild temperatures, their see-through material makes them a poor choice for curtains in areas experiencing very cold or very hot temperatures, or in areas that need privacy. However, they can still be used as valances or decorative coverings over thicker curtains.

Semi-sheer curtains are translucent curtains that block some light from coming in. However, they might not be useful for people demanding maximum privacy and security. Made from fabrics such as cotton and linen and other blends, these fabrics are good for milder climates and for people who want to protect their windows while still letting in a good dosage of sunlight to create a wonderful glow in the room.

Room darkening curtains are made from opaque fabrics that block in most of the light. They can be good window coverings options for extreme summers and winters, and do a reasonably good job at insulation. They are made from thicker fabrics such as polyester blends.

Blackout curtains are the stark opposite of sheer curtains. While the latter let in maximum sunlight, the former block every ounce of light from entering the room. They are built not just for light blockage but also for sound absorption and maximum privacy possible. As the name suggests, they create a blackened effect in the room, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for sleep or for a home theatre experience with minimum outside disruption.
Blackout Curtains to Block Sunlight

The Different Patterns

Designers swear by the multiple beautiful and intricate prints and patterns on every curtain, which make them remarkably different and unique from one another. Here it all boils down to the aesthetics. But certain considerations are still necessary, like which room you wish to install them in, your personal taste, the size of the room, how to fit they would be indifferent theme-styled spaces, and so on.

Solids are one of the most popular styles for their uncomplicated design. Constructed in a single color, they will fit just about any space, either complementing the interior or providing a stark contrast, yet never being out of place.

Printed curtains could be of any type, from oft-popular floral designs for a soothing ambiance to ethnic designs reflecting a particular culture. Then there are geometric prints and patterns, showcasing triangular, circular and square shapes, which can be quite a unique addition to any room. Other popular prints entail comic, graphic, polka dot, color-blocked, nautical and striped designs.

Final note: Curtains are some of the most versatile window coverings, offering a range of patterns, prints and attachment styles for different kinds of hardware. They come in varied fabrics too, and you can choose them depending upon the level of privacy and natural light you want inside your room. Sifting through all these kinds of curtains can be a long process, so you are better advised to do thorough research before choosing the right one for your home.

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