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5 Reason Custom Drapes and Curtains Are Better Than Premade

Custom Drapes and Curtains

Drapes: A Timeless Beauty

Drapes and curtains are the timeless classic beauties that have continued to rule over the hearts of the people despite the flourishing market for blinds and shades. They are your go-to solution for window treatments when nothing else works; they add a luxurious and luscious feel to the rooms that is unparalleled; they add a warmth and softness to your décor that can lift any spirit. The full-length curtains from ceiling to the floor look grand and regal and there is little doubt the market for drapes will remain unchallenged because of their sheer charm.

Drapes: Custom-Made or Ready-Made?

You can have your drapes and curtains custom-made. This means that you will give measurements, choose the fabric and get the drapes made only for your windows. You can add your personal touch and customize them to suit the nuances of your windows and rooms. Premade curtains are stitched ready-made curtains waiting on the store shelves for you to take back home and hand. They come with standard measurements and are stitched to meet the requirements of standard window sizes. There are existing styles to choose from.
Ready Made Drapes

Advantages of Ready-Made Drapes

Ready-made drapes have certain advantages.
• Homeowners are often drawn towards readymade curtains for convenience. If your need for drapes is immediate and you cannot wait to have them customized then you will have to fall back on ready-made drapes. They are your saviors when you do not have the time and you need something to dress those bare windows before guests arrive!
• It is not impossible to get the style and the color that you need. You may have to search far and wide and there is a possibility that you can get the kind drapes in read-made ones or your windows.
• If your budget is limited and you want a decent deal then ready-made curtains are the ones for you. Customized drapes any day cost more because they are being customized for your homes specifically and ready-made ones since they have been manufactured in large quantities, they will cost you less.
Custom Drapes

Reasons Why Custom-Made Drapes Are Recommended

Having said this, if you have the time and could increase your budget, custom-made drapes are preferred and recommended over ready-made ones always.

Size No Longer a Concern
The biggest concern when it comes to drapes is the size of the drapes. Ready-made ones are manufactured to meet the requirements of standard-sized windows. They are not made to meet specific and unique window requirements. So most times you will have issues with lengths and you need to get them altered to rectify them. If you have large windows or differently shaped windows then ready-made drapes can never meet your requirements. They will look awkward and out-of-place. Custom-made drapes are made for your windows specifically and hence size will never be a concern.

Spoilt for Choice
When you opt for custom-made drapes you will have endless options to choose from in terms of fabric, design, texture and pattern. You are informed of the pros and cons of each type so you know which will work best for you. You are looking for fabric to match the walls or for an exclusive print; you will get it all with custom-made drapes. Flooded with the choice you often have a hard time deciding which one will work best for you. With ready-made one you will have to compromise somewhere and the uniqueness is lost. It is not difficult to come across the same pair of curtains in a friend’s house and there is nothing special for the money you spend.

Assurance of Quality
Ready-made curtains are manufactured in bulk quantities. While the cost is less, quality and minute details are not taken care of during the manufacturing process. You will find the difference in prints, color mismatch, length mismatch, etc. Sometimes the stitch is of poor quality, the hems tend to come off and so much more. When you are getting your drapes custom-made you ensure that attention is given to minute details. All measurements are accurately taken and utmost care is given during cutting, hemming, and fabrication before a final round of inspection. Every inch of the drape is given careful consideration. Most of the ready-made curtains come folded in small packets and cause wrinkles and creases to appear which are very tough to remove. Drapes should be hanged straight till they are installed or least seam-folded. You can be assured of these when you ordering custom-made drapes.

Quality Linings
Most of the ready-made curtains that you buy do not come with linings. Linings are encouraged as they help to protect your drapes from sun fading, create depth and also do a great job of hiding stitch marks from showing through. Even if linings are added to ready-made curtains, most often than not they are of poor quality and they shrink or pucker over a period of time. Custom-made curtains always come with linings and only the best quality fabric is added to prevent them of wearing off prematurely.

No Sacrificing Functionality
Functionality is often compromised in ready-made drapes. This is because they come in one standard width when you want to close them for privacy or light filtration you will find them not closing completely and leaving gaps. Similarly, when you open them you will find them covering most of the window. With custom-made drapes, you get the width you want for the drapes to be functional and meet the requirements.
Ready-made ones despite their cons continue to occupy a part of the drapery market simply because of their convenience. You have them when you need them, the easy solution for your window treatment needs. However, from the point of view of aesthetics, visual appeal, uniqueness, quality, durability and functionality, custom-made drapes score well over ready-made drapes any day.