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Custom Curtain Options That Prevent Views Indoors

Custom Curtain Options That Prevent Views Indoors

Windows and drapery have been a winning combination because they allow people to enjoy the outdoor view when they want as well as keep their privacy. The functionality of a curtain depends on the construction of the curtain, they can be see-through, semi-see-through or completely heavy and view-blocking – the choice you make depends on your need.

Are Curtains a Good Option?

We all love the natural light that enters your space. It not only elevates your space but also your mood. But at times always having light from outside can become inconvenient. That’s why window accents come into play, especially drapery, and sheers. These are the most popular types of window treatments that people tend to lean back on.

Curtains are carefully tailored or structured cloth that helps in effectively blocking out excess light that can enter your space. It is created in such a way that it is movable. You can adjust the amount of light that enters your space by moving these curtains to your left or right. Curtains apart from light allow you to enjoy privacy too! Just like shades and blinds, you have various options that not only add color but also are extremely functional depending on what they are bought for.

Curtains, blinds, shades, and sheers fall into the broader category of window accents. We all love a house that’s unique, a home that speaks for itself. Window accents add to this subtle beauty. They come with protective qualities and based on how much light you want in your space; they can be chosen. The amount of light you let in your space or you want to let in your space depends on the material and design of the curtain you choose. So, when it comes to picking drapery here are some things to keep in mind.

1) The fabric that you choose matters: the weight of the material and color plays an important role. Heavy fabrics may not sit well if you want a bright room, bright fabric colors are not suggested in a room with heavy sunlight because the sunlight will fade the color over time.
2) Measuring plays a key role. The length of the curtain has to be in the right proportion to your window space. The linings of your curtains give you more flexibility in choosing the amount of light you would like.
Light Filtering Curtains

What are the different types of curtains you can’t see through?

When it comes to your home space, we have different light needs for different rooms. The living room, hallway, and dining area is lovely when it’s brightly lit, whereas the study or any other extra room is lovely with a bit of light as well as the flexibility to enjoy the dark. Spaces like the bedroom require window treatments which can block light when it’s time for bed. Here are three distinct types of curtains you can choose from:

1) Blackout Curtains:

These are curtains that block out light entering your space. These are drapery that comes in dark color and you can pair them with thin liners or sheers so during the day you can enjoy a view and during the night you can enjoy a sound sleep. Depending on the kind of material they are made of, they also help in insulating your space.
Best Blackout Curtains

2) Room Darkening Curtains:

Want to have a dark ambiance but yet a bit of light when you go to bed? That is where room darkening curtains come to play. These are curtains that darken your room but still let some light in. It’ll be perfect to create that cozy ambiance where you can enjoy a bit of light but not enough to disrupt your nap time. Depending on the material it is made of they can not only maintain temperature but also block out some UV Rays too!
Room Darkening Curtains

3) Light Filtering Curtains:

These are curtains that are ideal for your living room, guest bedroom as they don’t completely block out the light but rather filter it in so that your space can enjoy that golden halo glow with some shade. With light filtering curtains, you have plenty of options to customize from too! These are versatile enough to be paired with heavier drapery so you can enjoy that much-needed privacy.

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