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Get Comfortable with Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades - Honeycomb Shades

Custom Cellular Shades – Honeycomb Shades for Your Home


Feeling comfortable improves our mood and makes us feel active. Most of us actually spend more time at the workplace and in travel than at home. We come back home after a hard day of work, and hope to be greeting by a home that is inviting and pleasant. A peaceful and pleasant environment in your home is actually very important to improving your overall mood, energy, and life.

A well-insulated home energizes you and relieves you of stress. It allows you to get a sound sleep, or just a comfortable place to relax. Insulation is considered to be one of the most important aspects that contribute to the comfort of a home. Especially during the summer months and during the winter months, insulation is crucial to allowing you to live comfortably in your day to day life. 

Insulation helps to preserve heat inside your home when winter is in full swing – and to lessen the gain of heat inside your home when the hot days of summer come. This results in a more comfortable home all year round. When you insulate your home and use less electricity for maintaining the room temperature, you preserve fossil fuels and diminish the number of chemicals released into the environment from air conditioning and heating units, and helping you do your part for the environment too.

Insulation helps stop unwanted humidity and moisture, keeping the indoor air more comfortable and also protects your valuables inside your home from moisture. As insulation stands as an active barrier between us and the world outside, it also helps to keep bothersome allergens and environmental impurities out of the air from entering your home, and that makes you breathe a little better. Insulation also results in reducing outside noise and creating privacy in your room.


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Advantages of Custom Cellular Window Shades

 Custom Cellular Shades

Here are few PROs and CONs of Cellular Shades




Custom Cellular Shades are known for their style and features. They’re durable too. They are often called honeycomb shades due to their design. Cellular Shades are popular for the level of insulation and protection they provide. The honeycomb structure is responsible for possessing a high R-value, which refers to the amount of heat a window allows to pass through it. Window treatments with a higher R-value make your home more comfortable. As a result of their insulating features, cellular shades are the perfect window coverings for the hot summer or cold winter. They reduce the energy bills by insulating the home.


Cellular shades have light filtering fabrics. They provide privacy and light filtration at the same time. These shades offer many customization options and are easy to install.

Cellular Shades are also referred to as sonund absorbing window shades. Sometimes it can be hard to feel comfortable at home with all the noise outside. These window treatments dampen noise coming through your windows and help provide a quiet and peaceful environment.


You can go for any of these options


Norman Cellular Shades

 Norman Cellular Shades

a window treatment that allows privacy by blocking the maximum incoming light, then Norman Cellular Shades are perfect for media rooms and bedrooms as they provide darkness even during the day.


Smart Motorized Cellular Shades

 Smart Motorized Cellular Shades

You can choose Smart Cellular Shades for your home as they keep your kids and pets safe by having no cords. They provide you the utmost comfort by allowing you to access them through your own smartphone. Especially effective in hard to reach areas, you can choose these window treatments for easy and effortless operation. When you are out of the town you can still operate your window treatments to give the appearance that someone is at home, providing security. Smart cellular shades provide efficiency, control, and sophistication all in one.


Light Filtering Cellular Shades

 Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Light Filtering Cellular Shades are comfortable, stylish, and highly affordable. They look good on any window, and they give an eye-catching appearance to your home. These shades are manufactured using soft fabrics that allow natural outdoor light to diffuse into your home. These light fabrics also provide a considerable amount of privacy by blocking the view for outsiders.




Cellular Shades can be a bit difficult to clean compared to other window treatments. Some people also do not like the pleated look of the cellular shades, and prefer something more sleek and simple like rollers. While cellulars have a wide variety of mechanisms and fabrics for different types of light control, they cannot be tilted like blinds to let in light.

As cellular shades also come in a window variety of fabrics and colours, you can get the perfect shade that matches your home and make it look more beautiful than ever before. These shades offer a stylish look to your home and are the ultimate choice.

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