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Difference Between Room Darkening and Custom Blackout Shades

Room Darkening Shades and Custom Blackout Shades

A Look at Room Darkening and Custom Blackout Shades


Window Shades come in a large variety of materials and styles for multiple purposes. Among many concerns, lighting is one of the most important that we consider while selecting Custom Blackout Shades.

Window coverings are designed to provide the desired amount of darkness as well as privacy. Custom Window Treatments that are made of solid materials like vinyl, or fabric shades designed with dark or “blackout” fabrics, are useful for darkening your room. Bathrooms and bedrooms especially benefit from Room Darkening or Custom Blackout Shades to provide appropriate privacy and light blockage.

Light blocking window treatments are available in two different classifications: room darkening, and blackout. Most people actually get confused with these two window treatment styles. They use these terms interchangeably because both can darken your room for the comfort of a good night’s sleep. But there are differences between room darkening and blackout shades in terms of their functionality and material. Let’s learn more about these two window treatments.

Room Darkening Shades

 Room Darkening Shades


Room Darkening indicates “most” of the sunlight will be blocked out and dimmed, but not all, as the room darkening feature does allow a little bit of light through, based on the fabric and the material you have chosen.

These shades are an excellent choice for a light sleeper who is quickly disturbed by outdoor lights and flashes but doesn’t crave complete darkness. The material used in Room Darkening Shades will have fewer layers than that of the blackout ones. The delicate fabric allows a little amount of light to pass through it but still blocks 95% of light.

The traditional varieties of room darkening shades are roller shades, pleated shades, sheer shades, and even draperies.


Custom Blackout Shades

 Custom Blackout Shades


The blackout means the light is entirely blocked out, as the fabrics are totally opaque.

Custom Blackout Shades are perfect for the people who work nights and sleep during the day. As the night shift workers need complete darkness while sleeping during the daytime, these Blackout window treatments have a layer of special material that can block 100% of the light entering your room. While the fabric blocks the light totally, a little bit of light may enter in through the light gaps on the sides of your window treatments. These gaps let the shade lift and lower without touching the sides of the window frame. For complete blackout, you can cover these gaps with drapes, or chose a shade with light blocking side channels like the Ultimate Custom Blackout Shades. These shades have side tracks to obstruct the leakage of the light between the window and the shade. These shades are apt for bedrooms, home theaters, nurseries and to create a dark room if you are a photographer.

All types of Custom Blackout Shades cut off almost all the light, providing you the darkest possible room. Custom Blackout Shades are effective for facilitating a good sleep and securing privacy.


The varieties of blackout shades include

  • Roller shades with side channels
  • Multi-piece window treatments with either side panels and a cornice box or a valance.
  • Blackout cellulars with side tracks


Best Motorized Blinds

 Best Motorized Blinds


The number of advances in technology combined with the increased demand for smart and connected living resulted in our exciting Motorized Window Treatments.

Motorization is a technology that lets you operate your window treatments with the simple touch of a remote button. In order to experience the maximum comfort of using these shades, chose our Best Motorized Blinds as they offer the following advantages over regular window treatments.


  • Allows the smooth operation of hard-to-reach or large window coverings.
  • Efficiently adjusts according to temperature.
  • A simple alternative to accessible cords that are commonly used to operate the window treatments. These are ideal for homes with children and pets as they are safe to use.
  • They are easy to install and easy to clean.
  • Cost reductions on your home energy bills.
  • They consume less space and make the room look larger.


Smart Home Blinds

 Smart Home Blinds


Smart Home Blinds offer the ultimate level of convenience and sophistication as they allow you to operate them with your smartphone. Smart Window Shades can actually change the way you interact with your home’s natural light. These window treatments are considered as one of the most luxurious items you can get your home. They also offer style and decor to your home, making your home smarter.

These window treatments are the same as that of the regular motorized ones, the only difference being that the motorized window treatments cannot be operated using a smartphone. The Smart Window Treatments are run by Z-wave technology. You can control the temperature of your home more economically, by scheduling the window treatments to open and close at specific times. Make your home more safe and secure by using these smart window shades automatically to make it appear like someone is home.


You can now shop the Custom Blackout Shades as well as Room Darkening Shades at and get your room the desired darkness.