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Curved Window Treatments Can Help Cover Your Corner Windows


Windows allow for the entry of natural light, offer splendid views of the outside, and keep the house well-ventilated. An increasing number of homeowners today realize how beautifully-designed windows adds to the house’s aesthetic appeal. The contemporary architectural trends rely a lot on rectangular designs for windows. However, when arched window designs are incorporated into the architectural plan, they add an extra charm to the overall design.

Advantages Of Corner Windows

The following are some of the advantages of having corner windows in the room:

  1. Increase in the Room’s Wall Space: If the room has a corner window, the total useable space in the room increases. Furniture’s and other household items can be placed in the additional area provided.
  2. The Appearance of the House Acquires a More Dynamic Look: A house with corner windows acquires a more dynamic look when viewed from the outside. At the same time, it opens up the interiors to the surrounding landscape by offering a panoramic view.
  3. More Illumination in the Room: Traditional corner windows boasted a more extensive area than the rectangular corner window. However, it is the modern layout that increases the illumination in the room.
  4. Contributes to the Attractive Appearance of the House: These windows contribute to make the house look more inviting from the outside and more functional from the inside. In addition, the corner windows also serve an architectural function of enhancing the elevation of the house.

Curved Window Treatments Can Help Cover Your Corner Windows

Corner windows offer the most significant challenge when it comes to window solution. In modern homes where optimum space is necessary, the curved window treatment is the most useful. Here are some ideas for curved window treatments for corner windows:

  • Curved Window Shutters For Corner Windows:

A Window shutter is a window treatment solution that has a framework of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Curved window shutters can be designed according to the shape of the corner window. They have custom-made louvres that enable the user to regulate the light filtering in the room. They are a perfect solution that allows the homeowner to control the sunshine in the room from the corner window.  These shutters help in providing a finished look to the room. They come with the option of tilting the slat up to 180 degrees, allowing maximum light and privacy control.  Among shutter blinds, the most popular are full height shutters that cover the entire window pane. They help in creating an additional height dimension in the corner of the room. In addition, the curved shutter offers complete privacy. They provide the option of giving no access view to the outside world while still having a lot of fresh air and light. The user can control the shutter’s movement and can either completely close it or open it partially. In addition to providing privacy and light, arched window shutters help regulate the room’s temperature. In summers, they protect the room and its furniture from the sun’s relentless glare, while in winters, they prevent heat from escaping through the windows. Curved shutters, when installed on the corner windows, add to the aesthetic appeal.

  • Roman Shades For Corner Windows:

Roman shades are an excellent option when covering the corner windows. Individual blinds can be added to different angled window panes. These offer a more balanced and sophisticated look and are a must if one wants to provide a formal look to the room with a prominent corner window. In addition, these blinds come with linings that allow added features such as privacy, blackout and water repellance. Besides, the Roman shades offer privacy, ultraviolet protection and help in insulating the house to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds For Corner Windows:

They are one of the most famous choices to cover the corner windows. They are an economical and versatile option to cover the corner windows, especially if they receive direct sunlight. The Venetian blinds can clear the space on the window sill for efficient space utilization. The aluminium designs are most suitable for the modern contemporary décor. The reflective nature of the metal stops the entry of excessive heat into the room, while its durability ensures that the blind does not peel and fade under direct sunlight.

  • Honeycomb Cellular Shades For Curved Windows:

Honeycomb cellular shades are energy efficient and provides great heat control while giving the window a great visual appeal. The highlight of the honeycomb cellular shades is that they can be customized as per the curved windows’ dimensions and provide a perfect fit. In addition to providing sunlight control, these shades also help ensure superior insulation as they can trap the air in the honeycomb-shaped air pockets. It results in the room remaining cool in scorching summers and warm during the winter months. In areas with excessive sunlight, these shades help create a comfortable atmosphere in the home.

  • Curved Curtain Options For Corner Windows:

No matter the size, curtains are versatile in a sense that it works with every kind of window. Here are some ways in which you can elevate the style of the curtains on your corner windows.

  1. Decorative Curtain Tiebacks : One can turn back to the classic option to cover the corner windows.  It might not make the corner window very decorative but will surely add a majestic charm to the room.

2. The Tie top Curtains : These are one of the most popular options when it comes to covering the corner windows. It is more suitable for a large corner window, which offers a great view of the outside.  It usually comes with a subtle print that accentuates the light in the corner window. Further, the curtain is easy to remove and maintain.

The vital decision to be taken is whether to cover the entire arch with the curtain or not. A thin curtain rod placed near the top of the wall where the arched corner window meets the ceiling can help cover it completely. By covering the arch, light control and total privacy is ensured.


The corner windows play an essential role in the overall décor selection of the room. If left untreated, they can affect the appearance of the room. Therefore, special care must be taken to ensure that the curved window treatment selected for the corner window covers it entirely and adds to the room’s aesthetic dimension. If the window treatment solution is not functional and practical, the corner windows create a problem of light and privacy control. Corner windows can be made the room’s focal points by using ideal curved window treatment solutions like curved, shutter, blinds, and curtains.

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