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Add a Touch of Old World Charm by Using Wood Blinds with Curtains

Curtains With Wood Blinds 

Add a Touch of Old World Charm by Using Curtains with Wood Blinds


If you are looking for ethnic window dressing and don’t know what to do, then wood blinds are the perfect solution. Wood Blinds have always been a favorite of designers worldwide from yesteryears. And today with the advanced engineering in window treatments wood blinds is a perfect solution to restore old world charm to your living space. Even after treatment, the wood maintains its softwood grain and feel. The hues are also preserved in their original shades to bring about the warmth it so beautifully lends while additional hues are available through staining the wood. So why settle for less when you have original/real wood blind options readily available.

If you are also a curtain lover and cannot resist layering your wood blinds then here are some tips on how you can have curtains with wood blinds.


Curtains with Wood Blinds – Free Flowing Sheers


Sheer Curtains with Wood Blinds


Sheer curtains lend beautifully to any type of blinds especially the wood blinds. The subtle colors and soft fabric of sheers allow you to combine the softness of wood with these curtains. Choose browns or beiges’ to accentuate the wooden hues and you will unfold drama right before your eyes. The transparency of sheer curtains will not cover the wood blinds thereby still retaining its original purpose. So go ahead and bring in the old world charm of sheer curtains over wood blinds.


# Bold is The New Gold


Choose bold prints in Voile fabric panels in colors that are well coordinated with your walls, furnishing or floor. Abstract patterns or natural element designs highlight the wood stain grains very well and become the focal point of a room. Choose to color contrast the natural wood hues with the curtains for a relationship you will cherish for a long time. This is a very classic way to have curtains with wood blinds.


# Relaxed with a Formal Look


In case you are looking to give your living area a formal look then you might want to consider the Box Pleat style. The Classic Box Pleat curtains are a formal affair wherein they drape into deep folds down the full length of the curtain. They lie flatter than other styles with the box shapes lining up next to each other for that formal look. While choosing this style you will need to consider medium to heavy weight fabric and combine them with something like a wood blind or a thermal liner, hence making them one of the best blinds that block heat from the sun. So you can opt for patterns that blend with the furnishings in your room and highlight the wood blinds.


# Simplify The Pleats


The tidy and consistent folds of the curtain that resemble the size of a pencil, namely Pencil Pleats curtains highlight any type of blinds. These curtains are hung to drapery hooks attached to the reverse to cover the hardware making it a simple affair. Suspended from the ceiling these curtains are one of the best options when combining curtains with wood blinds.


# Going, French


French Pleats curtain play a perfectly tailored and elegant role when combined with a wood blind. French pleat curtains have groups of triple pleats placed evenly along the curtains to create a formal heading making them when combined with blinds,  effectively blocks heat from the sun. These curtains stack neatly to either side when opened and are a good option when layering with wood blinds. So if you want to go, French, try out this style, you will love the surprise.


# Treading softly


Rod Pocket Curtains


The Rod Pocket curtains with wood blinds add some flair to an otherwise boring room. Usually created with lightweight fabrics, this style is hung on a slender curtain rod that threads through the channel and fits onto the hook at the sides of the window. Ideal for a sitting room where the usage is limited. The Rod Pocket Curtains are again a delicate affair thereby highlight wood blinds tremendously.

Feel free to write to us with your ideas on wood blinds that work well with curtains or speak to our experts on more professional advice. Helping you set up a warm living space is what we do best. Don’t forget to order in your free samples today.

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