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How To Mix Blinds with Curtains Over Small Windows?

Curtains with Vertical Blinds

Curtains with Vertical Blinds – Mix Blinds with Curtains


When we think of combining things, the combination of two “good” things usually makes the overall product better or enhances its appeal. However, the wrong combination might be disastrous. Consider the world of cooking. Mixing the right ingredients in the right quantities will make the dish lip-smackingly delicious. But if not mixed well, the end product will simply not be palatable.

You need to have some taste in aesthetics to understand coordination in the world of home decor and furnishing. Consider a simple example of getting the right bedsheet and matching pillows. Or a dining table with chairs. We live in a world where coordination becomes very necessary. The right colors may blend in easily with others, but awkward combinations will always have your guests question your taste, even if they are not vocal about it to you.

In the world of window treatments, mixing blinds with curtains is very common. But how do you decide what blinds to mix with whom? We have put forth some suggestions for you, which you can follow. But ultimately all depends on which one you pick out of the list we present.


Curtains with Vertical Blinds


Curtains with Vertical Blinds


Deciding to mix curtains with vertical blinds on small windows may be a bit of a challenge of sorts. However, you need not worry as it is not as difficult as it looks. Vertical blinds come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. While the lighter fabrics are rather effective and your go-to options for light control, the thicker fabrics block out the heat and prove to be great insulators and energy-efficient window treatments. They have looked to kill and have a number of homes employing them to bring an end to their window treatment woes.

Ultimately, the kind of curtains you decide on need to complement the look of the vertical blinds without compromising on the features they ought to bring. If you are living in a place that is prone to receiving a high amount of rainfall, go for vertical blinds that are moisture-resistant, such as those built with composite wood and PVC. Faux wood vertical shutters are good examples. Then you can choose to select curtains that go along well with the color. If you choose bold colors for your vertical blinds, choose curtains in a lighter tone that provide a nice contrast without doing away with the stylistic aura the combination brings to the table.


Solar Blinds with Curtains

If you are staying in a place that is on the receiving end of high temperatures, it’s best if you go for blinds that are made of UV and glare-resistant material. Most solar and roller shades are built of heat-resistant fabric that is meant to withstand summers for years and decades to come. All you need to do is maintain it regularly through vacuum cleaners and by cleaning the shades every now and then. Once they are put up, you can enjoy an unhindered outside view.

If you are setting up solar blinds with curtains on a small window, we suggest you can get the former installed outside the window so that the interior window space does not get overstuffed. You can afford to experiment with different colors for both the blinds as they will not be on the same side of the window. At the same time, the outdoor solar blinds would also enhance the curb appeal of your home.


Things to Ensure Before Mixing Blinds with Curtains on a Small Window

People, who want to pair curtains with blinds have a very pertinent question to ask: How can I make the interiors and window spaces look great with this combination? There are some guidelines that you need to follow to achieve this purpose.

 1) Choose the right type of blinds

Venetian blinds and roller blinds are the popular options, and so are shutters and honeycomb shades. They all come with a gamut of benefits and can be easily paired with drapes to provide the right mix of elegance and versatility to your room. It is also important that you shift your focus to their fabrics and colors before zeroing in on your choice. A few popular materials in contemporary homes are aluminum and timber. If you want to add colorful decor to your room, you can mix a few vivid colors such as orange and blue, and maybe go for light cremes and whites for the drapes to create a crisp look.

2) Do Not Pair Prints Together

For a small window, choosing printed designs for both the blinds may create an overwhelming look for your room. A better option is to team prints with contrasting solids or having solids for both blinds and curtains. This creates an aesthetic balance which is pleasing to the eye and impresses the visitors.

3) Accessorize the Window Treatments

A great and common way to accessorize this combination is to have your curtains held back against the windows by way of tiebacks and have your blinds shut. This creates an uber-stylish look for the windows and the room in general. Pelmets and cornices are other ways to add a decorative finish to your window spaces, and you must not shy away from the possibilities of having them.

4) Make the Room Comfortable

It’s great to choose a mix that elevates the beauty of the blinds; however, you must not compromise on the comfort of the room. Apart from having blinds that transform the look and feel of the interiors, you must keep their practical benefits in mind before setting them up. What is the level of light they can control? Are they energy-efficient? Are they easily washable? Can I install them on my own? Are they dust resistant? These are some of the valid questions you must ask and clear before choosing them only for their attractiveness.

5) Do Not Choose Similar Window Treatments for the Whole House

Every room is different, and the same type of blinds may not have the same effect everywhere. Enough thought must be given to the purpose you want to achieve. A bedroom and study, for example, are places where you need privacy and comfort. Some people might prefer lots of light in the living room and ventilation and moisture resistance in the bathroom and kitchen. You must ensure that every blind you choose adds up to the atmosphere you want to create in a specific room, so no two exactly similar combinations of blinds must be the same throughout the house.

The combination of blinds and curtains is a unique one and can make your space all the more attractive if you have your priorities clear. A bit of research is required before you make your purchase, so consult a manufacturer, heed a professional’s advice, research on the internet, and put your intuitive powers to good use before shelling out the money!

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