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The Different Ways in Which Roman Blinds Can Be Used With Curtains

Curtains with Matching Roman Blinds

Curtains with Matching Roman Blinds – Different Ways

When it comes to buying blinds for our homes, we tend to use our discretion in the best possible way we can. We keep a tab on our budget, choose the best brands that there are in the market, take recommendations from friends and family, and also trust our instincts. Many a time, we have our tastes, individual to every consumer, and go for curtains with colors that we prefer over others. Colors and designs of sofas, walls, beds, and floorings are also important factors that decide the kind of blinds we go for.

Among the wide variety of window shades available, there are a few which can be considered perfect for all seasons. Honeycomb shades, vertical blinds, shutters and faux wood blinds are a few window treatments which come with such a large number of benefits that you cannot help but swear by their functionality. Along with these, Roman shades are also reliable window coverings that lend a vivacious and vibrant appeal to your house.

Curtains with Matching Roman Blinds

Window coverings are one of the best ways to add style and class to a room at low prices. Matching Roman shades with blinds are one of the best ways in which you can decorate your windows, as this is a deadly combination. There are many different ways in which you can pair Roman shades with curtains as there are many types of Roman shades, including tucked, pleated, constructed and unconstructed.

1) Flat Roman Shades with Sheer Curtains

Flat Roman Shades with Sheer Curtains

Flat Roman Shades are one of the more famous Roman shades that form neat folds when they are open. They appear as solid pieces with visible pieces that can be seen even when they are fully raised. The beauty of flat Roman shades is only exemplified when they are paired with beautiful sheer curtains.

This combination can be a perfect amalgamation of two window treatments as you get both the features of light diffusion and room darkening. The sheer shades provide the light diffusion if the flat Roman shades are kept open, and the Roman shades offer the room darkening effect when they are closed, ensuring you get to enjoy your solitude and stay safe from the harmful rays of the sun. At the same time, you can get some natural sunlight in your room through the soothing and light fabric of the sheer curtains.

The sheer curtains are usually made of cotton or lace, which are very easy to clean and wash, thus ensuring you do not face any trouble in the process of maintaining them.

2) Hobbled Roman Shades with Dark Curtains

With loops of fabric continuously strewn across the shade from top till the bottom, hobbled Roman shades are unique window treatments that are the center of attention wherever they are set up. If you have a room with minimum hues and subtle color on the walls, these shades threaten to overshadow everything else in the room. This may look awkward especially if the size of the room is small.

For this purpose, it is better to go for curtains that come in bolder colors as the attention is somewhat diverted from the window. Both such curtains serve almost the same purpose of room darkening, but if you go for darker colors in sheer fabric, they might provide a good contrast without making the room appear stuffy.

3) Pleated Roman Shades Behind Pleated Curtains

You can also set up pleated Roman shades behind pleated curtains to create a unique and unconventionally appealing look. This combination will work wonders especially when you hope to set up a flamboyant room for your child or a young adult. You can choose your colors accordingly or choose a texture based on the level of light you want inside or the amount of privacy you need. This combination can work equally well in a living room as well, or you can even consider setting them up in a kitchen to block outside heat which can otherwise make staying inside very difficult.

4) White Flat Roman Shades with Printed Curtains

Before you work out this arrangement, you need to ensure that the area that they are going to set up in is decently spaced with no unnecessary furniture in front of the windows. White Roman shades with beige curtains with graphic, houndstooth, striped, geometric or floral prints will lend a visually striking look that is inimitable and a style that a modern home will own. They can blend well easily with a somber and as well as a garish-looking space. However, you need to ensure that the curtain of your choice isn’t too thick or heavy. It should easily complement the modern appearance of the flat shades

The Usage & Practicality of Roman Shades

Room Darkening Roman Shades

Custom traditional full-length drapery is heavy duty stuff which belongs to a bygone era. Although it still has a reputation for richness and room darkening benefits, it is not the necessary choice for every home. For one, it requires a lot of time and effort (at times money) to clean these window treatments. However, now these shades have been replaced by Roman shades which also lend a traditional vibe to the home. Roman shades are less fussy window treatments that are more modern and classy. They also do not require much space and are clean and comfortable to look at whether they are partially or wholly open. They stack into neat folds when they are pulled, so if you plan to buy Roman shades that boast of colorful, graphic prints, you can do so without getting a second opinion.

Advantages of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are stylish and flexible window treatments that are a must for any contemporary home. Here are a few reasons why Roman Blinds or Shades are the preferred choices for many people.

1) Design Choices

Roman shades come in many different types and designs. You can choose from among flat, hobbled, pleated, and knife pleat Roman shades and customize them according to your window sizes.

2) Attractive

Roman shades are among the most attractive window treatments that can light up your interiors effortlessly. You don’t need any wall paintings or decorative items to amplify the beauty of your room when they are in place. They alone are enough to make your room worth a million bucks.

3) Prevent Heat and Control Light

Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics. If you go for thick fabrics, you get great temperature control inside the room as they effortlessly block heat from raising the temperature inside. They are also good energy saving options which can prevent high electricity bills.

4) Motorized Options

While it is true that many Roman blinds still come with cords, you can shop for contemporary Roman shades which come in motorized controls where they can be raised up or down by way of a remote or buttons on the side of their panels. This makes them safe to use from children or pets inside the house who may damage the cords.

In conclusion, Roman blinds are undoubtedly effective window treatments which can work wonders when used in combination with curtains. There are several ways to amalgamate them for everyday use, and you can customize them according to your tastes.

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