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Make A Bold Design Statement: 10 Decoration Ideas For Combining Window Treatments

Curtains And Blinds On Same Window

Ideas For Curtains with Blinds on Same Window


Layering window treatments can have several benefits, it can help in increasing visual depth, develop dimension, and create interest. Moreover, combining window treatments can assist in improving the energy efficiency of your home, provide better light control, and relieve your privacy concerns.

The different ways in which you can use Curtains with Blinds on Same Window is only limited by your imagination, so let your imagination fly and create an awe-inspiring décor in every room of your home.


Curtains with Blinds on Same Window


  • When placing two different window treatments in the same room, drapes and curtains are considered to be among the leading decorative window treatments that you can get
  • Drapes can be utilized for adding your personality to space and help to transform any room through the use of lush velvet and breezy sheers
  • In addition to being decorative, drapes also help in blocking or filtering light and you can also line them for better thermal insulation
  • Moreover, when you hang them close to the ceiling and use them to cover the outer edges of your windows, they help to make the window, as well as the room, feel larger
  • Last but not the least, you can combine them with other window treatments to further enhance décor of your room and windows

For instance, you can pair them with timeless wooden blinds, woven wooden shades, or insulating cellular shades to make your room even more special


Shades/Blinds with Valance

  • The more treatments there are, the better it is for bay windows. Thus, with this goal in mind, you can pair a shade or a blind with a valance or drapery
  • This way you will be able to get needed insulation as well as light control and get a layer of color and texture for your bay windows


French Doors

  • You may want to layer window treatments for your French door with full-length blackout drapes that are added over light filtering shades
  • This way you will be able to add striking visual interest and in addition, get maximum light during the daytime with additional privacy during the night


Sheer Drapery

  • Almost weightless, the good thing about sheer drapery is that it floats with the breeze and softly filters light coming into a room
  • Such sheer treatments are a must for rooms that you are planning to use like a sanctuary
  • Being luxurious and effortless at the same time, they are the best option you have to inculcate a dreamy feel in any room
  • Moreover, sheers are also well-suited for layering with other window treatments
  • For example, you can pair them with drapery panels (opaque) so that the sheers let the light in while preserving your privacy
  • During the afternoon, if you do not like the glare of the sun then you can simply draw the heavy drapery to get quiet darkness


Three Layers

  • You can also create a layered space with three different kinds of window treatments
  • One layer would be the privacy layer, the second one a drapery layer, and the third one a sheer layer
  • Pleated shades will provide necessary privacy and in addition, also add depth and texture
  • The good thing about pleated shades is that they provide different options for you to choose from in terms of their colors, styles, and patterns
  • Moreover, availability of different light control levels can help you meet your privacy needs
  • In general, a pleated shade with light filtering capabilities will be sufficient but if your home is on a busy street or if neighbors live close by then the shades can be midnight or daylight liners for providing additional light control and privacy
  • The second layer could be sheer drapery for the addition of lushness into space
  • Here, you can select functional sheers for light control or stationary drapery panels as per your personal preferences
  • You can also contemplate the use of decorative sheers that have a layer of hidden blackout liner that is added with the help of dual drapery rod
  • The final third layer could be drapery panels which will help in enhancing your window’s visual interest, block light, and improve privacy


Drapery with Shades or Blinds

  • If you want to increase insulation, block incoming light, or simply give your windows a finishing touch, layering drapery can meet all your goals and offer their unique aesthetic appeal to your windows
  • The first thing to do here will be to fix the window treatment which will cover the windows
  • It could be the roman, cellular or the woven wood shades since they work well with drapery panels
  • For instance, woven wood shades help with adding texture as well as provide an organic feel to windows
  • Moreover, it will be really easy to pair them with solid or patterned drapery panels to create softness on the edges and achieve a clean look for your windows


Cellular Shades And Drapery


Cellular Shades And Drapery


  • Another layering option to look into will be drapery with cellular shades
  • One positive thing about cellular shades is that they trap cold and hot air for moderating temperature within your home and at the same time softly filter light coming into a room
  • Addition of drapery helps in creating an additional layer of insulation and at the same time provides windows with a decorative touch
  • This, in turn, helps in enhancing the design of your house


Roman Shades And Drapery Panels


Roman Shades And Drapery


  • By layering roman blinds and curtains together or with drapery panels you will be able to achieve an elegant and soft look in your home
  • One thing to focus on will be using the same fabric so that a cohesive look can be achieved
  • On the other hand, you can add boldness with varying patterns and colors


Curtains And Roman Shades

  • For bedside windows, you can add curtains with flat roman shades or curtains with matching roman blinds
  • Such a combination will help create a touch of color as well as let the headboard remain the center stage


Shutters And Sheers


Custom Plantation Wood Shutters


  • You can create a point of interest by using wood shutters on small windows
  • On the other hand, if there are large windows, then you can include sheer linen for complementing décor of your bedroom


The Bottom Line

To conclude we can say that there is no dearth of options when you are looking to combine different window treatments. All you will have to do is an experiment with different options and select the best combination that matches your imagination and décor of your home.

If you want some assistance with choosing a design idea or if want more insights into how to mix window treatment options then give us a call. Our experts will guide you in the right direction so that you can select the option which will be most appropriate for your home.

Just give us a call on our customer support number – 1-866-881-8682 and we will do our best to guide you.

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