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Curtains vs. Blinds – Which is Best for a Bathroom Window?

Curtains v. Blinds – Which is Best for a Bathroom Window?

Finding the right window treatment for your bathroom can be extremely daunting. Blinds and curtains, both make excellent options for window treatments for your bathroom. Both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It comes down to what you expect from your window treatment, depending on which, one of these two options will be able to fulfil your needs. Apart from functionality, the look of the window treatment is also crucial. Bathrooms are places meant to be peaceful and have a comfortable environment. The window treatment you choose can enhance the desired comfort level you want to give yourself, those you live with and your guests.

Pull Down Shades for Bathroom

What are the differences and similarities between blinds and curtains that you should consider?

Blinds comprise of several horizontal or vertical slats. On the other hand, curtains are long pieces of hanging fabric that cover a window. When it comes to light control, blinds have the edge over curtains. Controlling the slats, (usually with a cord) offers more light control than drawing a curtain open or shut.

Blinds are usually made out of wood, plastic, hardened fabric or metal as opposed to curtains which are fashioned out of light fabric such as polyester, cotton or rayon. What works really well for both blinds and curtains is the number of options you have to explore. After you have decided between the two, you have endless options for you to choose from.

The process for maintaining blinds and curtains is very different from each other. Firstly, blinds must be cleaned by either dusting or spot dusting on a regular basis. Curtains, though, require a thorough wash. Although it seems that blinds might be easier to maintain, they are susceptible to failure in their internal mechanism and might be in need of repair. This is rare, and can be fixed at home as a DIY project most of the time.

Blinds offer a sense of durability that curtains do not have on account of the material they are made out of. Since curtains are mainly made out of fabric, they can fade over the passing of time. Moreover moisture shares a poor relationship with cotton, linen, silk etc. they get frayed and will peel off in no time. The rate of durability of the curtain depends on the type of fabric though. Polyester and waterproof fabrics will last longer. The quality of the material in blinds is also subject to deteriorating, however, at a relatively slower pace than curtains. Moreover with blinds you can choose from materials like PVC, vinyl and faux wood that are available in our waterproof blinds.

Bathroom Faux Wood Blinds

What do I choose?

The first point of assessment is the size of your window, how high it is off the wall and what the size of the bathroom is. If the window is relatively closer to floor, there is always the chance that the fabric can touch the floor. This is undesirable solely because of bathroom floors being wet on occasion. Of course, you can always place the curtain rod higher up before the ceiling. But, it can give an awkward look when the curtains are pushed open due to the disproportionate height of the curtain rod and the curtain.

The next thing you need to consider is the kind of ventilation you want. If you prefer natural light then blinds are the way to go, mostly because you can have them tilted open while still providing a degree of privacy in your bathroom.

Something that is extremely pertinent though is the amount of privacy you want. It depends on where in your position your bathroom is located and whether it can expose you to your neighbourhood in any way. Thankfully, you have options in both, blinds and curtains to cover for you, such as blackout blinds and blackout curtains.

The position of the windows also pays a crucial role. If your windows are located close to the shower area or sink, it would be safer to opt for blinds made of PVC or faux wood because of sheer amount of moisture they will be exposed to. On the other hand if the windows are located farther from moist areas, you could experiment with curtains.

Are there any readymade bathroom window treatments that I can choose from?

If you’re still having some trouble figuring out whether to choose from blinds or curtains, the following options might help you make your decision. If you have already decided, then these options should help you narrow down your search for sub-categories of blinds and curtains.

  1. Faux wood blindsFaux wood blinds are very famous treatments for bathroom windows on account of their versatility. They give you a similar ambience to that provided by traditional wood blinds. Due to their high resistance to moisture, they will not crack, mildew or warp. If you want to add some colour to these blinds you can always find cloth tapes to update the look of the blinds whenever you want.
  2. Café Curtains – The unique ability of café curtains to provide an avenue for natural light to enter and also provide a modicum of privacy is very desirable. It provides a lot of comfort in a bathroom. Even though nobody from the outside may be able to see you, the blurry shapes will be visible. These types of curtains work best on the upper floors or having them paired with Roman shades for some heavier drapery.
  3. Fusion window treatment – Why not try both? You can use the curtains for the bathtubs and blinds for the windows. Valances with blinds can be a really good combination too. You can try it multiple time to get the right combination. All you need to make sure you do is that the combination of curtains and drapes are pleasing to look at. They can be matching or contrasting, as long as go well together.

Keep in mind that whichever window treatment you use, it is important for it to match the color of the bathroom, help in proportionality and offer the right amount of light control. Some people solely appreciate home décor based on the way the bathroom is treated. The tips mentioned above should help you tap into your creative side and make a decision regarding what is best for you. An integral part of any bathroom’s appeal is the hygiene. Needless to say, it includes the maintenance of your bathroom curtains or blinds. You have to make a choice between dusting blinds (and maybe the occasional repair) and washing curtains. It is very important to make this decision as it can be an integral part of your weekend routine.

The size of the bathroom makes a difference. Most blinds usually take up lesser space than curtains. For bathrooms on the smaller side blinds work well. However, if you have some space to work with, you can go for a curtain to spruce up the place. If you are not comfortable with either blinds or curtains you can try something like shutters. Plantation shutters are very common bathroom window treatments because of them being connected to the window opening and offer a good quality of light control and privacy as well. Make sure that whichever window treatment you choose can handle moisture and steam.

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