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Is Installing Curtains Over Blinds a Good Idea in Multiple Rooms?

Curtains Over Vertical Blinds

Curtains Over Vertical Blinds in Multiple Rooms


We all wish to have that perfect home at some point in our lives. All our adult life, we continuously work and wish to save enough money to invest in a house or apartment where we hope to settle and live a comfortable retired life. However, our job should not really stop at merely buying the house. A big house requires significant care and attention, especially when it has multiple rooms and windows.

Cleaning and maintaining multiple rooms is not a trivial task. A lot of planning goes into deciding their structure, colors, and overall decor. A lot of us spend a good amount of money on buying sofas, chairs, wall paintings, tables, study desks and so on. However, one thing that also requires your undivided attention is your window space. You must not compromise and settle for just any window treatment. You need to do proper research, compare prices and then decide on the best window dressing options for windows.

Many of us decide to go for multiple window treatments, such as blinds over curtains, pairing valances with shutters, and so on. Some do that simply for style, while others prefer a combination of two window treatments to protect them against extreme weather, heat, dirt, and dust.


Curtains Over Vertical Blinds


Curtains Over Vertical Blinds


A burning question that troubles many window treatment seekers is whether installing curtains over blinds is a good idea in multiple rooms. In this section, we look at the pros and cons of having this sort of arrangement in house. However, no one can deny the fact that having curtains over blinds of any kind is overall beneficial.


Room Darkening Vs Blackout Curtains


Room Darkening And Blackout Curtains


Before we proceed further, it is important to understand a clear distinction between room darkening and blackout curtains. As the name suggests, blackout curtains are meant to lend complete darkness to the room. These curtains are designed to block 100% of the sun’s rays. They are perfect to be used in bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms. Apart from their sun-blocking benefits, they are also meant to be a thermal barrier for your rooms. They come in handy in winters when you do not want any warm air to escape through the windows.

Room darkening curtains are meant to darken the room, but not so much as to create a blackout effect. They are made from a less thick material than blackout curtains. They let some light in, but they can be just as effective in providing a good sleep if you plan to doze during the day. They are also very effective in protection against glare and keeping the house protected against UV radiation.


Advantages of Pairing Curtains Over Blinds in Multiple Rooms


1) Cost-effectiveness

Curtains overall are reasonably priced when compared to modern window treatments, and have ready-made features that make using them a simple task. Pairing them with vertical blinds or any other kind of modern blinds does not burn that big a hole in your pocket. So you can have the best of two window treatments on multiple windows within a reasonable price!

2) Easy Control Features

When you have easy control over operating your blinds through a remote, life becomes easier! Modern technology has ensured you can operate them from almost anywhere in the house. Not only that, you can have them well-timed so that they switch positions during the day. Have them closed automatically when the sun becomes a little too unbearable to your liking, and be opened all the way through when the outside temperature is pleasant.

3) Visual Style

Curtains are so stylish and universally appealing in their appearance that they can easily merge with other window treatments to give the room a fabulous look. From vertical blinds to horizontal, from aluminum shades to honeycomb, all go exceedingly well with curtains. To maximize your style, buy curtains with solid colors or in printed and striped designs to add a look of exuberance and vitality to your room.

4) Customization

One of the main reasons why curtains can be easily managed is in the way they can be taken off whenever you want, and all it takes is a minute. All you need to do is unhook the curtains from the rod or remove them from the hoops of fabric. It all depends on the type of curtains installed. You can also choose to have curtains open while having the shutters closed, or vice versa. You can also have either both of them open or both of them closed, depending on the amount of light or privacy you need. With the best of window treatments available to you, you can decide to operate them as you please.

5) Versatility

You can choose the type of blinds and curtains you want and pick colors that contrast or complement one another, depending on your taste. You can choose different prints and solids for every room so that none look the same, and add zing to your living space which will be hard to not be noticed by a visitor.

6) Protection against outside element

Apart from its primary benefits of making the interiors look gorgeous, mixing curtains with blinds keep your house absolutely protected against extreme heat and cold from the outside, and leads to energy efficiency. There are many curtains in the market with room darkening and blackout features, and they come with an additional insulated fabric which keeps the house warm during winters and at room temperature during summers. Thus, they reduce your reliance on heaters or air conditioning, and your electricity costs substantially. Besides, they also protect against glaring sunlight and UV radiation that can damage the interiors of the house.

Apart from these features, shutting your blinds and curtains can lend the much-needed privacy to the house against nosy neighbors and troublemakers trying to get a peek inside the house. They are also great noise dampeners, allowing you to study, read, or work without being affected by irritating traffic sounds or loud passersby at all times of the day.

Hence, mixing curtains with blinds in multiple rooms of the house is a great idea that will be as practical as it will be beneficial for you. With so many amazing options to go for in the market, go for the ones that suit your preferences and tastes. It’s also good to have them customized according to window dimensions.

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