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6 Ways To Survive The Summer with Heat-Blocking Window Treatments

Curtains Over Cellular Window Shades

Survive The Summer with Curtains Over Cellular Window Shades


After the cold, biting winters, summers are a welcome treat. The iced teas, the barbeque get-togethers, the family outings are an escape for the body, mind, and soul. But with summers also come the scorching heat and the harsh harmful UV rays. While it is easy to use sunblock to protect from the sun, it is even more convenient to be in an environment that completely blocks the heat and provides you with a cooler ambiance. The right window treatment in your home ensures you have a safer and a peaceful summer. So here are 6 unique ways to survive this summer with our heat-blocking window treatments.


Curtains Over Cellular Window Shades


Curtains Over Cellular Window Shades


Cellular shades are a growing and popular option when it comes to insulating your home from the biting cold in winters. But did you know they are a perfect solution to the scorching heat in summers too? They trap the heat in their large honeycomb channels at the window without allowing it to enter a room, thus insulating your room from the weather outside. A perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, cellular shades are a notch higher when it comes to offering you the basic features of privacy and light control. With options of light filtering or 100% blackout, these shades are an investment you would like to make this season.

The unique honeycomb pattern of the Cellular Shades makes them highly energy efficient and the best sound absorbing product. What’s more, you can control the amount of light filtering in with the various options of fabrics available like sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout. Choose from various lift types to ensure convenient operation and the safety of your family (go cordless for no hazardous cords!).

Layering Cellular Shades adds an extra dimension to your room. We recommend using light sheer drapery to create a soft and supple look that breaks the monotonous and hard effect created by a Cellular Shade. Sheer curtains in mellow hues will not only give you a perfect harmonious glow but also ensure they become the focal point of any room. A layer of curtains over cellular window shades when mounted inside will also ensure completely blocking out any light filtering in from the sides.


Graber Faux Wood Blinds


Graber Faux Wood Blinds


Graber faux wood blinds are one of the best alternatives to real wood at the fraction of cost. With similar stains and hues of real wood, Graber has ensured you do not miss out on the ageless charm of wood in your home. Ideal for high footfall areas like the dining room, children’s room or the play areas, these blinds are a colorful treat. High on durability, resistance to warping, fading, cracking or peeling, they come in a wide range of colors. Combined with a limited lifetime warranty this is a product you would certainly like to consider to keep the heat out.


Graber Composite Blinds


Graber Composite Blinds


Lighter weight with wide ladder spacing, the Graber Composite blinds are a visual treat and can withstand high humidity. These blinds are highly recommended for kitchens or bathrooms. These alternative real wood options are moisture resistant and come in 2” and 2 ½” slats with superior strength and smooth finishes.


Graber Interior Shutters

Graber interior shutters are handcrafted in a range of styles that come with the Graber quality and guarantee. Manufactured from real wood, these shutters are environmentally friendly with water-based finishes that offer you a stunning look. With a similar color and design palette like the Graber faux wood blinds, the Graber interior shutters are an ideal choice to keep the heat out. Easy customization of the shutters is available based on your privacy needs and the size of the windows or doors in your home.


Different Types of Roman Shades


Different Types of Roman Shades


Roman Shades have always been an appealing and uninformed way of adding order to any room. Elegance personified, these shades have been an all-time favorite from yesteryears and have stood the test of time. Adding richness and drama to any room, these shades make a classy statement on their own. Different types of Roman Shades make them a popular and convenient choice today.

  • Classic Roman Shades – The Classic style is well achieved in patterned material that ensures the pleats conceal the supporting rods at every fold

  • Relaxed Roman Shades – The name comes from the simplistic look of the flat shades when it falls into a curve at the bottom that almost resembles a ‘smile’.

  • Ribbed Pleat Roman Shade – This style has a reversed knife pleat with the pockets to the front to highlight each pleat

  • Hobbled Roman Shade – The soft folds of this style are supported by concealed rods at the back of the fold

  • Knife Pleat Roman Shade – Doweled pockets at the back hold support rods that give you a decorative seam in the front


Different Window Blinds with Curtains

You can choose to layer any kind of window treatment with curtains, they always fit the decor. Choose from loud bold colors of curtains that allow you to make a modern statement. Or alternatively look at subtle mellow colors that invariably mingle with any kind of existing decor. You can look to add subtle or loud patterns that contrast with your existing window coverings and furnishings. Mix and match horizontal and vertical ideas to create a beautiful aesthetic look of your room.

With a variety of options available in the market, it can be a difficult process of choosing the right blinds to keep heat out. Some of our favorite options are;

  • Aluminum Venetian blinds

  • Vinyl blinds

  • Natural woven wood shades

  • Designer pleated shades

Speak to our experts for some advice that will help you narrow down your search. Choose to order some free samples to ensure your investment is a wise one. At ZebraBlinds, we help you build your home on values that you have set.

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