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Sheer Curtains: The Blind That Does It All

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Why We Love Sheer Curtains: Curtains and Drapes Ideas


Sheer curtains are among the last options that come to your mind when you think of suitable window treatments with curtains and drapes. Though they have stood the test of time, ever since the new age window treatments took over the market, sheer curtains have faced a lot of neglect. The reasons are unknown, but through this blog, we will communicate to you the perks of installing sheer curtains in your homes. From a traditional theme to a modern one, they complement each and every kind of room. Apart from aesthetic value, sheer curtains offer a number of other benefits such as privacy control, light control, and security. In addition to this, you can couple them up with beautiful drapes to make your windows the centerpiece of your house. Sheer curtains are the only window treatments which offer such a wide amount of benefits at such an affordable price. Our love for them is timeless and perpetual. Go to this blog and decide for yourself. This is our attempt to make you more familiar with our favorite sheer curtains which have been misunderstood for a long time.

Sheer Curtains & Window Treatments

#1. Sheer Curtains Welcome Natural Light

Sheer Curtains & Window Treatments

Sheer curtains allow the outside light to come in and create a light, airy feel in the room. Due to their translucent form, the room looks much bigger than it actually is. Elegant yet simple, sheer curtains contribute a lot in brightening up the room. And it goes without saying that besides maximizing the light, they also welcome the Vitamin D which is very good for the health of your loved ones.

#2. Translucency Allows The Outside View

Curtains and Drapes

The look and feel of sheers are enhanced when they are free-flowing, long and left to spill beyond the window pane. With their opulent and sumptuous appearance, they add an uncanny charm to the room. Sheers also allow you to enjoy the outside view with some amount of privacy. If you are more of a private person, double your sheers or couple them up with curtains and drapes in order to enjoy the benefits of both. Often white in color, you can double your sheers with a dreamy grey or a chocolate brown curtain to get a sophisticated look which can brighten up your room.

#3. They Respect Your Privacy Too

In order to savor your privacy, there is no need to turn your bedroom into a dark and dingy cave with all those thick window treatments available at your disposal. Sheers can help you enjoy a light-filled room and at the same time keep those inquisitive eyes away. Their material is thin enough to let the sunshine in and thick enough to block the inside view. Sheer materials make it harder to see from the brighter side to the darker side, so you can enjoy privacy during the day when it is brighter outside your home.

  • Pick up a lining or a backing for your sheers to add an extra layer of privacy for the night. With a privacy liner, you can soothe yourself with the morning sunshine during the day and celebrate your privacy at night
  • Also, your sheers don’t have to necessarily be white
  • You can go for light pastel hues to enjoy a scattered light which adds a soft touch to the room and takes care of your privacy in a relatively better manner than the white ones

#4. Create The Illusion of A Higher Ceiling

If you have a smaller room with a lower ceiling, install sheers that are considerably wider than your windows. This will create an illusionary effect of a beautiful soft wave when they are closed. Installing them from the floor to the ceiling will make your room look much bigger than it is because the visual line from the ceiling to the floor creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.

#5. Style, Sophistication, and Sensuality

No second thoughts, we really think that sheers add a very dreamy, romantic and sensual feel to the room. If you have a coastal style interior, go for linen sheers in light colors. The textured elements and designs present in the cloth can complement almost any interior in any room.

  • Try a neutral color drapery in a soft grey, cream or pink tone to create a timeless classic appearance
  • Their smooth and easy looks give a very breezy feel to the room you will install them in
  • On the other hand, if you appreciate bright colors, couple your sheers with an electric blue silk or black velvet curtain with eye-catching patterns to create a quirky look

Patterned Sheer Curtains:

Patterned Sheer Curtains

Patterned drapes and curtains are timeless. They have not been out of style for over a decade now. Pair a zebra-striped sheer with a white linen curtain or choose a subtle embroidered neutral color sheer to express your love for patterns.

Light on Your Budget

Sheers are one of the most affordable window treatments. A very budget-friendly alternative to shades and blinds, they offer numerous uses at very low prices. To complete the look, you can add interesting accessories to your sheers and choose from a range of valances and hardware available at

Choosing The Correct Sheers

Before purchasing your set of sheer curtains, consider the place you would want to hang them. Choosing a soft, soothing, and light color is a safe bet, but make sure it complements the rest of your furniture. Also keep in mind that your sheers will act as light filters, and the light entering your room will carry the hue of your curtains. Make sure that the shade of light goes with your room and matches your room. If you want to make your window the heart of your room, you can choose a patterned sheer too. It doesn’t have to match the rest of the room always. You can also choose a complementary color to give your room an interesting persona.

Do Sheer Curtains Block UV rays?

  • UV rays can harm your home in a number of ways. Besides the hard time they can give to the skin of your family, they can also create hot spots at home, fade your furniture, and create glare on your television and computer screens
  • Unfortunately, curtains and drapes are not enough to keep those harmful rays away from your loved ones
  • They do filter sunlight to an extent, but that is not enough to maintain the health of your family and durability of your furniture
  • Sheers are enough as a partial solution but if you are looking for something permanent and really effective to keep the UV rays away, install faux wood blinds, cellular shades, or solar shades along with your set of sheers

So if our love for Sheer Curtains & Window Treatments is turning mutual, browse through and let us fetch you the perfect curtains and blinds for every room in your house

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