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What are the Current Window Treatment Trends of 2020?

Current Window Treatment Trends of 2020

Style, an Evolving Entity

Style and fashion are evolving all the time. It has rarely happened that you have similar styles and fashion from one year to another. This extends to all industries that have much to do with fashion like clothing, home decor and not to forget window treatments. There are new styles and looks that are being experimented upon all the time using different combinations, designs and colors. This makes these industries very exciting as you wait anxiously for some new styles to come to the market which might appeal to your aesthetic senses. There is something to look forward to every few months and of course every year. If you are looking to transform your homes, you need to keep an eye on the emerging trends so that you get what you are looking for.

Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Shades are in Style Always
As we usher in New Year and a new decade, the shades continue to dominate the window treatment market. They will remain in style always. If you have been using metal mini blinds, bid them goodbye and bring home some stylish window shades which are available in a wide array of colors, fabrics and designs. Shades infuse warmth and softness to the existing decor and elevate the look of your home. The softness of the fabric is a welcome break from the sharp edges of metal blinds. If you want a tone down effect then stick to classic neutral colors or else go for some vibrant colors. Roman Shades have always enjoyed much popularity and they seem to be making a comeback this year. The drape-like Roman Blinds are an extremely elegant and graceful window treatment solution for your windows.
Insulating Roman Shades
Coastal Palette
Coastal –inspired colors are gaining much popularity. Crisp whites, fresh green and blue are extremely appealing and if you have a neutral decor in the house use these colors in window treatments, cushions and other upholsteries to pull the room together. The soft coastal color shades help create a soothing, calm and tranquil vibe.
White Window Shades
Shutters Gaining Popularity
Among all other window treatment shutters are emerging as a winner. With significant light and privacy control, shutters are a classic beauty. They offer a neat and clean appearance to the windows. They are extremely functional and most importantly there is an enormous scope of settling for a layered window treatment look with shutters. To soften the impact of shutters you can easily pair them some gorgeous drapes or curtains. If you have white-colored shutters you can use a darker shade of drapes like navy blue with simple prints to complete the look. Together they look stunning.
Wooden Plantation Shutters

Textured Look with Rattan Shades
If your rooms lack texture and you are desperately want to add a textured look to the decor our vote is for rattan or bamboo blinds or shades. A wide range of weaves and colors are available. Rattans are mostly see-through in nature and if you are not in favor of adding a liner you can layer them with curtains for night-time privacy. Drapes also help to add softness to the window treatment.

Velvet Curtains
Velvet as a fabric for drapes is gaining much popularity and making a major comeback. There is no doubt that velvet looks rich and gorgeous. They are great for an ultra-trendy look and for a traditional appearance whichever one you prefer. They add a touch of luxurious appeal to your rooms and make a great choice of window treatment for your dining rooms. You will come across some bold and solid colors and also ones with playful patterns and you choose depending upon the look and feel you want to create. You can opt for vibrant colors with ornamental tones for a chic look. Pay attention to the measurements of the drapes, hang them high and allow them to drop till the floor to create an impact on the room. They also help to create the illusion of a bigger space.
Velvet Curtains
Hi-Tech Window Treatments
The trend supporting hi-tech window treatments which began sometime back is very much going to continue. Motorized shades and blinds have been gaining fast popularity and the prediction is that they are expected to grow in the days to come. The ease of operation, energy-efficiency, pre-scheduling and operation from smartphones and tabs accounts for their worldwide popularity. No more running around the house, no more remote controls. If you have a smartphone all you need to do is download the app and operate the blinds through the app. Integrate your home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa to operate blinds through voice commands. These window treatments have been a massive hit among the young tech-savvy generation as also the aged and disabled people as they can open and close the blinds without any physical strain.
Smart Zebra Sheer Shades
Ensure Safety with Cordless Lift Styles
While motorized window treatments are ideal for homeowners they are a little on the expensive side. So if they are not within your budget you can still enjoy improved functionality and ease of operation with cordless lift. They are extremely safe as they do not have dangling cords which have for long posed strangulation danger for toddlers and pets. They give a neat and modern look to the rooms.

These are some of the more significant and prominent trends that are expected to dominate the start of the new decade. There will be many more new developments to look out for in the world of window treatments. Keeping an eye on these latest style trends and developments will help you to choose well for your windows.

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