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A Thorough Comparison between Norman and Crown Window Shades

Crown Window Shades – A Thorough Comparison Between Norman and Crown

When it comes to choosing between brands that are known in the market for top-quality products, there’s always a huge dilemma. Consider Pepsi and Coke, Marvel and DC, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, or McDonald’s and Burger King! How do you decide which one to go for, especially when you are new to the market and have no big idea about the products? Each of these brands has their own followers, and they are equally divided.

Similarly, in the world of window blinds, there are quite a few brands, including Graber, Hunter Douglas, Crown, and Norman that are known for their ultimate window treatments in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors, and innovations. But to decide which brand window treatments you wish to purchase, it is logical to consider and study the features of each of their best selling products. Then you can see, according to your need and requirement, which can be the best fit for your homes.

Thereby, in this section, we hope to provide a thorough comparison between two of the top brands — Norman and Crown — to help you make a choice.

Crown Window Shades


Crown Window Shades


Crown window shades sell customized products that can fit your windows and can meet all your demands, including your choice of color, design, and shading. They started off with selling only roller shades, but have lately entered the realm of all modern window coverings.

Besides offering great indoor shades, they also make premium quality outdoor shades as well as skylights that are a highlight for any house. Besides their specialty (roller blinds), they also provide great window solutions with faux wood blinds and Roman shades.

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous Crown window treatments available at ZebraBlinds.

Crown Premium Light Filtering Cellular Shades

These shades are fit for any contemporary home and boast of both privacy and light filtering features. They are available in a variety of different fabrics and a number of colors that shoppers can choose according to their liking, and which can go well with the hues in the room.

The shades come in both single cell and double cell options. They are ideal to use when you need protection from outside cold or heat while preventing indoor heat to escape during winters. They are also available in different opacity levels, from sheer, semi-opaque and opaque.

Crown Premium Blackout Cellular Shades

The popularity of Crown Premium Blackout Cellular coverings transcends their practicality at home. They can be easily set up in any office or cafe to provide insulation, privacy, style as well as light diffusion. Being sleek and attractive, they are the pride of any home.

The blackout feature of the blinds comes from their application of double or triple-cell protection to provide maximum insulation and energy efficiency. So you do not need to switch on an air conditioner during summers or a heater during winters. They maintain a steady room temperature to make you feel comfortable and cozy all day. They come in a wide variety of fabrics and color options, besides being very easy to maintain. Made of the best quality material, they also do not warp, bend, or crack easily and are, hence, a great long-lasting window treatment.

Crown Premium Sheer Shades

With a horizontal slat style, Crown Premium Sheer Shades are go-to window treatments for controlling the level of sunlight you want in your room. At the same time, their room darkening fabrics ensure you get the privacy you deserve. With high technology gone into their construction, these shades can be raised up to almost a foot while you have the vanes tilted to let light through.

You can get their length and width customized according to your window size. They can easily be set up for both inside and outside mount, and offer different options in head and bottom rails. Besides, Crown Premium Sheer shades also come in motorized features if you want your windows to be safe from your curious kids and dog who don’t know better and can harm themselves in playing with lift cords.

Norman Window Shades


Norman Window Shades


Norman window shades are known for their huge number of luxurious fabrics in a variety of window treatments. Having been in the industry for over 40 years, Norman is a prime example of excellence and precedence in making only the best window decorating ideas. Detail oriented, classy, and innovative and best in service, there is no reason why you should neglect their coveted products.

A few best-selling Norman window shades are as below.

Custom Roman Shades

Custom Roman shades can be set up in any part of your home and can lend an extremely attractive finishing touch. Known to go well with any kind of interior setting, they provide excellent light control. When they are opened, they form neat pleats of texture without robbing their smooth, uncluttered look.

Also coming in cordless options, they have a unique lift system that closes, folds or opens the blinds in a rather stylish way.

Norman Faux Wood Blinds

These are built to give you a real feel of wood at a fraction the price and all the benefits you associate with the natural shades. They offer you superior privacy when closed and amazing, filtered light control when open. They are made of a strong PVC or composite wood material which lasts you for years to come and being managed equally well. The dust can be quickly wiped off by way of cloth, and you can also use a damp cloth as they are moisture-resistant.

Because of this feature, they can be also set up in moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen or a bathroom where water droplets may easily form. They prove to be beneficial where others fail.

Norman Cellular Honeycomb Shades

These popular window treatments by Norman are available in both blackouts as well as light filtering options. While the former can be set up if you are not welcoming of natural light, the latter is best suited when temperatures outside are not harsh or extreme and you can do with some natural sunlight to reduce the need of an electric bulb. Both options can reduce your electricity bills to a great extent.


To sum up, both Norman as well as Crown are great brands for window blinds and offer the best-suited shades for your home, office or restaurant. You can choose either one, but carefully assess the features of each of their popular blinds before deciding which one will be ideal for you.

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