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Draw Attention Of Your Guests Towards Windows By Using Cornices And Valances

Crown Valance For Blinds

Window treatments add to the décor and style of the entire room. Cornices and valances (like the faux wood cornice valance) are the window treatments you can use to effectively draw the attention of your guests towards windows. In the following sections let us look at some design ideas which you can make use of while adding cornices and valances to your windows.


Design Ideas – Cornices And Crown Valances For Blinds


# Cornices


Cornices are quite popular due to the fact that you can easily install them, they hardly need any upkeep, and are quite affordable. Additionally, cornices prove to be helpful in concealing water seepage marks as well as borders of windows if the borders are worn out.

However, before using cornices you will have to keep note of the fact that if there are small windows then you will have to select small prints and patterns. Likewise, the fabric’s weight should match top treatment’s size. Thus, you will have to keep fabrics of a heavier weight for your large windows.

Let us now look at different ways they help in enhancing decorative appeal of your home.


Crown Valances For Blinds – Complement Window Treatments


Zebra Drapes Window Treatments


The good thing about cornices is that they have a cover like fabric which can be easily manipulated to customize your window treatment. Let us look at an example which illustrates how you can bring about such customization.

A cornice can utilize wallpaper and if it is harmonized with décor of your room as well as window treatments (like the Graber perfect vue shades), then it will help to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room.

However, you will have to ensure that shade of the wallpaper you use matches and also complements the shade of your blinds or drapes (such as the zebra drapes window treatments) and of surrounding walls.

In addition, fabrics with patterns can be used as cornice coverings and you can

use leftover fabrics from curtains or drapes as coverings for your cornice.


# Develop A Warm Ambiance

If you are interested in creating a warm ambiance inside a room, then wooden cornices are the right option. The positive thing about wooden cornices is that you can easily modify them, for instance, you can stain or paint them.

Additionally, these wooden cornices can have a crackle finish for creating a rustic visual aspect that perfectly matches cottage effect you want to achieve in your home.

Compared to synthetic cornices, wooden cornices tend to be broader, providing you greater surface area to utilize. Another thing you can do is keep small frames as well as decorative plates on top of these wooden cornices to augment the décor of any particular room. In addition, if you are looking for noticeable margins for your room or in case, there is a requirement to create a perception of symmetry within a room then wood cornices are a better option compared to boarded or stuffed cornices. Utilize Customization

You can make use of a cornice that utilizes paneling system instead of the usual box-like cornice. This way you will be able to alter the appearance of your cornice whenever you want.

Here, the outer surface of your cornice will function like a base on which you will be able to add interchangeable panels and easily modify décor of your room.

For instance, you can select between French braid or the usual braided pattern. When French braid is selected, it provides your room a compact appearance and gives the room a subtle style.


# Valances

The positive thing about valances is that they have the ability to completely transform the appearance of your windows and become a central point in a room.

More importantly, they help to develop a perception of height and provide your windows with a well-designed appearance.

Additionally, you can hang them all by themselves or if you want, you can also combine them with different window coverings.

They work equally well whether you are layering them over panels, blinds, or shades and prove to be a stylish and effective way of concealing the headrails. Moreover, they play an important role in bringing down your energy bills by lowering heat loss occurring from your windows.

Let us look at how valances can help in improving style and appeal of your windows.


# Rod Mounted Valances

Rod mounted valances have a classic appearance and allow you to instill style as well as colors into your windows for a very low price. In addition, they also have drapery rod that is rather easy to install.


# Board Mounted Valances


Board Mounted Valances


Board mounted valances are another option to usher in patterns and colors into a room. Here, your preferred fabric is added on top of a wood board and helps to provide a tailored and classic appearance.


# Woven Valances

Woven valances assist in adding a feel of nature to your windows and you can select natural materials which are handcrafted to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. These valances are usually available in two different heights; one being 18″ having 3 folds and the other 12″ having 2 folds.

Another good thing about this type of valance is that you can have inside mounted to provide a clean appearance to your windows. In addition, you can have lined materials for blocking out the light or to improve privacy.


In Conclusion

To summarize we can say that cornices and valances certainly play an important role in improving interior design and décor of any room.

If you would like to get more suggestions and tips on how to effectively utilize cornices and valances in your home then give us a call. Our experts will try to understand your expectations and suggest options which will be suitable for your home.

All you will have to do is give us a call on our toll-free customer care number – 1-866-881-8682.

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