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Why Crown Has Some Of The Best Blinds in the Market

Crown Blinds and Shades

Crown Blinds and Shades – Best Window Coverings in the Market

When buying any new product that has been introduced in the market, it is important not only to judge it by its features that justify its cost but also consider the brand that is manufacturing it. Brand recall is very important and takes years for any organization to build its reputation and presence in the industry.

For instance, phones from iPhone or Samsung are known to be reliable products because of the service they have delivered over the years. No company can hope to survive without delivering quality service, and its positive word of mouth is established and it gains the reputation as a trustworthy brand. This overall process might take years for its complete realization. Only the fittest and ones that change with the consumers’ dynamic tastes survive in the market.

In the world of window treatments, there is a reason why Crown is a brand that consumers swear by. Over the years, they’ve started catering to all kinds of customer requirements to give us treatments as diverse as aluminum Venetian blinds, faux wood and real wood blinds, and Roman shades.


Crown Valances for Blinds

Valances work as amazing cover-ups to window treatments that may become the central focal point on your window spaces, although their traditional purpose is just to cover up the hardware of your blind. Some valances can even be hung by themselves without shade, and they can become great decorating items to liven up your room!

Crown valances for blinds can be available in various styles. Rod valances, one of the most common types, have a classic appearance and allow you to custom choose your preferred textures and colors, all at very affordable and reasonable prices. Other common types of valances include board mounted valances and woven valances.

Valances on Vertical Blinds


Best-Selling Crown Blinds and Shades

1) Crown Roller Shades

As discussed before, roller blinds are the highlight of this brand and are available in varied styles that you can buy according to your requirements and liking. A few of them are as follows.

Spring Roller Shades: Spring roller shades from Crown are manually operated cordless products that are not only reasonably priced but are also child safe and secure. You can avail the traditional spring operation or a modern soft touch spring operation. Adjust the shade easily by hand and without any dangling cords.

Clutch Roller Shades: Another type of roller shades involve the application of a clutch roller, a manually operated system used for positioning, closing, and opening shades. The mechanism involves the use of a plastic or metal continuous looped chain that is used for positioning the level of the shade.

Motorized Roller Shades: Motorized shades are custom solutions to suit your every need and to provide better convenience. They are perfect for hard to reach windows and safer for use in homes with kids, as they have no lift cords. Crown motorized roller shades put into use GP Wired, OXG Wireless and Somfy Brand components.

Crown Blackout Roller Shades


2) Crown Exterior Solar Shades

Crown’s exterior shades have set a precedent for others to follow. Operating through excellent quality in varied materials and textures, their design entails a sealed hem bar, easy mounts, and a fabric that is smooth and wrinkle-free.

These shades ensure that the temperature in your home is neutral and provides utmost comfort while reducing glare that disrupts your TV watching or reading experience. The motorized feature in them also ensures that they are fully automated so that the temperature stays under control.

Crown Exterior Solar Shades


3) Skylight Shades

Skylights are window coverings that are located on the rooftops, where the purpose is to fill the home with natural sunlight that may reduce the need for artificial light and thereby reduce the cost of energy. Skylights are essential and provide the home with an attractive finish. They are examples of modern construction that can be found in many newly constructed apartments with their own attic. They, however, need proper care, and in the absence of effective window coverings, may lead to extreme discomfort in colder and hotter climates.

For this purpose, Crown has various models in their skylight coverings, including Conston, FTS and CTS models. The Conston model contains one roller at either end and a Conston tension rail at the other and can be run both via motorization as well as crank operating. FTS models are designed for large-sized skylights and bottom-up applications and contain two rollers on either side of the system. The CTS model system is probably the sleekest and easy to install in the skylight models and has just one roller and a specially engineered hem bar with a constant tension spring.

Crown Skylight Cellular Shades


4) Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds can take the shape of a lot of different styles of window coverings, including 1-inch aluminum blinds, wood blinds, or faux wood blinds. The aluminum blinds are versatile options that can diffuse light according to the level you want as well as darken the room without allowing for any light to seep through. Besides, you can enjoy Crown’s reasonably priced faux wood blinds for all the benefits you expect with real wood blinds, which are also available to put all the comfort and appearance of good-quality home decor in your lap.

The real wood blinds have attractive textures and stains that will complement your home’s flooring while giving your home a classy and elegant touch.

Crown Cordless Faux Wood Blinds


5) Roman Shades

Roman shades are attractive window coverings that amalgamate the good looks of modern style homes with traditional home decorating, coming up with a style so unique and unconventionally appealing that they tend to be a strong focal point in the room, reducing the other important features and limiting them to a background. Crown Roman shades are formed by their own line of fabrics and can be custom-made according to your choice of color which you can pre-order. They are also available in distinct operating styles of clutch and motorized controls. The latter entails the use of both powered motors, while the former requires the use of a beaded chain offering a smooth control and operation of the shade.

Crown Roman Shades

Crown has, thus, entered the arena of modern technology over time, and there’s no doubt they will continue to capture the market as it evolves. Consistent experimenting with different styles and combinations of window treatments is the name of the game here, and Crown has ensured it stays among the top along with other important names such as Graber, Hunter Douglas, and Norman. You can now shop for all these brand’s choices at ZebraBlinds.

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