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Creative Window Treatments To Add A Unique Style To Your Home

Creative Window Treatments To Add A Unique Style To Your Home

Why you might want to consider a unique and innovative window treatment for your home

Window treatments mainly started out as an important accessory to any home. While windows were are an effective way of ensuring that residents get some kind of shelter, while also having access to natural light, ventilation and a view of the world outside the four walls of the room, adding treatments to them helped in striking an effective balance by allowing you to get some privacy, light and temperature control.

However, windows aren’t purely functional accessories. As new designs came about, they became an important part of the home’s identity and décor. Nowadays, blinds, curtains, shades and shutters are treated the same way furniture is treated. While it is important for beds, tables and chairs to be sturdy, efficient and useful, people also look at whether the furniture would suit their homes and give it a unique look that is pleasing to the eye and can give off a personal sense of satisfaction. The presence of window treatments in a house is very similar to that. In fact, they have become crucial from a functional and aesthetic standpoint because of the kind of impact they can have on home.

There are window coverings that cater to specific rooms, be it bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, nurseries or dens. Moreover, the colour of your walls and the general colour scheme of a home has a large influence on how your window treatments can look. Furthermore, window treatments have unique designs, textures, patterns and fabric which just increase the number of options you have at your disposal.

What you might need is a creative or innovative window treatment that makes heads turn. This blog post will try to simplify certain style options for your consideration.

Creative Window Treatments that can be perfect for your home

  • Faux wooden blinds – Wooden blinds can be a very interesting choice for you home. Despite the fact that wooden blinds have existed in the window treatment space for a long period of time they have managed to maintain the reputation of being unique. This is because they have the ability to bring in a nature-friendly look to your home.

Faux wooden blinds on the other hand, have the traditional benefits that wooden blinds are associated with, with some additional advantages as well. Faux wooden blinds were made as an alternative to wooden blinds with the help of PVC to be more durable and to give off a sleeker finish. What’s more interesting is the fact that they are comparatively cost-effective window covering options. Faux wooden blinds come with different finishes and color schemes as well. You can go for a lighter shade to fit your modern home or you can go for an earthy, dark and rustic look for a cabin or beach house vibe.

  • Smart blinds – Wouldn’t you like it if your window treatments could draw open and close without any human intervention? You can set a specific time for your blinds or curtains to open and close each day so that you can wake up to the sunrise and get yourself some privacy during quiet evenings. Your smart blinds can operate based on the time of the day, the lighting outside, or the surrounding temperature. Integrating your smart blinds with your smart home system will open you up to a lot of interesting ways in which you can use your blinds, integrating them with other smart devices like your smart lights and security system.
  • Burlap shades – Burlap shades are usually made out of woven fabric. What is probably the most unique and creative aspect of these shades is the fact that you can use different parts of the fabric to partially open up your shades in a way that sunlight falls specifically into one focused portion of the room while the rest of the room is relatively darker. You can use these shades in your study to ensure that there is concentrated sunlight on your desk. You can also use these shades in rooms where you have indoor potted plants in a way that they have access to sunlight while the rest of the room is not affected by glare.
  • Valances and Draperies – Valances and drapes have a lot of versatility with respect to the plethora of designs and patterns they come in. Valances are in a unique position such that they are considered creative while also being a tried and tested window treatment with positive feedback. Aside from the fact that they can give your home a sophisticated and warm look they also have other functional advantages.

For instance, they are energy efficient in the sense that they can regulate the temperature in your home naturally resulting in lower utility bills. Moreover, the thick and ample fabric can help in darkening rooms and giving you some privacy. You can find a valance that not only matches your walls, but also your décor like carpets, furniture and wall hangings.


Always remember that the cost of creativity must not come at the price of convenience. While its important to have a fresh, updated look for your home, you must make sure that these window treatments can serve you well. Decide on what your priorities are supposed to be (privacy, light control or temperature control). Once you have done that you can look for innovative window treatments that can help you out.