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5 Creative Hacks for Combining Window Treatments

Combining Window Treatments

5 Ideas on Combining Window Treatments for Your Apartment Windows


Home is the place where your feet may leave but your heart will always be. It is a place where the story of life begins. It is a feeling, a memory, a blessing and much more. We share the same feeling and understand the importance of your home. Nothing is more precious than making memories with your loved ones sitting in that comfy couch of yours. Hours of movies, jokes, snacking and all the other family time; the home is no less than an extension of ourselves. When it comes to decorating them, we often forget to pay the required attention to our windows. Bare windows are fine to look at but one should never underestimate the beauty and utility of custom window coverings. And if you want to savor the benefits of 2 window coverings together, combining window treatments is the key. You can experiment by pairing up two different kinds of window coverings and making the most out of everything. Putting curtains with blinds behind them or combining a shade with a wood crown valance can really enhance the aesthetic value of your windows. Besides contributing to the overall interiors of your house, these interesting window covering combinations can also give you a leverage in terms of privacy and light control. The only thing which has to be kept in mind by mixing window treatments is to not over layer them. Extensive layering can make a room look small and tight. It can be worse if you live in extreme temperature conditions as your home might look dingy.


Combining Window Treatments: Combining Wood Crown Valance with Curtains


Combining Window Treatments: Combining Wood Crown Valance with Curtains


The basic purpose of a valance is to hide the bare headrail, curtain rods, and hooks for various window treatments. Simple, graceful and extremely neat, a wood crown valance gives the window a finished and complete look. Couple it with beautiful curtains and draperies to give your room a royal look. Pair a light shaded wood crown valance with a pastel-colored sheer curtain or a bright velvet drape and savor the utmost beauty. This is an ideal combination for a bay window seat. If your window opens to a beautiful view outside, this combination will provide a frame like look to the window and make it look extremely spellbinding altogether.


Pairing Curtains with Blinds Behind Them (Living Room Blind Ideas) 


Pairing Curtains with Blinds


Blinds and shades are available in a huge variety these days. From horizontal wood and faux wood blinds to roller and cellular shades, you have a  something for every requirement. Be it light control or heat blocking, the window treatment industry has a lot to offer you. When it comes to combining curtains with blinds, the best way you can do it is by putting the blinds behind the curtains.

Venetian Blinds With Sheer Curtains: Timeless, exquisite and royal, Venetian Blinds are among the best variants of blinds for a living room. To enhance their look further, add a pair of sheer curtains and complete the look of your room. If you live in a hot and humid climate, pair a lemon-hued Venetian blind with white sheer curtains to give your room a spacious, airy and open look. You can also play around with combinations of grey sheer curtains and beige Venetian blinds if your window faces the scorching sun during daytime.


Combining Zebra Blinds (Zebra Sheer Shades) and Sheer Curtains


Combining Zebra Blinds and Sheer Curtains


To add the element of quirk to those windows, go bold, go monochrome. Combine a black and white zebra sheer shade with white or grey sheers and make your windows the Centre of all the attraction. Our personal favorite for bedrooms, this look has stood the test of time. On the other hand, if you want the window to add some color and brightness to your room, play around with contrasting hues. Combine a pair of bright red blinds with black sheers and give your room that sensuous aura. Combination of different window treatments is an art, and the right color of this combination can be installed in the home office windows too.

You can also combine a pair of noise canceling blinds with light colored curtains to add to the aesthetic value and savor the utility of your home office windows


Pairing Roller Blinds with Drapes


Combining window coverings like this can work really well if you have earthen interiors. You can add the right amount of color by coupling up to an interesting pair of roller shades with light-hued drapes.

Roller Window Blinds

Choose a pair of roller blinds with offbeat and quirky motifs. Install a pair of contrasting drapes and savor the utmost finesse offered by this look. Throw a similar color on your cushions and let the guests speak for the look.


How About Draperies Over Shutters? 


This is among the best combinations for small apartment windows. Install faux wood shutters or pure wood shutters depending upon your budget and mantle a beautiful free-flowing drapery over it. Mantle the rod a little higher than the window pane and enjoy the illusion of a bigger ceiling. If you are looking for something classy, timber shutters with free-flowing draperies will do the job for you. On the other hand, if you are a color craver, then install painted shutters with bold draperies to add the fun element.


Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds?


An epitome of beauty, class, and finesse, pure wood blinds are extremely trendy. The earthen look attached to the wood gives a room the much-needed kick. To add to the beauty, couple your pair of blinds with matte finished curtains. This look can work really well for your home office windows too.


Combining Window Treatments in Small Apartments


Mixing Window Treatments in Small Apartments: Small apartment window treatment combinations can be tricky. Besides making sure that you use the correct treatment, it is very important to pick the right color. The prime tip for combining window treatments in small spaces is to make sure all the windows are layered in the same window coverings. Installing different coverings in all the windows give a very overdone, cluttered and untidy look. Make your windows look symmetrical and tidy by opting for cordless window coverings. Try light shades and pastel hues to give the room a spacious look. Do not overdo draperies and curtains as layers of fabric can make your home suffer a space crunch illusion. has a wide range of custom window coverings for you in the house. Browse through our website and give your home the treatment it deserves. If you are looking for some expert advice, drop us an email or call us at our toll-free number. You can also use the live chat feature on our website for further queries. Our free samples and in-house delivery is waiting for you.

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