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Create The Best Gaming Room With Dual Blackout Shades

Create The Best Gaming Room With Dual Blackout Shades

The importance of window treatments in gaming rooms

An integral part of any gaming room is the ambience. It is a room that is dedicated to towards creating the best gaming experience by doing away distractions while keeping the whole focus on the game. Naturally, window treatments have a lot to do with conducting the vibe of a room. They have the ability to control light, temperature, privacy etc. Gaming rooms are just like dens or AV/movie rooms. While sunlight is important for some rooms, they can cause glare on your screens and impact visibility. Furthermore, excess sunlight can cause a little bit of irritation. It is also interesting to note that gaming rooms are required to maintain a certain low temperature because the systems and consoles emit some heat. Blackout window treatments have all the right characteristics to counteract these issues quite well. Amongst these blackout window coverings, blackout dual shades have some unique advantages that you might want to consider while decorating and accessorising your gaming room. This blog post will address the unique nature of these shades.

What are dual blackout shades?

Dual shades are a set of two roller shades that are used as a single set in one window. The idea behind this structural design is that you can get the benefit of two shades in a single attachment. Usually, the two roller shades have different fabric to suit different purposes and change the ambience of a place. Dual blackout shades can be of two kinds. The first category consists of dual shades where one of the two sets consists of darkening blackout fabric whereas the other shade consists of fabric that is usually used for light filtering, UV protection, insulation etc. This would usually be solar shades or honeycomb shades. The other kind of blackout dual shades have two sets of blackout fabric which have different levels of darkening ability for you to choose from.

Why are dual blackout shades perfect for a gaming room?

  • Room Darkening – This is the primary benefit of any blackout window treatment. The harsh sunlight can cause a lot of glares on the screen in a way that can disrupt your view. Blackout fabric from shades, curtains, and blinds completely block out the sunlight during the daytime to keep your gaming uninterrupted. The dual shades can also help during the night when there is constant source of light outside your window (vehicles, street lights, flood lights, etc). With a completely dark room, your visual experience is largely enhanced as you can bask in the full effect of the graphics of the games.
  • Versatility – Dual blackout shades don’t have to darken rooms all the time. You can use the second roller shade of your dual shades to filter out the sunlight when it enters your gaming room. While blocking sunlight is necessary for a great gaming experience, you will also need to have access to sunlight when you aren’t gaming or you don’t have the need to darken the room. You can use solar shades as your secondary shade to gain access to sunlight while still dimming it to make it bearable and protect yourself from UV rays. You can try cellular or honeycomb shades to make your rooms cooler in an energy efficient way. This is also important because gaming rooms are meant to be cooler on account of the intensive computing parts that emit a lot of heat.
  • Sound Dampening – An immersive gaming experience is not solely contingent on visual stimulants like the graphics but also the sound system. To make it wholesome, people usually have surround speakers in their gaming rooms. There are two distinct issues that can arise with respect to noise issues. Firstly, even though you have a sound system with commendable quality, there is always the risk of the sound being overpowered by noise outside your home if you live on a busy street. Secondly, you also run the risk of creating noise that your neighbours may not like. Dual shades are effective at dampening this noise which is a solution to a two-way problem. While you can obviously use your headphones, you still run the risk of creating noise while communicating with your teammates on multiplayer games.
  • Convenience – This is an isolated benefit to having motorised/smart blackout dual shades. You don’t have to pause your game continuously or have to get up from your set to adjust your shades. You can use your Smartphone or remote control. With smart shades you can even use voice command features which can allow you to continue gaming uninterrupted. With the smart feature you wont even have to adjust the shades. With sensors and a motor, they are programmed to do it themselves based on the information they receive.

Other Interesting Ideas to look into

While blackout shades tick all the boxes as a window treatment, there might be some other accessories that you need to truly tap into the gaming experience. The first and foremost is a comfortable seating arrangement. For PCs, it’s usually a gaming chair, but it depends from console to console and your preference. You can also invest in a set of acoustic panels for better sound quality along with some speakers. With these accessories along with blackout dual shades you can certainly have one of the best experiences a gaming room can possibly have.