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Create Enigmatic, Elegant Windows with Shangri-La Sheer Shades

The revolution by Sheer Shades

There is a mysterious ambiance of softness and comfort spread by the light streaming through the translucent, soft layers of the Shangri-La Sheer shades that set it apart from regular shades. The vanes of these shades magically float between two sheer fabrics, diffusing the light entering your rooms. You can achieve any desired level of lightness and privacy by just tilting the vanes. Shangri-La Sheer horizontal shades are fabulous combination elegance, unparalleled beauty, and performance all rolled into one. Hence, these shades are preferred by those who love to take the visual appeal of their interiors a notch higher by giving their windows some well-deserved panache.

Durable and Resilient.

Like the mythical utopian people from the land of Shangri-La who live beyond the average lifespan, these sheer shades are crafted to be stain resistant and durable, and thereby, can last forever. The dealers have no qualms in providing a limited lifetime warranty for their customers’ shades and don’t be deceived by the delicate appearance or the soft feel of the fabric. Often made from sturdy, knitted polyester, these fabrics are extremely resilient. They will continue to insulate your rooms through day and night, year after year.

Silhouettes On Your Windows.

Come evening, create dancing silhouettes in your room by altering the position of the light filtering vanes – the silhouettes of people walking, talking or dancing in the room can be seen! No matter what, I don’t think anyone can beat the creativity shown by Kevin in ‘Home Alone’ to chase away the wet burglars with the ‘dancing silhouettes’ party. What a cute, rebellious boy he was! Shangri-La shades, apart from protecting your interiors from the harsh sunlight, add sophistication and elegance to otherwise boring windows.

I Am In Control Baby!

With light filtering shades, you can have required natural light flooding in while obscuring against prying eyes at the same time. You can choose among pastels, deeper colors or the darkest of hues to bring about the perfect effect. The darker shades are perfect for media rooms, bedrooms or any other place where complete blackout or filtration of light is required.

The fabric vanes of Shangri-La shades have a unique appeal that catches your eye. No wonder, since they are available in various hues, shades, and textures. They can be elegantly plain or intricately embroidered to provide the unique design and style that is second to none. The polished styles and soft fabrics of these sheer shades subtly disperse light around your room creating a mesmerizing effect. In addition to filtering out excess light, you will be adding dazzling visual charm to your interior décor with their splendor. Why not, since there is a lot of technology involved in bringing about not only the final appealing appearance of the Shangri-La shades but also the complete motorization of functioning provided by Comfortex. It is sheer magic to watch the vanes glide from an open position to close, or just glide out of sight at the touch of a button.

Various Positions of Vanes.

Apart from having the soft light streaming in or blackening out a room, you have a choice of manipulating the vanes of these shades to different viewing positions ashangri-La-Sheer-Shades well. Shangri-La sheer horizontal shades are typically made of horizontal fabric vanes floating between two layers of soft, sheer knitted fabric, softening the view outside which can be further customized for room darkening as well. They are available in 2″ and 3″ vane widths with the 3″ vane providing a greater view. You can balance the appearance of your shades with a hidden variable weight in the bottom rail.

Even with the vanes tilted to their maximum open position, you can create variations in visibility by arranging the shadings. Shade operating cord system often has five variations on vane openings, which you can combine for achieving the perfect brightness, view, and privacy you need. Check out a few options below:

· You can close the top and let the bottom open by partially lowering the shade to have a semi-opaque upper part with a clear view below.

· For complete privacy of your room, lower the Shangri-La shade completely which allows just a mellowed soft light to stream in.

· By adjusting your Shangri-La shade in various partially open positions, you can increase or decrease the amount of light until the desired effect is attained.

· Open the vanes completely to provide the veiled view to the outside world.

· By raising the fabric you will have a clear view of the outside from below while the upper half remains veiled.

Care and Maintenance.

Maintenance of Shangri-La shades is not difficult either. You can feather dust these shades or vacuum them at low setting. If there are spots or stains, just rub them lightly with a damp sponge and mild soap. Avoid using harsh detergents or chemicals, which cause discoloration of the fabric. The other option is ultrasonic cleaning of your Shangri-La shades.

Shangri-La is a term that represents perfection sought by man in form of love, happiness or utopian ideals. Standing up to its name, Shangri-La shades by Comfortex create that elusive perfection you have been looking for to dress windows. Let your creativity flow to create enigmatic elegance for your windows.



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