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Create A Neutral Color Palette in your Patio with Outdoor Roller Shades

Create A Neutral Color Palette in your Patio with Outdoor Roller Shades

With the balmy weather right around the corner, it’s time to deck up your exterior in style. As the skies stay blue for a longer period and life is slowly rolling back to their normal pace, make use of the extra time you have in hand to prepare your patio and other outdoor spaces for the long season of entertaining that is surely to come.

Patios are special spaces that are perfectly poised to give you a foretaste of the outdoor life that is still out of reach, owing to the occasional bout of frost and chilly spells that winter seemed to have left behind. Sheltering you from the elements, patios can be the perfect place to set up your home office, or spend some quality time with friends and family.

To make the experience more rewarding, dress up your patio in motorized outdoor shades that keep out the elements, as well as help craft that perfect atmosphere to enjoy the elusive delights of early spring.

Patio Door Blinds

Things That You Should Look for in a Patio Blind

Your patio blind should have some special qualities to tune out the harsher weather elements and make most of what nature selects to give us. When you are out selecting a patio blind, there are some features that are great to have.

Protection from Glare

If you are planning to spend a lot of time basking in the sunny warmth of your patio, you should select a blind that cuts off the glare. Some outdoor blinds are built specifically to cut off the glare and fill the patio with the diffused glow of muted sunlight. This way, you can enjoy the sun, without the harsh glare. This will be a great advantage, if you are planning to spend some of your work-from-home hours in the patio. Just grab your computer and spend the long, busy hours, right in the lap of nature.

Natural Shades for Patio

Protection from Heat Gain

There is nothing more relaxing than reading a book in the comfort of your sun kissed patio. However, after a while, the heat might become too much to bear. This is where your patio blind might help. Some blinds are designed to reduce the heat gain. The special heat-reflective properties reflect back a big portion of the sun rays that fall on them. This helps keep the heat-gain in check and maintain the temperatures at a comfortable level.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

UV rays can be extremely harmful for your skin, and your furniture. Protection from harmful UV rays is a must for any patio blind. With UV protection, you can spend long hours in the sun without having to worry about harm caused by the sun rays falling on your skin. Your furniture too, will benefit from UV protection. Both the colors and the fabrics would last longer when they are shielded from the harmful UV rays.

The View

Now, you would not wish for a blind that would deprive you of the magnificent views. To preserve the views, select a blind that provides you the benefit of the view, without the heat and glare of the sun.

Create a Neutral Color Palette in Your Patio

To create the perfect contrast for the beautiful natural elements, select a neutral color palette in your patio.

Stone and Cream

Compliment your stone flooring with delicate cream fabric and rich wooden furniture. Use bright cushions, in light blue and brown prints, to blend in the correct amount of cheer and charm into the décor.

Enliven the whole scene with natural outdoor roller shades. Woven wood blinds are perfect for such a setting. These blinds are made out of grass and natural fibres, sourced from sustainable sources. The natural fibres are made to withstand heat and sun, and the fibres naturally repel heat and keep the temperatures down to a bearable level. These blinds come in attractive colors and different weave-style, making it easy for you to select a style that suits your requirements perfectly. With the natural make, you will not have to worry about their impact on the environment. With these beautiful outdoor blinds, you will be able to set the right mood for your patio, creating the perfect blend of natural elements and modern comforts.

Wicker Furniture and Crown Exterior Solar Shades

For a neutral look, go for muted red- and brick-colored cushions on gorgeous wicker furniture. Wicker furniture comes with the effortless grace and charm of natural elements that blends seamlessly with the natural elements. Decorate the whole scene with lanterns and antique lamps, which would mix in bit of magic after sundown.

For the day, protect your furniture with Crown Exterior Solar shades that would protect your furniture from decay and premature fading. Crown Exterior Solar Shades are perfect for a patio decorated with wicker furniture. These translucent roller blinds block most of the UV rays that fall on the blinds. Enhanced blockage will reduce the view, while a light blockage will preserve the view. These shades also protect you from insect and dust. The fabric is highly energy-efficient, making it suitable for even chilly evenings when the sun goes down. Save energy and make the most of warm weather with these gorgeous privacy shades.

Exterior Solar Shades for Porch

Zebra Sheer Shades

Weave a cool and bright atmosphere with the help of warm mint and white. The steady stream of sun will make these colors come to light. Imitate the sunrays with stripes, both on your rugs and cushions.

Go for Zebra Sheer Shades to create an unified tone throughout the room. These gorgeous shades come in the clever combination of sheer and solid vanes, which come in the same roller shade. With these blinds, you get the benefit of the view, while the solid vanes provide partial privacy and insulation. At night, you can position the solid vanes to cut off the view completely to get greater privacy. Even during the day, you can use the same feature to achieve great control over the flow of light.

This spring, use these wonderful outdoor roller blinds to get your patio ready for a busy season of entertaining and fun.

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