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Create a Nautical Style Interior with Blue Roller Blinds


Love for the Sea

The sea is therapeutic in many ways. The vast expanse of clear blue water and the blue skies is liberating and a rejuvenating experience. People continue to return to the sea to get their vital dose of Vitamin Sea and to give their sagging spirits a lift. While the sea is much loved and craved for, some of us are not equipped to live by one.

Recreating the Magic of Sea in your Home

But you can always gift yourself the eternal feel of being near the ocean with the type of décor you choose for your home. Nautical interior design is a great way to make you feel like the sea is but a stone’s throw distance from your haven. The beach-inspired look uses blues and whites in generous amounts. Right from the color of the walls down to upholstery, all can harmoniously blend to create an ocean-like feel inside the house. The nautical themed décor includes a lot of thematic decorative elements such as simple furniture made of natural materials like wood or rattan. Vibrant and lively, a nautical style interior will take you back to the beach every time you step into the room, irrespective of where you are.

Using Window Treatments for Nautical Decor

Among all things that are incorporated to create a nautical-themed home, window treatments play a very important role. No matter how well you choose the other décor elements, if your window coverings are not in tune with the theme, the look will fall flat. One of the best window treatment solutions that you can choose to complement your nautical interiors withare roller shades. Roller shades are sleek, chic, and contemporary, making them the perfect fit for minimalist homes. Roller shades consist of a single piece of cloth and come in varying degrees of light filtering capabilities. Give your nautical themed home a major boost with some fascinating roller shades for optimal aesthetic and functional value.

Blue & White Strips Roller Shades

If you are looking to give your home a maritime and coastal look, opt for these popular striped roller shades. The thick blue and white vertical ribbons are sophisticated and neat with a nautical twist. Use whites, creams, and blues with these blinds to give your home a bright appearance. If you are mounting them in the living space, you can use matching blue and white fabric for the cushions. You can even use this print for your bathroom windows located above the white bathtub or on the white walls.

Sea Life Print Roller Shades

If you wish to take the nautical theme a step further, you can explore the sea life printed blue and white roller shades. This is a gorgeous whale patterned blind in the deep blue sea. The whales are colored in white and a stunning shade of deep blue is chosen to depict the waters. In an all-white room, you can use these blinds as an accent. You can use the same blue for your cushions or even a lamp shade.

Marine Fish Design Roller Shades

Are you decorating an ocean-themed room for your kids? Kid’s rooms can make do with a lot of bright, vibrant colors that will help create a happy ambiance where children can play and grow. The marine-fish-themed roller blind makes a great choice for the kid’s room. It uses a shade of deep blue which denotes the deep sea and light blue to denote the waves. There is a fun looking fish shown splashing around. It is a stunning combination of colors that goes well with lots of whites and creams. It is a great way to add color and prints in the room.

Solid Navy-Blue Fabric Roller Shades

Nautical- themed room uses a lot of blues and whites in the room. While printed or stripped blue and white roller shades are fashionable and add a zing to the surroundings, solid navy-blue roller shades are equally vibrant and rich in appearance. If you have white walls, you can use solid navy roller shades to complement the walls. Use a navy and white striped fabric for your cushions to complement the look. Solid navyblue roller shades look sophisticated and smart making them agreat fit for your nautical themed rooms.

Sailboat Print Roller Shades

Have you done up your room using nautical elements like a boat steering wheel as a wall décor, a boat-shaped bookcase, or an anchor symbol used across the room? Your room needs a perfect pair of roller shades to complete this stunning look. How about a sailboat printed roller shade? A shade of greyish blue is used as the base color of the shade which denotes the sea. It has prints of both big and small sailboats on it. It looks amazing and just perfect for your carefully done up nautical room.


Sky Blue Roller Shades

This is a solid sky-blue roller shade with a white band at the bottom displaying nautical symbols like anchors, bathing chairs, rubber tubes, watch tower, star fish, ice creams, etc. It is a colorful and playful design but elegant at the same time. This light blue solid roller shades look amazing against a grey wall and white window trimmings. Use any of these nautical-themed blue and white roller shades for your homes. Explore more options with professional experts to pick the one that complements your rooms the best. Be sure to make heads turn with these stunning printed and designed roller shades.